September 13, 2008

Apply For HSBC Gold Credit Card Get Cash Back of Rs. 250/-

When you apply for an HSBC Gold Credit Card online here you will be getting cash back of Rs. 250/- on your next statement on the minimum purchase of at least Rs. 250/- as soon as you get the card. The amount will be refunded on the next statement that you receive. But just remember to use your card within the first month of your receiving the card, else you will not be getting that cash back.

The eligibility for HSBC Gold Credit Card is that if you are salaried your annual income should be at least Rs. 1,75,000 p.a. and the same amount if you are even a self-employed person.

This offer is applicable only when you apply for the same online only and not applicable when you apply it through bank or any other medium.

I can compare the current credit card situation with the free web based email. Remember that we had 4 mb or around that as the maximum storage being offered by various providers like yahoo and hotmail, etc. Then came Gmail, and offered an unbelievable 1 GB storage at that time and everyone followed suit and started giving same storage and even come to the point of offering unlimited storage. Similarly, some time back we had needed to pay a joining fee while applying for the credit card and annual fee every year. Then came ICICI with the offer of lifetime free credit cards. And this has forced other players to follow similar route and this has come to the point of giving us cash back for applying for a credit card, like the one above described. What next, they will start paying the bills for us every month for the one whole year? What will be the Credit Card companys' next move will be, can you guess it?

By the way, this offer is applicable only if you apply for the HSBC gold credit online. Even if you already have HSBC Classic Credit Cards which is at least six months old, you can still apply for this card to avail this offer.

You can find more about this offer here. The important terms and conditions of this offer can be found here. This offer is valid till December 31, 2008.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing this info.

Karan said...

I would suggest all of you'll to not not go for Gold/Platinum cards coz all the banks have started charging the merchants 4% for every transaction ,which but ntural is gonna be passed on to us as customers of the merchants.

Thus all the banks have lured their customers to upgrade to Gold/Platinum Cards for free, so that the banks earn more through transaction charges.