December 31, 2007

Answer Surveys at Cross-Tab and Get Free Gifts

Just like Yourvoice and Ciao India, there is another survey site in India which will send you occasional surveys and will reward you with free gift vouchers and other gifts for free, it is Cross-Tab.

Cross-Tab is also very similar to any other suvey sites, but instead of rewarding the users with cash, they give out gift vouchers and CD's, etc as a reward for every completed survey.

They don't send you surveys very many like Ciao India but they do send some surveys occasionally but reward you with great gifts.

Their rewards include Shoppers Stop gift vouchers, Music CD's, free magazine subscription for 3 to 6 months, and donation to CRY on behalf of those who submi the survey.

The surveys duration starts from 15 minutes to 30 minutes and depending on it, you will be rewarded with free gifts of your choice. The survey type will also vary most of the time and will be of very interesting topic and you will enjoy it.

You can join Cross-Tab by either sending a mail to sushma(at) regarding your willingness to join them to answer surveys. You too can also join their newsletter and I suppose you will be added to their mailing list if you do so.

December 29, 2007

Free CD-ROMs & India Today Book Club Membership

To add up to my previous post on India Today's offer, they have another offer.

India today is offering free 2 bestseller music CD's or knowledge reference CD-ROMs worth Rs. 590 and 1 year membership to Booksbuddy service worth Rs. 299 for free. All you need to pay is postage and handling charges of Rs. 199.

It virtually means that you are signing up for their Booksbuddy for Rs. 199 and getting the free 2 knowledge reference CD-ROMs.

The two CD-ROMs include Encyclopedia Britannica- Space, Encyclopedia Britannica- Nature, Encyclopedia Britannica- Guide to Shakespeare, Encyclopedia Britannica- Great Minds, Encyclopedia Britannica- Dinosaurs, Quizmaster, The Human Body, How Machines Work all worth Rs. 399 each. So you can request for any two of these for free.

Or you can get free Music for relaxation or meditation and other instrumental music in this series worth Rs. 295 each. You can request for two from this series.

Actually this offer was offering Adidas bag worth Rs. 699 along with it for free. But when I was writing about it, I could not see the free Adidas offer, and they have also not mentioned about Adidas bag anywhere on the site except on the header where there is an image of Adidas bag and even in the place where they have explained about the offer and how to redeem it, they have not mentioned about it, so I guess it would have been sold over or stocks would have been exhausted hence Adidas is not given for free.

And the above CDs too if any of the above you requested runs out of stock, you will be getting only which they have, so hurry and request for it now, if indeed you are planning to avail this offer.

Booksbuddy is nothing but the book club that India Today offers which is worth Rs. 299, as claimed by them.

I personally feel that those CD-ROMs which they are giving away are useful to get it for Rs. 199, hence coming to Rs. 100 each and could be worth its money and also you are getting free membership to India Today's book club for one year, where they will send more offers and freebies if you become the member and you can buy various books at discounted price and will get it delivered to your home too.

You can find more details about this offer here

This offer was sent by Anand Shah. But I too received this offer through IRCTC.

December 28, 2007

Get Free Gift Voucher Worth Rs. 150 From, is an exclusive portal launched by Johnson & Johnson India recently. They are now offering an offer wherein if you register at their site now for free, you will be getting a free gift voucher worth Rs. 150 from Which they will send it to you to your email id later.

Even some time back Johnson & Johnson was tied up with to share their views and had a subdomain only as an exclusive site where you had all the info regarding childbirth to child development, and their growth. Now, they have launched their own portal, To encourage the new users to sign up, they have introduced this offer.

This offer is only for those who are expecting a baby or already having a baby whose age is below 3 years.

They really have an exhaustive tips and ideas and know-how of how to raise a baby, really a very useful site indeed. They have some really useful tools like due date calendar, pregnancy calendar, BMI Calculator of your baby, birthday calendar, immunisation scheduler, and even you can choose a baby name there.

They also have an exclusive community where you can share your views and get advice on child birth and raising a toddler. You can get all your queries answered in this site. They also have all sorts of fun activities like poll, communities, etc.

They will give you tips and ideas stage-wise setup depending on your baby's age.

Do remember that this offer is only for the first 500 who register at their site for free. So, hurry before you miss out on the offer. They have also not mentioned about any special conditions on how to use your free gift voucher at Indiaplaza and hence it should be a full voucher where you can use it without any minimum-amount-needed to purchase and hence can utilize it wholly at, I guess.

You can visit and register for free and get the voucher from

If any of you had got the voucher from, kindly mention it here in the comments section to know who are those lucky guys/gals who have won it. But remember kindly register there only if you are expecting a baby or having a baby since it should be useful/helpful only for those. If you know anyone who has a baby or is expecting one, you can tell them about this offer, so that they can benefit from it, otherwise kindly ignore this offer.

December 27, 2007

Get a Free Mills & Boon Book worth Rs. 99 from India Today

India Today is going to re-launch Mills & Boon series in India. To promote it, they are now offering free Mills & Boon title for free for those who answer three simple question from their site.
Normally, India Today is going to plan to sell Mills & Boon series for Rs. 99 per title for every month. It will be available in all newstands and bookstores.

We all know what Mills & Boon is famous for, romance. Although, I don't read it myself, I just want to share it here as shared by Prax.

The answers to those three simple questions are already available in that link itself, use it.

You should also be ready to get lots of snail mails and emails from India Today, as they normally do it to promote their various magazines and books. If you are ready to face it, you can go ahead and get the Mills & Boon book for free from the link below.

You can get to know more about this offer and submit the quiz here. This offer is only available for the first 5000 who submit it, so better hurry before it gets over.

This offer was suggested by Prashant alias Prax who writes a blog Random Rumblings. And note that free t-shirt offer is still on, just send me a super cool offer to blog about it, the best entry will win a free t-shirt.

If you had liked this offer and would like to receive more such offers regularly in your email, you can subscribe to this blog.

Shop for Rs. 500 Get Cash Back of Rs. 100

Chennai Online famous for its Chennai specific portal has a special shopping section where they are now offering Rs. 100 as cash back for a minimum purchase of Rs. 500. This is a special offer to celebrate their 10th anniversary. This means that you are getting 20% discount on your purchase. They have a wide range of products to choose ranging from diaries, paper jewellery (first time I am hearing this), apparels, cameras, gifts, cakes, audio, and videos, etc.

This offer is not applicable for donations, music downloads, and magazine subscriptions.

This offer is sent by Prakash Sahoo and has indeed become eligible to win that free t-shirt. You too can suggest such cool offers and win a free t-shirt. To know more about this free t-shirt offer, visit here.

December 26, 2007

Get 250 Rewards Points to Register for Bill Pay Service

ICICI Bank Credit Cards has offered to those who still have not registered for their bill pay service, an offer by giving 250 rewards points to those register for bill pay service now.

ICICI Bank has a bill paying service namely Visa Bill Pay Service, where most of your regular bills for phone line, mobile bills, insurance, gas bills, and electricity bills will be automatically paid by ICICI Bank if you register for it. They are not charging any service charges for it too.

There are several billers to choose from depending on the city you are living in. To see the whole list of billers under ICICI Bank you can visit here to know more about it.

Registering for bill pay service is a coolest way to save your precious time and energy, as you don't have to worry about remembering it every month to pay for it. Once you register they will automatically deduct the amount from your credit card and pay it without your physical presence. You will be receiving email and SMS updates on the payment made and payment to be made and thus avoiding any confusions.

You can even stop the payment, if you find any discrepancies in your bills, by calling ICICI Bank customer service.

As said above you will save time and most importantly peace of mind and hassles from remembering the bills you need to pay, but there are setbacks too, i.e., when you have issues with your bill, you have to call the customer care to stop the bill but sometimes your bills will be paid too and you had to run every nook and corner to get it sorted out.

Remember that 250 rewards points with ICICI Bank is worth Rs. 125 worth gift from them, as per the calculation I have made on using their rewards points. So you can decide whether to opt for this offer or not. Its up to you. Apart from this, you will be earning rewards points too when you pay the bills through Visa Bill Pay.

If you are the sort of person, who will not pay your entire outstanding in your credit card every month, then this offer is not for you, as you may end up paying more interests for the bills that you are paying every month. This offer could be beneficial for those who pay their outstanding fully on their credit cards, hence avoiding any interest charges.

If you already have some rewards points left with you to be redeemed, you can opt for this offer and get those 250 rewards points and redeem it for the gift of your choice. And perhaps later, you can opt out of this bill pay service too, this way you got your rewards points and you did not lose anything!

To avail this offer SMS "XR OFFER" to 5676766 or call their customers service number of your city.

December 25, 2007

Wish You All a Very Happy Christmas

Merry Christmas the Mr. Bean way.

I am a big fan of Mr. Bean. Enjoy this video.

AGAIN, I wish you all a very Happy Christmas!!

Answer a Simple Question and Win a Laptop Bag

What is Su-astra? Answer this simple question and you could win a cool laptop bag from There is a hint given in the contest page itself! If you want any clues about it, just remember the latest Sulekha's TV ad, where there will be numerous arrows used to post ad and get responses. No, I am not going to give you any more clues. ;-)

I guess Sulekha has come up with this campaign named Su-astra through TV ads and other mediums to boost their classifieds section which is having a entirely new and refurbished look.

Just pick your correct answer and give your details and give submit and you could walk away with a cool laptop bag. They have mentioned conditions apply but did not explain it elaborately.

All I want from you is just to post it in this comment if you indeed had won any gifts through this contest.

You can enter this contest here.

December 24, 2007

Suggest a Cool Offer Here and Win a T-Shirt

  • As discussed at the comments of my offer for MyProdoktspace which was shared here, I am planning to give away the T-shirt I am going to get from there to the readers of Offers Galore as a token of saying thank you. I was thinking of ways to share it with the users of Offers Galore and had indeed asked about suggestions in the above post's comments section. And Mr. Rahul Gupta, there, has come up with an idea of giving away that T-shirt to one who suggests me a cool offer, discounts, deals, or freebies or contests to blog about it.

    I liked that idea and therefore I am running this current offer to all those out there who are ready to share the offers to me. You can actually only send your offers to my email id offersgalore(at) and post a comment mentioning "Offers Sent" in the comments section of this post, so that everyone knows who participated in the contest and hence this will remain public and will be easier for me to let others know that who indeed had won it among the lot who had sent it.

    I would request you to not post the offers here in the comments section but only to my email id given here. I would not consider the offers posted here. Once can send any number of offers but try to limit everything in a single email.

    All I want from you would be to send me any cool offers very similar to the ones that I have already posted before or even better, but not the same offers, and any really good discounts or deals (not the usual 10-50% discounts on products that nowadays almost everyone is offering), any cool contests where one can answer some simple questions and could win some gifts.

    And mostly I would prefer you to send me more freebies offers, which will have more weightage than the offers, deals, and discounts, and I would prefer to incline towards to choose the winners, so try to send me more freebies and this is also not the usual freebies.

    One winner will be chosen by me on the basis of various factors and most importantly, it should be chosen to blog about here, which will determine the winner.

    Also remember this gift is given by me, and MyProdoktspace has nothing to do with this offer. I am simply sharing the free T-shirt I am going to get at MyProdoktspace to one of my readers here. That's all period.

    The last date for this offer is January 1st 2008. I will choose the winner on January 3rd and will announce it here in a seperate post.

December 23, 2007

Get Unlimited Free SMS Forwards in Your Mobile

Another, just for fun post this weekend. If you are the kind of person who just love to send and receive SMS forwards in your mobile. Then this post is for you. There is a site in India, which is offering unlimited SMS forwards to your mobile free. The site is Vakow. This site is for those who just love SMS forwards.

At, you can receive any number of SMS forwards that are being posted on their site directly into your mobile for free. All you need to do is to just signup in their site and just subscribe to the tags given at the site and whenever there is an SMS posted in that tag, and it has been rated as +2 (i.e. rated as good by any two members), you will be receiving that SMS into your mobile phone immediately.

What's more fun is that you can also share your SMS's here either through sending it through SMS or submitting at their site. This way it is double the fun.

Another, worth to mention feature is that the number that we need to send SMS to their site is a regular 10 digit mobile number rather than a premium numbers like 8888, 7333, etc, where the SMS rate will be premium. But for Vakow, only regular SMS charges apply. If you have free SMS for sending to all over India mobile, then it would be useful for you too. Or you can always choose the web option to share your SMS forwards.

I have subscribed to around 8 tags and I now receive around 10 SMS's or more each day and most of them are really good SMS forwards with jokes, thoughts, wishes SMS's, etc. And I really enjoy it receiving to read at free time. If you don't want to receive any forwards, you can always delete your subscription anytime.

But the drawback here would be that sometimes you will be receiving lots and lots of SMS on a given day and sometimes you will receive SMS's during nighttime too, hence could be annoying or you could put your mobile in silent mode.

It functions basically as a social networking site but with mostly SMS sharing option to it. You can even post the jokes submitted at Vakow as scrap to Orkut accounts, which is another good feature of this site.

If you don't have free SMS from your current mobile phone provider, you can join and can ask your friends to join here and subscribe to your SMS there and you can post your SMS there online and you can ask any two of your friends to rate it positively to receive those SMS just like a regular SMS forward, this way you could save some extra bucks on your mobile bill for sure, hence I would definitely recommend Vakow for you.

December 22, 2007

Avail Free Gifts with DVD Rental with

Since being weekend, I am writing for those who can catch up with a movie or two on a DVD, just like me, who enjoys watching movies at home on a DVD. seems to be one of the leading DVD rental sites in India, which has been successful in this category.

Seventymm is giving away free gifts when you opt for membership from their site. You can also gift those membership to your loved ones or friends this festive season as a gift voucher. Apart from the gift voucher you will be getting free gifts with each membership.

Seventymm has different membership categories, 1 month basic, 3 months, 6 months, and 12 months. They are currently offering great discounts for their membership and free gifts like Beer Glasses, shot glass, refrigerator magnet cum wall dispenser, etc. The membership rates start from Rs. 750 to Rs. 2950. The rates have also been reduced to more than 50% per membership. They are encouraging everyone to even gift the membership to anyone as a gift voucher, so that they can enjoy good movies this holiday season.

You can find this offer here.

December 21, 2007

Get 15 Free Prints on your first order From is giving away free 15 prints when you register in their site for the first time. It seems like it is raining online photo printing services in India. After Picsquare and Itasveer and Snapfish its time to I guess. Yes, another online photo printing service has cropped up. What more they are offering 15 free prints on your first order also or is it 25 free prints as they advertizing? I would like that these new online photo printing sites to start giving some other freebies than free prints, as everyone is already giving it, why not try something different.

Anyway coming back to this offer, is giving away 25 or probably 15 free prints, this is because they are advertising as giving away free 25 prints but in the site, it was mentioned only 15 free prints. But I am planning to mention about 15 free prints only since it was not mentioned in their site. Someone from could confirm this. will credit your account with 15 free prints which you can redeem immeidately on your first order. As always you need to pay for the shipping charges, which is just Rs. 25 all over India, no matter how big your order is. This charge is quite reasonable and cheap when compared to other online photo printing services.

The first 15 free prints that they are offering is for the 4x6 prints only. The normal rate for this 4x6 print from their site is Rs. 4 each. Since you are paying the shipping charges as Rs. 25 for 15 free prints, it comes to around Rs. 1.60 each print which is a saving of Rs. 2.40 per print. Overall you are saving Rs. 35 and that you get it delivered in your home and no need to go anywhere for getting printed, no traffic jams, etc.

If they indeed offer 25 free prints as they have advertised, then it could have been an even better offer, I feel. You could try it, if you are really wanna print your photos now and see how much they are offering.

It seems that on September 20th, they had indeed offered 100 prints free (of 4x6) with only the shipping order of Rs. 25. Unfortunately, I had missed that great offer. I want to know whether someone here had knew it and availed it, then they must be lucky. I hope they might come with such amazing offer in the future too. If I came to know about it, I will immediately let you all know about it without fail.

They also have a referral scheme where if you refer a friend to their site and if they make a purchase from their site, you will be getting 5 Free Credits, where 1 credit means 1 free print.

Don't Copy the Posts from Mine or Any Blog or Website

I have seen some blogs through search which have blatantly copied the posts from my blog word by word, letter by letter and even picture by picture from my blog. I don't want to mention the blog/blogs here.

The irony is that the blog which copied my posts is having a Copyscape button and creative commons link displayed in their blog.

It is indeed really paining to see our hard word being used by someone to make some quick bucks or for whatever reason.

I would like request those who are doing this to kindly stop this. I don't know whether you know about the word "plagiarism" which is the most evil thing you can do on the net.

This is not the first time it happened, even some days back I had to mail another blog regarding the same issue. Since I don't want this to be repeated, I am writing this post as I don't want this to be repeated again and again.

Perhaps, they did not realize on what they are doing and they should realize that it is wrong.

Take this as a friendly warning from my side. Don't copy and make it as your own work.

December 20, 2007

Win Free T-shirt to Ipod Shuffle from Myprodoktspace is giving away free T-shirt, shopper stop gift vouchers, Reebok shoes, Rs. 500 in cash, as well as ipod for free.

Myprodoktpsace, or should we pronounce it as Myproductspace, is the latest to jump into the social networking bandwagon but with a twist, in the name of shopping or sharing what we shop. It is termed to be India's first social shopping portal. I should say that it is a combination of Myspace (or Orkut or Facebook) and Mouthshut.

Here you can connect with your friends (now, how many times have we heard this before) and share our shopping experience with a particular product or in their terms prodokt. I am not sure how they came up with this name anyway, could be because of lack of domain name availability.

Okay, coming to the point, at Myprodoktspace you could win all the gifts mentioned above like T-shirt to ipods if you can refer friends to their site, adding new products, reviewing products, rating reviews, participating in forums, groups, etc.

They calculate the points through their own point system namely Prodokt Points. For 125 Prodokt points you will be getting a free T-shirt, for 500 Prodokt points you can win a free gift voucher worth Rs. 500 from Shoppers Stop or Rs. 500 cash itself. For 100 Prodokt points you will be getting a free Reebok shoe, and for 1500 Prodokt points you can win a cool IPod shuffle. For registering now, they are crediting you with 50 market points.

The more you participate there, the bigger the prize will be. If you love shopping and likes to share your experiences with your friends, then this place is for you. You will be enjoying your stay here. You can also refer here before you are planning to make any purchase of products and can get the views from those who had used it, so you can take the decision rightly. And their tagline is "Before you Buy."

They have not mentioned it clearly on how much points we earn for a specific task and also the website loads very slow, could be because of all those images and flash in each page, that should be improved. Their FAQ is also not very exhaustive, instead answers only general questions which we knew the answers already.

I would suggest you to try out winning the T-shirt first and see how it goes, whether it is easy to earn points, etc. If you could do it easily, you can stay back and aim for the bigger gifts like ipod shuffle, etc. Getting a free T-shirt free would not be a difficult task I guess there. Just refer many of your friends and relatives and try to participate there in forums, groups, etc and suggest a product, that's all.

Since they have not mentioned on how much points we get for each tasks, I could not clearly explain you the idea on how to go about here.

I have registered there and trying to participate actively there. If you register there you can add me as your friend. My id there is offersgalore. Would love to meet you all there to have fun and share our shopping tips and ideas and suggestions, and of course offers. There is not much activity happening right there at the moment, since it is in the nascent stage, but hope that they will be buzzing with activity in the near future.

You can join Myprodoktspace here.

I came to know about this offer through Rupeemail.

December 19, 2007

Buy Casio Gents Watch get Ladies Watch Free

Buy one Casio gents wrist watch and get a ladies wrist watch free, this offer is from The price range for Casio watches in this offer starts from Rs. 5995 to Rs. 6995. A total of five watches have been listed here and all looks really cool, as always with Casio.

I am a big fan of Casio watches, as they have a manly look and especially I like those steel watches than the gold plated and leather strap watches. I might fall for this offer since Indiaplaza has also another another offer which I have said here and its cash back of Rs. 5000 if you spend the same amount there.

If you spend Rs. 5000 on Indiaplaza between before December 31, 2007, you will be getting an e-scratch card and from that card you could either win Rs. 5000 cash or jewellery gift voucher for Rs. 5000 or 3 day 2 night holiday package for 2 worth Rs. 5000. If you are planning to avail this Rs. 5000 cash back offer, this Casio offer is the best place to try it.

Apart from this Indiaplaza also runs another promo where you will be getting Rs. 250 gift voucher from Giftmate if you buy anything from their site.

Hence, if you are buying any of these Casio watch, you will be getting a free ladies watch worth around Rs. 2000 to Rs. 3500. And you would be getting back the Rs. 5000 spent on your watch as any of one of the way mentioned above as well as Rs. 250 gift voucher.

To elaborate, consider you are buying Rs. 6495 worth watch (which is what I have planned to buy). So you will be getting a free ladies watch worth Rs. 3295 (as claimed by Indiaplaza). And apart from this you will be getting cash back of Rs. 5000. And also you are getting Rs. 250 as gift voucher from Giftmate. So in actuality you are not at all spending any money at all at least in theory. The total profit in this offer is Rs. 8545. Hence you are actually not spending a dime but instead you are getting back Rs. 2050 and getting two Casio watches too. Isn't this amazing?

But I would suggest you to go for this offer only if you are genuinely in need of a watch at the moment, as you don't end up having this watch in your showcase without being using, as you might be having lot more other watches to use, as in the case of myself. I have had many such watches that I have brought but most of them are not used at all and is lying in the showcase, as I would lose interest in them and all the enthusiasm would last only till it I buy it and use it once or twice.

I also knew that Indiaplaza sells only genuine products unlike some of the online shopping sites and hence you can count on the genuineness of these Casio watches. Hence you are getting a good value for your money without spending your money.

You can find the details of this Casio offer here.

December 18, 2007

Receive Ebook CDs & DVDs Right at Your Home for Free!

This freebie offer could be known to most of you, but this is for those who don't know about it. Gutenberg is a project where you can download free ebooks from their site. All the ebooks downloaded from Gutenberg are copyright free and can be freely downloaded and can also be freely distributed provided you do not make any changes to the content. Apart from downloading these huge collection of ebooks, you can actually request for free CD and DVD with around 10,000 ebooks from Gutenberg and you can read and enjoy for free.

It has some of the best collection of ebooks ranging from classics, fiction, science, literature, history, etc.

Apart from downloading ebooks from their site, you can also burn it on CD or DVD by downloading their image files (ISO files) and can easily write it either CD or DVD. You can also make as many copies you like of these CDs and DVDs and can give it for free to anybody you like. You can also sell the CD that they provide provided that you donate the 20% of your earnings to Gutenberg through their site. The DVD cannot be sold, it can only be shared for free.
If you cannot even download those ISO files, then you can request for both CDs and DVDs through Gutenberg. They will promptly deliver both CD and DVD to home address that you provide. There is an option where you can donate to Gutenberg for their service, but this is purely voluntary.

I have indeed got both these CDs and DVDs and indeed enjoyed it and even copied both and have shared with many of my friends and relatives. They do send some really good classics which are worth more price in its printed edition, but all those we are getting it for free through this great service called Gutenberg.

I have seen many people selling both CD and DVD in many places across the city. The CD was priced at Rs. 100 and DVD was priced at Rs. 500. I don't know whether they will indeed donate the 20% share to Gutenberg or not. I was surprised at that time to see a huge crowd turned up to buy those CDs which was actually available for free. Hence I thought of writing about this free service here, so that you don't end up paying or buying those CD or DVD elsewhere in the future, but can indeed get it for free.

The CD contains best 600 ebooks of Gutenberg. The DVD contains 9400 ebooks from Gutenberg. You can order both at a time, each one, but not more than that.

Although it might take up some 2 weeks for them to process your free CDs but they do indeed send you the ebooks promptly.

You can submit request for both CD and DVD ebooks here.

December 17, 2007

Get Cash Backs & Other Offers from Big Bazaar Credit Card

Big Bazaar, we all know is famous for its discounts and amazing offers. What we know less or don't know much at all is that Big Bazaar and ICICI Bank has a co-branded credit card namely Big Bazaar Shakti Credit Card. This is an exclusive credit card that Big Bazaar had launched exclusively for housewives who shop at Big Bazaar regularly. This is a no fees and no annual fees card just like all other ICICI Bank Credit Cards.

This card, I came to know on my visit to Big Bazaar, had really cool and amazing offers attached to it. One of the most pressing offer is that you will be getting gift voucher worth Rs. 250 from Big Bazaar which you can redeem there for a minimum purchase of Rs. 500, when you apply for a credit card now. And you will be getting 1 kg sugar free every month (I guess only when purchasing using this card every month). And the rewards points is also you will be getting 4 for every Rs. 100 spent, as against the normal 2 points for regular ICICI Bank Credit Card.

Apart from this you will be getting more special offers every now and then exclusively for Shakti card holders. The most important offer is that you will be having a special counter to pay your bill (which I feel is the most important thing that one need at Big Bazaar with the queue on each billing counter has). Your rewards points can be converted as gift vouchers from Big Bazaar. You can also shop at Big Bazaar one day prior to their official annual sales. You can also avail some special rates for converting your sales to EMIs.

The main drawbacks of this card is that it is offered only for ladies and not for men. And it can only be used at Big Bazaar and not anywhere else.

This is a must-have credit card for those who shop regularly at Big Bazaar and for those this is indeed a great card to own, else you can give it a try once and avail the offers and can cancel it after some time.

Although, the Future Group, which owns the Big Bazaar, has plans on starting its own branded credit card namely Future Card, and this Shakti Card will be merged to Future Card soon. But I still feel that these offers will be continued even then.

Actually, I visited Big Bazaar yesterday after I received an SMS from mGinger about an offer on Big Bazaar namely "Believe it or Not Offer" where it was mentioned that if you buy a socks you will be getting a jeans for free and if you buy a bedsheet you will get pillows and double blanket free and such many more offers being offered.

As always, I got curious about these offers and wanted to explore, especially I was more curious on the offer on buying a socks and getting a jeans free. So, I visited the Big Bazaar in Chennai which is located at Saligramam which is close to Vadapalani (the house of all movies made in Chennai).

As always, Big Bazaar was crowded like anything like a normal Sunday evening. This is not my first trip to Big Bazaar, I have been there a handful of times before. This visit was specifically for the offer of buying a socks and getting jeans free. So, as soon as I entered Big Bazaar, the first place I explored was that socks section. As, I had expected or had a small doubt regarding this offer, the socks was priced at Rs. 525 each pair and was of Levi's Brand. I have never brought a pair of socks for Rs. 525 ever. Anyway, I then decided to have a look at the jeans that they were giving for free on a thought that if it is of good quality or branded, on the thoughts of buying it at once. But I was disappointed there also, as the quality of the jeans is not up to the mark and it was also not a branded one. Hence I have decided drop my plan on utilizing this offer. This is the reason, I did not want to mention this as a separate offer here at Offers Galore.

Then as usual I have decided to do window shopping and started strolling or should I say crawling through the huge crowd that had turned up. I had virtually no walking space and had to wade through the crowd most of the time with little to no space.

As most of you might be knowing that how the products are sold at Big Bazaar, as the respective sales people will shout out the offer of the day through the megaphone, just like the normal footpath shops do to lure customers, sometimes such antics will be creating more of an irritation than curiosity to buy.

Almost all the products had an offer attached to it, whereas except for a few, most of them seems rather bloated offers, that's what I felt on first instance. Some were good and average and some grocery products they were selling below the MRP rates.

After all my shopping, the most hated part of my shopping came, yes the billing part at Big Bazaar. Yes, although there are around 10 or more cash tills at Big Bazaar, almost all had around 10 or more persons standing in queue, which is the most frustrating part of my shopping at Big Bazaar, where I had to wait for around 10 to 15 minutes to get it billed (similar to the queue one can see at the from our regular PDS or ration shops). They still have not found a good solution to this issue.

I wonder whether this crowd at cash counter or generally in the store is only a weekend or peak-hour phenomenon. As I have not visited Big Bazaar during weekdays or off shopping hours, I did not have a chance to witness that. Has anyone had shopped at Big Bazaar during off-peak hours or weekdays and how was the crowd at that time, is it very less or the same, can someone share the thoughts about it?

December 15, 2007

Experience One Rupee Shopping with Storrz

Storrz, the new online grocery store for India, which is famous for its One Rupee Shopping, has indeed sent me an offer where I can buy four of MTR products namely, MTR Badam Feast, Punjabi Chole, Tomato Soup, Spinach Carrot Soup for just Rs. 1 each. Each of these above products are valued at from Rs. 16 to Rs. 26. All four comes to around Rs. 90, which you can get for around Rs. 5 in total, if you use the below link to buy all the four products. There is no hidden charges or other charges, besides some 5 paise each as delivery charges.

Since I have promised here that I will share the free voucher with Offers Galore reader, here I am sharing this offer with you to benefit from.

I hope this offers works for all who avail it. I don't know also whether it will work for all or only one, anyway I just wanted to share it, if someone can benefit from it, I would be really happy.

This is an excellent offer to attract customers to their site.

I would request those who had indeed availed this offer through this link below to post it below in the comments that they have indeed got the offer and how was your experience with the offer and whether they have got it delivered promptly or not. It is a humble request from me. It would motivate myself and others.

You can avail this offer from here.

Just add the products to the shopping cart by dragging and dropping and then you can add your name and address details and proceed to payment, that's all, you will be delivered those MTR products for free.

Besides, this offers is applicable only for those in Bangalore only. As they deliver it only within Bangalore for this offer.

If you wish to receive more such offers regularly in your email, you can subscribe to this blog

December 14, 2007

Get Free Indiatimes Gift Vouchers for Answering Surveys

To add to my post on Yourvoice, there is another site, Ciao Surveys India, which will reward its users for answering simple surveys, with Indiatimes Gift Vouchers. This is a global market research site which has opened up its shop in India, after finding the potential that India can offer in its research and marketing.

If you signup for Ciao Surveys India, you will be getting emails with the surveys that fits your profile. Just like Yourvoice, they send only the surveys that is suitable for you and will not bombard you with emails. They are very specific about this.
The surveys that you receive too will be of very interesting categories only, hence you will be loving it to share your thoughts. There will not be any personal information asked and hence it is safe to answer those surveys without any fear.

Each survey that you receive will carry the amount that you are eligible to receive. After completing that survey, you will be credited with that amount. You will accumulating the cash that you earn for completing surveys. Each survey would range from around Rs. 25 or more. Once you reach Rs. 100 in your account. You can ask for redemption from them at their site after logging into your account. Yes, their minimum payout is Rs. 100.

As soon as you request for payout, you will need to request for the voucher from their site and you will be getting Indiatimes Shopping gift vouchers within next month. You will be receiving an email informing that they have sent you the vouchers. You need to login to your Ciao account and claim your voucher, which you can use it at Indiatimes Shopping site for shopping for any products you like.

You don't have request for voucher as soon as you reach Rs. 100 but can wait till you reach any specified amount you wished to redeem for vouchers and then can redeem it. And you can use those multiple vouchers to purchase products at Indiatimes by merging it as a single voucher (they have an option for it in their site) and can buy the product of your choice. If the product you are buying is lesser or equal than the voucher amount, you can use it and but if it exceeds your voucher amount you can use any additional payment method like credit card, cheque, or even paymate to make payment and get the product.

This way you will be getting rewarded to have fun answering interesting survys.

If you wish to receive more such offers regularly in your email, you can subscribe to this blog

December 13, 2007

Get Two Games worth Rs. 490 Each for Free from

Just to go off topic slightly with all hectic work in the middle of the week and for fun, I am trying out this free offer from, India's one of the leading online gaming portal. It is currently offering two games for free if you register in their site for free. Those two games are Rebel Bomberman and World Cup Quiz Game.

Both the above two games have been priced as Rs. 490 each but is given for free for Zapak users who register for free from their site. Both games are in downloadable format and can be installed into your PC and can be played offline too.

I have not tried Rebel Bomberman but tried out the Wolrd Cup Quiz game and found it to be quite intriguing and interesting with the question and answer type of format. All the cricket fans who want to develop their knowledge in cricket can try this. It is a must have for all the cricket buffs out there.

Not sure whether both games were worth for Rs. 490, but they sure are worth its download for free and try it out to have fun.

I am planning to post such "just for fun" posts with regards to freebies, I would like your feedback whether to continue this at least once a week or you want me to stick with the regular offers.

December 12, 2007

Share Your Opinion and Win Cool Rewards & Freebies

As per the request of some of the regular readers of Offers Galore I am sharing more freebies and rewards and free gifts with you. So, if you are someone who always like to share your opinion on any topics or topics of your interest, then this offer is for you only. Yourvoice which is part of the famous market research company AC Nielson, is currently offering rewards and gifts for the members who can share their views through their online surveys which they will send to the members every now and then.

The gifts ranges from Indiaplaza gift voucher worth Rs. 100 to movie CDs, games CD ROMs, books, diaries, gift items, watches, etc. These can be redeemed for the e-points that you earn from the surveys that you respond. You also have the option of donating your points as money to the various charities listed in their site.

This is another way of loyalty program where the end users are rewarded with free gifts, I feel.

They will send you surveys based on your profile and will assign you e-points depending the survey that you complete. E-points are nothing but their own way of awarding the users with the credit system. The points can be later redeemed to the gift of your choice depending on the points you earn. The minimum points you need to earn is 100, which you can redeem for Indiaplaza gift voucher.

The surveys they send are of mostly interesting subjects like movies, entertainment, technology, travel, etc. This survey you can do it without any fear of your privacy being breached, as they do not do so and have a very good privacy policy. Most of the questions asked will be of generic quality and will not target you specifically. They will be used as random sample on a whole rather than any specific person.

They also run a draw every quarter wherein all the members who completed surveys during that time period will be put in a draw and the winner will win cool prizes like ipod, gift voucher worth Rs. 10,000 from Indiaplaza and mobiles phones, etc.

They do really have a good and useful gifts to choose from like Timex watches, games CDs, and Movies, which they will deliver to your home, if you chose to redeem it.

This is absolutely an excellent way to get rewarded to have fun, if you feel just like me, you can join them and have fun and get rewarded too, there is nothing harm in this.

You can join Yourvoice here.

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December 11, 2007

Get 50% Cash Back from HDFC Card at and HDFC Bank has teamed together to offer up to 50% cash back on tickets purchased using HDFC Bank Credit Cards at This 50% cash back is applicable only for gold, visa signature, platinum, and titanium cards. The classic card users can avail up to 30% cash back. You need to book a round trip for 2 or more or one way flight for 4 or more in a single booking to avail this offer. This cash back is only for air fare only and the other taxes and surcharges needed to be paid seperately and does not come under this offer. You can book any flight ticket through this offer and it is valid only till December 25th.

The best part of this offer is that the cash back is calculated instantaneously when you book the ticket and you need to pay only the balance amount which is a major difference from many other offers from other credit cards. The maximum cash back you can avail is Rs. 3500 for the whole offer period.

Cleartrip has also come up with an offer where you will be getting a free Rs. 1000 worth free fuel when you book for a weekend getaway through their sites and can be redeemed at any Indian Oil Petrol Stations across India. It is valid if you book for any weekend destinations listed at Cleartrip.

When you book a Jet Airways through their site, you will be getting a free Discover India Travel Guide. This travel guide is from the famous Lonely Planet series. This is an amazing and must have coffee table book for all.

If you book a room at Oberoi Hotel, you will be getting a free one round trip flight. The round trip is valid on the city you book the Oberoi Hotel. This is valid only if you book the rooms for minimum 2 nights stay.

December 10, 2007

Get up Rs. 1500 discount on Pure Gold through ICICI

This festive season ICICI Bank has introduced special offers for those who purchase gold from them. You can get decent discounts from ICICI Bank if you wish to buy gold through either credit card or debit card.

We all know that we Indians are fond of gold and these banks have utilized this weak point and have targeted us even selling golds through their branches.

ICICI Bank has been selling Pure Gold, which is claimed to be 99.99% pure by them. And I suppose it should be too. They clearly knew that we Indians tend to buy gold in large numbers during these festival season and hence introduced this discount offer on buying gold from them.

The discounts are as follows, you will get Rs. 200 as discount when you buy 5 gm gold, Rs. 300 on 8 gm gold, Rs. 750 on 20 gm gold, and Rs. 1500 on 50 gm gold coins.

This offer is valid till December 31, 2007.

I personally feel that gold as an investment option is a great idea since the prices of gold have skyrocketed in the very recent past and every investment made in gold is a worth of it. Buying gold jewelleries as an investment option is worthless since they attract a rather high making charges and wastages, which would rather nullify our profit when you try to sell it later. Hence buying gold as coins or bullion is a better option, as there is no fuss such involved when selling the same.

Since they are offering a good discount, which in turn can be made up as further savings, you can take this opportunity to buy gold at these discounted prices and benefit from it. But remember if you are buying it through credit card, try to repay your whole amount rather than paying only the minimum amount on this investment, else the purpose of investment will be take a beating since you will be ending up paying more as an interest than the savings through gold.

December 9, 2007

Get 5% Cash Back Titanium Card From Standard Chartered

Standard Chartered has introduced a Titanium Credit Card which is giving up to 5% cash back on selected purchases all your life, which I feel is the maximum any bank has offered so far and first of its kind with 5% cash back.

But the 5% cash back is applicable only for petrol and telecom service providers only. That is, only if you use your card for purchase of petrol and paying your telephone or mobile bills (any service provider) only. In petrol usage, you already will be levied a 2.5% surcharge for your purchase and this 5% cash back includes that 2.5% surcharge and hence you are actually saving only 2.5% when using against petrol purchases. But in telecom bill payments you are actually saving 5% cash back on all your transactions.

Apart from this all other spends will get you a confirmed 1% cash back. This includes groceries, clothes, restaurants, medical, travel, etc.

They claim that you will be saving up to Rs. 3072 in a year if you utilize this cash back for a one whole year. You can find more details about this offer here.

They have not mentioned about any minimum amount that is needed to avail this offer and hence I guess there is no lower limit to avail this offer.

Another important thing you need to note here is that this Standard Chartered Titanium Credit Card does have an annual fees, unlike other gold and classic cards of various banks which are offered at lifetime free offer. The annual fees for this card is Rs. 2000. And as a special offer the joining annual fee is waived to Rs. 750. So, before applying for this card, you should be well aware of this fact and then apply for it that you really intend to use this card for your savings with cash back which comes to Rs. 1072 every year deducting the annual fees that you are going to pay. This is based on their calculation, it may vary for most of us.

Apart from this there is no separate rewards points option for this card also.

Anyway this card is aimed only for affluent target group who have grown above and beyond Gold Cards.

December 7, 2007

Free Giftmate Gift Voucher Worth Rs. 250 from Indiplaza

Indiaplaza, for this Christmas and New Year Season has turned up with a cool offer where you will be getting a gift voucher worth Rs. 250/- from Giftmate. This is a separate offer exclusively for Indiaplaza users only and does not have to to do anything with the offer that Giftmate is already offering. That is a separate offer given by Giftmate and this is by Indiaplaza and hence you can avail both separately and even if you have already used up the offer of Giftmate, you can still avail this Indiaplaza offer by shopping at Indiaplaza for any amount.

To elaborate this offer, you need to buy any product from Indiaplaza between December 6, 2007 and January 6, 2007. You can buy any product and any price and it could be even for Rs. 50 (this is the least price I saw one product) from India plaza and you will be eligible to receive a gift voucher worth Rs. 250 from Giftmate. You need to give a valid mobile number and valid email id to receive it, which will be sent to you within 2 working days of your purchase. This voucher can be redeemed before January 31, 2007. It can be redeemed only at Only one voucher will be given per member during this offer period. You cannot club two offers when using this offer.

The most important aspect of this offer is that you don't have to buy for a minimum specified amount at their site but you can use the entire Rs. 250 voucher to buy any product within that price limit and you don't have to pay anything extra. There is no strings or hidden conditions applied to this offer.

Apart from this, Indiaplaza also has an existing offer of getting cash back worth Rs. 5000 when you purchase products worth the same amount too.

I personally feel that this is a super cool offer from Indiaplaza for the New Year. If you are planning to avail this offer and get maximum benefit from it, try buying any products worth just around Rs. 50 from Indiaplaza, just search for it, but I would suggest you to browse their Movies and Music section where they are offering CDs even for lesser than Rs. 50 but would add up to around Rs. 50 or more if you include the shipping charges. If you do so, you will still get that Gift Voucher from giftmate (which is part of the Paymate group) worth Rs. 250 and hence you are gaining at least Rs. 200 from this offer.

You can find more about this offer from Indiaplaza. Go ahead and avail this cool offer and gain from it. If you have any doubts regarding this offer, leave it in the comments section, I will be happy to help you out.

If you wish to receive more such offers regularly in your email, you can subscribe to this blog.

Swipe Your Debit Card and Win 50 Hours of Internet

ING Vysya Bank this festive has come up with a rather unique offer for its debit card users. Everyone who uses their debit card to spend at least Rs. 3000, will be getting a free 50 hours of Internet Usage. This 50 hours of internet is provided by Tata Indicom by way of Internet Card.

I am amazed every day by the way these banks and other co's are coming up the rather innovative offers every time, like the one HP had offered petrol for those buying their cartridges. Ultimately, it is the customers who should benefit from this and they should be made well aware of such promotions.

Coming back to the above offer, you can also win a Worldspace Radio with one year's subscription, you have been selected as the highest spender on that particular day. Likewise highest spender for the week will win a PDA Phone and highest spender for the whole month will walk away with a 32 inch LCD TV and an XBOX. And ultimately, the highest spender for the two months (November and December) will be winning a free holiday for two in Australia.

The last date for this contest is December 31st.

December 6, 2007

Get a Polo Organizer for Just Rs. 399 from SBI Card

As a special deal for this Christmas and New Year 2008, SBI Card has introduced a new offer for its customers. It is called Pick-a-Polo Special New Year Offer. Where you can buy an organizer which has credit card slots, calculator, zip pouch, a diary, notepad, telephone directory, expenses report, etc.

It is claimed to have been a branded International Organizer from Beverly Hills Polo Club. The original price for this organizer, as claimed by SBI Card as Rs. 1750 and you can buy it through the SBI Card for just Rs. 399, which is supposed to a discount of a whopping Rs. 1350, which comes to more than 75% discount.

And of course this offer is valid only for SBI Card users and is valid till January 31, 2008.

You can know more this offer and can in fact order the same from SBI Card.

December 5, 2007

Register and Win a Free T-Shirt at which is another startup Indian site which is specialized in different gifting options like customized T-Shirts, mugs, coasters, mousepads, greeting cards, jigsaw (this is something new I am hearing), keychains, and posters. The most important difference here is that you can design your own designs on the above products and you can even sell at their website too.

As a way to attract more people to join their site, they are now having a special promotion where those who are just registering for free in their site, they are giving away free T-Shirt on a daily basis. I suppose they are choosing the winner through a lucky draw which they will announce on a daily basis on their site.

I am not always as lucky as some people when it comes to winning on a draw, I have not won any such promotions in the past at various sites and places, except for a handful of time. I registered for last week just as a trial to see if I win or not, and as I expected I did not get the free T-Shirt on that day, but you people may not be as unlucky as mine, so go ahead and try your luck at and register for free and see whether you can indeed win a free T-shirt there, as there is nothing to lose as you are going to give them only your email id and they are genuine people and will not spam you, hence try it out.

They are also conducting a special contest of month for those creative minds out there who can create a cool design for the T-shirt could end up winning up to Rs. 25,000/- They have named this contest Tee-Your-Say (innovative name indeed). A total of 15 designs can win Rs. 1000/- each and there are also 50 consolation prizes of coffee mugs to be won. So go ahead and enter this contest immediately, as the last date for this contest is December 20th.

If you are a good designer and manage to create cool designs at and if someone else purchases your design from Myntra you will be paid a cool 10% royalty for your design and every time someone purchases it you will be earning more.

And Myntra also has a referral program or should I say sort of affiliate program where you can refer your friends to this site and if those friends end up buying something here, you could a 10% commission of the total amount purchased by your friends or relatives.

Coming back to winning a T-shirt for registering, I would request all the fellow Offers Galore readers to just let all of us know that if you have indeed won a T-shirt for registering at Myntra by telling it here at the comments section, I would be happy to know about it.

Image courtesy

December 4, 2007

Pay Your Utility Bills and Get Cash Back of Rs. 50/-

ICICI Bank has come up with a cash back offer for its account holders. For every utility bills paid during the offer period of November 1, 2007 to February 28, 2007, they will get a cash of Rs. 50/- each, no matter how much is your payment amount. The offer name is Cash in on Bill Pay. The utility bills includes your mobile, electricity, gas, landline, etc but does not include insurance and credit card bills.

To avail this offer you need to first register for it by adding the biller to your account and as soon you register, you can pay it online and get the cash back credited back to your account. You can pay as much biller as you can during this time frame and the maximum cash back you can get from a particular biller during this time frame is Rs. 200/-. First you need to also check out whether the biller that you need to pay is listed there, only those listed can be paid through ICICI.

The drawback for this offer could be that if you register for the biller payments, you will be bound to pay the amount between the biller and the bank and if there were some mistakes in the bill and stopping payment and other formalities will consume more time and energy from us. This could be most applicable with the government owned co's like BSNL or MTNL. Else registering for the ECS would be of great benefit in both saving energy and most importantly time, since everything is automated and you will not have any worries of remembering or forgetting bill pays.

You can know more about this "Cash in on Bill Pay" offer and register for the same at ICICI Bank Website.

Image from ICICI Bank.

December 3, 2007

Apply for Citibank credit cards to avail amazing offers

Citibank India Credit Card has introduced a new offer for those who want to apply for their credit cards. They have recently introduced cash back card with lifetime free feature where you don't have to pay any annual fees at all. And what more you will be getting cash backs on your purchase using your credit cards at various outlets across India, but it is applicable only at select outlets mentioned here, which has the Citibank EDCs (Electronic Data Capture) machines or so-called swiping machines. They claim that we can get up to Rs. 20,000/- as cash backs every year, but I am not sure on what basis have they calculated it, but still cash backs on purchases is a good way to save some extra bucks, considering you use your credit card wisely and pay all your dues every month fully rather than paying only minimum required or less than your full amount due.

They are actually offering up to 30% discount with some merchants. Apart from these cash backs from the merchants mentioned in the list, you can also avail cash backs for other merchants too, i.e., you will be earning at least Rs. 1 for every Rs. 200 purchased using your Citibank credit card. These will be accumulated as points, rather than cash, which you can redeem as cash once you reach 250 points by calling their call center, which adds more value to this offer, I feel. Apart from this you will have a waiver of fuel surcharges of 2.5% at all Indian Oil outlets, which normally most of the other bank credit cards charge, except HSBC and SBI Gold Card.

These cash back credit cards were actually introduced by Citibank only, but the cash back feature was started by ICICI Bank when they first introduced 5% cash back during the festive season in India and soon other banks started this trend and now it has come to the point of offering credit cards with cash back features for the whole year.

The drawbacks of this card would be that you cannot perform your shopping on your desired shopping location, if you want to avail the cash back, but need to look at their list and have to visit those specified shops for all your shopping needs, which can prove sometime rather worthless and could even void the cash back itself. The other drawback would be that you would be adding more credit cards if you already hold other banks' credit cards, hence I would prefer to apply for this card and cancel any of your other existing card if you feel that you cannot manage it and can fall into debt trap with so many cards or if you have control of your spendings, can have one more collection to yours.

Apart from this offer, if you chose to apply for the above credit card or any other Citibank credit card online, you will get a cash back of Rs. 250/- on your first purchase regardless of product or where you purchased it, the cash back will be credited back to your account in the next statement, which is making this offer even more tempting to apply. This offer is valid for all Citibank credit cards that is being applied online in their website provided you meet the criteria for getting the card. At least you can use up this cash back and can even cancel your card later if you don't want it, which way you will save Rs. 250/- at least hence you will be saving some extra bucks from your credit card.

You can apply for Citibank Cash Back Credit Card here.

Citibank has also introduced another offer where if you opt for getting your statements through email rather than physical paper statements, every month, they will reward you with 100 rewards points which can later be redeemed as gifts from them. This offer can be availed by existing Citibank credit card and bank account holders. This they claim are doing to save trees. I feel that this is a noble cause and can help this world in the long run. Anyways, with all these paper statements I receive every month, it gets piled up in my home and would be very difficult to dispose too due to security reasons, hence I feel that opting for email statements would a viable option. But even this has its drawbacks and that is that you may tend to forget to pay your credit card bills if you receive it in your email. If the bank comes forward and help the customers in reminding them through SMS, email, or other ways, it would be very beneficial to avail this option of getting statements to the emails.

Image courtesy Citibank India.

December 1, 2007

Get Cash Back of Rs. 50/- on your first purchase at

Storrz is a new online shopping mall. It is currently offering various offers and freebies and cash backs on purchases online. It is the latest startup to hit the Indian online arena. The first look at their website made me to think about as just another online store, but the products sold there made me to think again. The products that were displayed there in the store were Cookieman, Jus'Trufs, Mars chocolates, Dr. Morepan, and most impressively Art of Living products like CD's and books. Storrz specializes in mostly groceries only.

Currently, Storrz is offering a cash back offer of Rs. 50/- on a minimum purchase of Rs. 250/- and it can by paid through credit card when the delivery person comes to your home and swipes it directly instead of you giving your details online. You can shop from Storrz's listings of MTR ready mixes, Namdharis grocer chain, Cookieman, etc

One section which made me my eyes to expand is their 1 rupee shopping and products displayed were mostly products of MTR Ready mixes and ready to eat products. But you need to have a coupon to redeem this offer and I was wondering how to get coupon and researched the whole site and found at the bottom of one page, a form, where you need to submit your email id if you want to get such discount coupons which they will send every now and then, I suppose. I immediately signed up to see how it is going to work.
Storrz is also currently offering free Tupperware on purchase of Cookieman products.

The other feature which I saw for the first time in an Indian site is the dragging and dropping of products into the cart rather than moving through pages to add to the cart like many other shopping sites used to have. Another promise that they are offering is 24 hours delivery all over India, which I doubt they can do it every time due to various issues in delivering to the correct address and considering Indian address confusions prevailing. Even the major shopping sites could not promise it but anyway it is a good move by Storrz and hope they could keep up their promise.

Storrz is also offering membership schemes or shall I call it loyalty program namely Storrz Club for their regular customers. If your monthly purchases crosses Rs. 1500/- you are in the Silver members area where you will get free delivery and also 1.5 points for every purchase worth Rs. 100 and if your monthly purchases crosses Rs. 2500/- you are a gold member and you are entitled to get free delivery obviously and 2 points on every 100 rupees spent and a surprise gift worth Rs. 100 on each purchase.

If they indeed send me any discount coupons or freebies coupon, I am planning to share it with Offers Galore readers, so look back here again for the same or you can subscribe to this blog to receive such offers and freebies in the future to your email id, click here and subscribe.