January 30, 2008

Register and Get Readers Digest Joy Magazine Free

Reader's Digest Joy which is an exclusive magazine for women from the stable of Reader's Digest which is giving away a free magazine if you register for free from their site. No conditions apply. Just register giving your details and get the magazine delivered to your residential address for free.

Reader's Digest Joy is a magazine only for Indian women. It has all its articles and information designed only for women. It is just like Reader's Digest, the shape, size, and features but the name and pages are different from that of the Reader's Digest itself.

It has really very useful articles on various subjects dealing with women's issues and entertainment, parenthood, lifestyle, tips, etc. The single copy is priced at Rs. 30. So if you signup on their site for free, you will be getting the initial copy for free actually delivered to your home. No questions asked, just give your necessary details to receive it. All those who register there at their site will be receiving the free trial copy. You will need to give your personal details like address, phone number, date of birth, occupation, etc. It will take a minimum of 1 to 2 months for you to receive the free trial copy.

I guess they will prefer only women to signup for this to avail this offer, but still men too can try it out by registering to receive the free trial copy of Reader's Digest Joy. I guess they are doing this as a promo to promote this new magazine from Reader's Digest, which is said to be the India's Largest Selling English Magazine.

To know more about this offer and register you can visit Reader's Digest site, here.

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January 29, 2008

Subscribe and Get Free Gifts From Poweryourtrade.com

Power Your Trade part of Network 18 or TV18 Group, which owns the TV Channels like CNBC, and CNN-IBN, is giving away free gifts like leather planner or desktop timepiece for subscribing to Poweryourtrade.

If you are a sort of guy who invest in stock markets regularly, then Poweryourtrade is a great tool to have on your side to help you invest wisely. It provides detailed info on stock price and provide you with trade and technical strategies daily through SMS and other modes. You will be getting these SMS's before the trading starts, so that you can utilize those when you trade during trade hours. This will be useful for day traders and small investers too. You will also be getting six trading calls daily from them. And you will be getting F&O tips daily. You will also be getting important news flashes through SMS too.

The subscription package starts from one month to three years and the price range starts from 599 to 5999. But you will be getting the free gifts only if you opt for three months and above only. That is from Rs. 599 and above only.

If you are still skeptical about their service, you can opt for a 7-day free trial offered by them, but remember that you need to give your credit card info to them and can cancel your subscription before 7 days if you are not interested or not satisfied with their service. If you don't cancel within the trial period, they will deduct the amount from your credit card, in which option you have opted for.

Right now, they are offering two free gifts namely leather planner and a desktop timepiece. If you are a regular stock market investor or a day trader and play with stocks every day, then you can try out this offer and see how is the service offered by them and/or at least try their 7-day free trial offer and decide about it, you don't lose anything, anyway. This offer is applicable for both new registrations and also for renewals who had already subscribed and wanted to extend their subscription. You will be receiving the free gift within one month of subscription.

This offer is valid from January 31st only, so hurry before it gets over and subscribe to it and benefit from it and get free gifts too.

You can register for their service here.

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January 26, 2008

Sabse Saste 3 Din with Future Bazaar & Big Bazaar

Future Bazaar and Big Bazaar has introduced, as they do it every year on Republic Day and Independence Day, a three-day shopping bonanza called Sabse Saste 3 Din, for all those shopping fanatics out there with never before deals and offers and discounts on various products from clothes to kitchen appliances, from electronics to mobile phones, from furniture to to home decor.

This is a 3 day only special offer, which can availed both at Future Bazaar (online) and Big Bazaar (offline) Stores. This offer is valid only for January 25th, 26th, and 27th. The discounts they offer is really tempting to at least have a look and do window shopping, even if you are not interested to buy anything. But I cannot imagine going to Big Bazaar with the crowd, I can imagine now, on how it will be like! I wonder how they are going to control and I cannot even imagine standing in the queues there to get the purchases billed!

All products purchased during this offer period carries a special free shipping on all orders. The products range is astounding with anything you want is available with them. You can also place your orders through their special toll free helpline number (only for India) 1800-209-0490.

Some of the prominent offers available is that, all VCDs are sold at Rs. 26 each, which includes titles like Munnabhai MBBS, Kya Kool Hain Hum, etc. An 1 GB Sensei MP3 Player is sold for Rs. 999. A DVD Player and home theatre is available for Rs. 2999. Three branded men's shirt for Rs. 999, etc.

My suggestion for this offer would be go and try and do a window shopping, since its weekend and also Republic Day and enjoy your weekend at Big Bazaar (if you can bear with the crowd, though). Don't indulge in everything you see but buy only those if you have been planning to buy but also see whether that product is indeed a quality product to buy for such low price and also look for some offers which might look like bloated ones where the prices will be increased espcially for these sales and make it look like they are giving it for huge discounts, which you can easily identify if you are regular shopper.

Remember, don't carry your credit cards, instead carry cash or debit card, as real money will be hard to part away with than the plastic money, which will make you purchase the things you don't need but will buy it eventually due to the discounts offered. Go ahead and have a shopping weekend and enjoy this weekend with loads of fun while shopping!
You can find more about this offer here.

And yes, I wish you all a Very Happy Republic Day!

January 24, 2008

Win Rs. 500 Giftmate Voucher from Cleartrip.com

Now, Cleartrip is offering free gift voucher worth Rs. 250 to Rs. 500 for all who book air tickets through their site, but it should be a round trip flight. After, all the shopping sites, gaming site, now is the time of travel/air ticket booking site to offer free vouchers from Giftmate.

You need to book a round trip flight (it should be a single booking and not separate) or an one way flight for at least two people to get this free gift voucher from Giftmate worth Rs. 500 in to your mobile phone. If you book only one ticket then you will be getting a gift voucher worth Rs. 250 from them.

You can use this voucher anywhere you want which accepts Giftmate, there is no restriction at all. It will be sent to you within 72 hours of your booking the ticket through Cleartrip. It will be sent to your mobile phone as a gift voucher which you can redeem using the normal way which was discussed here. You can find the list of merchants both online and offline here. This availed voucher can be redeemed before February 29th.

Even if you have already availed many of the Giftmate offers, you are still indeed eligible for this offer too, if you could book a ticket through Cleartrip.com. But as always, you cannot club any other offers with this one. You cannot buy the ticket through Giftmate, then you will not be eligible. A person can get only one voucher during this offer period regardless of the number of transactions he does during this period.

If you are planning a holiday or planning a business trip or any travel plan, you can choose this opportunity to book it now itself through Cleartrip and get that free gift voucher, as this is the good time to do it and get a cool gift too.

This offer is valid from January 23rd to January 31st.

Find more about this offer here.

January 23, 2008

Redeem your Giftmate Voucher at Indiaplaza & Win Gold Coin

Again Giftmate has come up with an amazing offer in collaboration with Indiaplaza. Now, if you have already a Giftmate gift voucher in your mobile phone and if you choose to redeem it at Indiaplaza you will be getting a free 100 mg Gold Coin from them.

To get this free gold coin, you need to use your Giftmate voucher to buy anything from Indiaplaza, that's all you need to do and you will be getting your free gold coin without any draws or contests. This gold coin is a 22 carat gold. This will be shipped within 15 days of the closure of this offer, i.e., within 15 days from January 31, 2008. This offer is named as Grab Gold offer aptly.

Do remember that this offer is applicable only for the first 5000 users who avails this offer, after that no one will be getting the gold coin. But I don't know whether they will mention it as soon as they reach 5000 users or not. I guess, they will not and hence there is a chance that you might not even get the gold since you are not sure whether the 5000 mark has been crossed or not during the offer period. By the way, this offer is valid only till January 31, 2008. Only the purchases made at Indiaplaza using the Giftmate during this offer period is eligible to win these gold coins.

Those who already had availed the Indiaplaza offer during Dec 6 2007 to Jan 6 2008 are not eligible for this offer. And this cannot be clubbed with any other existing offers with either Indiaplaza or Giftmate or Paymate.

A person can get only one gold coin only irrespective of the number of mobiles he used to register or buy, I don't know how they will find this out, but this is the rule that they have enforced to avoid multiple Giftmate usage from a single person. Also remember that you cannot use the Giftmate voucher you receive through Sify offer as it can only be redeemed at Sify. This is a fresh offer wherein it can availed only if someone had gifted you the Giftmate voucher.

With all these restrictions and rules, it virtually means that only those who got their gift voucher to their mobile phone by someone gifting them through Giftmate by paying the specified amount will be eligible for this offer and not through any other free means that Giftmate has already introduced.

So the only way, if you want to avail this gold coin offer is to ask your friend or relatives to gift you a Giftmate voucher to your mobile number (the minimum amount that one can gift is Rs. 250). To send the Giftmate voucher visit here and fill in the necessary details and get it.

To avail this offer, you need to spend a minimum of Rs. 250. This virtually means that you are getting a free gold coin for a purchase of Rs. 250 at Indiaplaza. Considering the gold price now, which stands around Rs. 1119 per gram, hence it comes to Rs. 112 per 100 mg (which is what you get as free in this offer), hence this offer is worth a try, since you get to buy any product of your choice for Rs. 250 and you get gold too. I will recommend to try this offer. But do remember that only the first 5000 users are eligible to get this gold. So, you need to try it immediately before they say that the 5000-slot is filled out and hence you will not be getting it. This is not guaranteed too with this restriction.

This offer, I received as an email from Giftmate, but has also been suggested by readers of Offers Galore, Prashant, Manoj, and Rishi Mittal.

To know more about this offer, visit here.

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January 22, 2008

Win some cool prizes and free subscription from Digit

Just to turn away the attention to some fun posts in the mid-week and I am still waiting to get more feedback on getting to know what to blog about more here, I am just sharing here some good contests and quizes going on around here to win some cool prizes for just answering some questions, which I have been regularly participating every now and then and having fun. The first would be the daily quiz offered by Digit, the technology magazine of India. I use this quiz whenever I have enough free time and wonder what to do next online and just answer some questions, and wait for the lady luck to smile on me!

This is my all time favorite where you can win 6 months subscription to Digit Magazine by answering five simple questions. There are also some other cool prizes up for grabs like LCD TV, mobile phones, laptop, and printers. This quiz will be updated daily, so you might have a greater chance of winning at least the six months subscription to Digit Magazine which is worth Rs. 750, if won! Even the questions will be very simple to answer and there will be hints too to help you.

Probably you can bookmark the link given below and can participate in their quiz whenever you have free time and was wondering what you want to browse, just to try your luck.

You can know more about this quiz and participate here.

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January 21, 2008

Suggest what to blog about here at Offers Galore

I started out this blog with the sole aim to share the offers and freebies and discounts, etc. I started out with majority of my posts on credit card offers, with my own views. Slowly, I started to diversify into various many categories on offers, including online offers, shopping offers, Giftmate, quizzes, and contests, freebies, free samples, etc.

I have been receiving feedback from many of the readers suggesting me to blog about specific topic. Some have also suggested that I should write more offers very similar to Giftmate. But Giftmate is a once in a blue moon type of offer which don't repeat itself very frequently except on occasions like this. And hence blogging about it and very similar offers frequently is not possible too often but only when it is available genuinely. Some wanted me to write more about credit card offers, which is what I'd love more to do but that too not too often but only when there is a genuinely good offer. Many had expressed that I write mostly about freebies and free samples of any sort. Some of you really liked about the charity offer I did here.

Unlike in U.S., where there are numerous sites and blogs and other resources especially dedicated to offers, discounts, and freebies, and samples while India is yet to catch up with it but will soon be in a state very similar to U.S. in the foreseeable future.

After all your feedback, I have decided to sought help from you, the readers, to suggest me on what should I blog about here. Can it be credit card offers, banking offers, or online offers, shopping offers, free gift vouchers, discounts, magazine offers, etc. Your feedback will go a long way improving this blog and in turn will benefit you with me finding the offers you want!

You can leave your suggestions in the comments in this post or you can even mail me the same in the email id offersgalore@gmail.com Any suggestion from your part will be useful in improving this blog. This will develop the way this blogs functions and benefit both of us. I will accept all suggestions and will try to implement it without fail.

Win Rs. 26000 on Republic Day Quiz at Mapsofindia

After my recent post on receiving free map from Maps of India, I had even written there that they also conduct a daily online quiz where if you could answer them correctly, you could be walking away with Rs. 1000 daily. And to commemorate the Republic Day of India, they have also introduced a special Republic Day Quiz Series to test our knowledge on India, especially related to Republic Day and other similar days in India.

If you had answered all the questions right on a given day, had given all correct answers during the contest period on any one given day, you will be entered in a draw of lot to choose the winner, who could walk away with Rs. 26,000 as the grand prize money. Not only this, if you could answer all questions right on a given day, you will surely be getting a free concise encyclopedia from them. And all participants will get a free Indian map.

This contest is open from January 21st 2008 to January 26, 2008. You could find more hints on the quiz from their site itself.

You can find more about this quiz and how to win all the above mentioned prizes, here.

January 19, 2008

Now Get a Free Giftmate Voucher worth Rs. 250 From Sify

After Giftmate, Indiaplaza, Kingfisher, and HDFC Bank now its the turn of Sify to give away free gift voucher worth Rs. 250 from Giftmate. Its keep on keep on coming again and again, this free Giftmate voucher. Those who have missed on the above offers can avail it now.

Just like Indiaplaza offer, where if you buy any product will be getting a free gift voucher, Sify has also come up with similar offer, if you buy any product worth any amount from Sify, will be getting a free Giftmate voucher worth Rs. 250 on your mobile which can later be redeemed for products from Sify. This offer is offered by both Sify and Giftmate.

Only one gift voucher will be given per user at Sify regardless of how many transactions you do during this offer period, but you can get as many Giftmate voucher if you could manage to have that many number of mobile numbers and user id at Sify (you can ask your friends and relatives to avail this offer, if they have missed out on previous ones). This voucher can be redeemed before February 10, 2008. As always this Giftmate voucher cannot be transferred to another one, as it is sent to your mobile phone only that you register at Sify Mall while purchasing a product. No other offer can be combined with this existing offer.

And if you already have a Giftmate voucher, you cannot use that to make a purchase to avail this offer, it means that you will have to make a purchase using any other means available in Sify like internet banking, credit cards, etc and not Giftmate for the initial purchase you make.

They have not mentioned any minimum amount that you need to make to avail this offer, hence I consider it as any amount, no minimum amount restriction is there. Hence this offer is made extra special like its predecessor offer by Indiaplaza, which unfortunately has expired.

The voucher you get through this offer can only be redeemed at Sify Mall only and not at other shopping sites. Those who already have availed anywhere else can also avail this offer which is offered now at Sify. Likewise before, you can try for bare minimum product to purchase like a cheap music CD for Rs. 50 or even lesser from Sify and get the Giftmate voucher using that, hence you are at least gaining Rs. 200 here.

I am going to explain on how to redeem your Giftmate voucher for newbies. Once you got the Giftmate voucher in your mobile, you will be getting an SMS with your pin number (keep that pin number safely). To redeem that voucher, visit Sify Mall and choose the product within the value of Rs. 250 and go to checkout and there you need to choose Paymate (note that you need to choose as Paymate and not Giftmate) as the payment option and will need to enter your mobile number. Once you do that, you will be receiving an SMS immediately with a four digit alphabet code along with your purchase details and will ask for payment authorization. To authorize the payment, you need to reply back to that SMS with the following format. PAY (three digit alphabet code) (Your Pin) , i.e., PAY ABCD 1234 and reply it to the number that you receive the SMS. During this time, your computer screen will be waiting for you SMS payment and once you send the SMS, the payment confirmation page will be displayed with the order number and other details, copy that for your future reference. And that's it you have purchased the product using Giftmate and they will send the product that you ordered within the days that was specified.

This offer is valid only between January 16, 2008 to January 31, 2008 and the gift voucher can be redeemed till February 10, 2008. If you have doubts or queries, you ask here in the comments, I will try my best to answer it if I could.

To know more about this offer visit here.

This offer was sent by Kaptan Singh.

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January 18, 2008

Switch to E-Statements on HSBC and Get CFL Bulb Free

Here I am after a long gap, due to many reader's request, starting on with the credit card offers.

HSBC to encourage their customers to opt for e-statements has launched an exclusive offer for their bank customers and credit card customers, where if you opt for e-statements you will be getting a free CFL bulb free.

HSBC is famous for its environmental friendly initiatives across the globe and has indeed taken it very seriously through various means and has its own website on environment conservation which makes it extra special, since this is one issue almost every one of us tend to ignore and is soon becoming a great global threat.

To avail this offer, you need to have either the HSBC Bank account or HSBC Credit Cards. You should also be receiving their bank/credit card statements through regular postal mails every month or every quarter. If you have both these criteria, then you can easily avail this offer by opting for e-statements. But remember that if you opt for e-statements, you will not be receiving your regular postal statements at all.

To register for this offer, just logon to your HSBC Internet Banking and select the option "Request E-Statements/E-Advice" and opt for it. Once you do this, you will be opted in by them and will be receiving the E-statements henceforth. And within some days, you will be receiving your free CFL Bulb. If you don't have an Internet Banking Login or ID, you can create the same at their website here. You can also register for this e-statements by calling your city's respective HSBC helpline number.

After registering for e-statements, you can see up to previous 6 months' statement at a time and can indeed download it for future reference.

CFL (Compact fluorescent lamp) bulb is also very environment friendly compared to the regular yellow bulbs. This you would have seen by a recent promotion by Greenpeace to ban the traditional bulb, which is supposed to be very against the environment. This CFL Bulb is also very energy efficient and hence the best option to use this even without this offer.

If you opt for this offer, you are actually helping the environment in two ways, since no paper statements will be delivered to you, you are actually saving trees and since you are getting the CFL bulb, you are again conserving the environment by not using the traditional bulb. Thus you are helping save this world doubly! You can know more on how you can conserve this environment here.

I have both HSBC Bank account and Credit Cards and have opted for e-statements both to at least contribute to the environment in my own way and you are getting rewarded for that too, which makes it even nicer and getting a satisfaction that you are doing something, although very small, to help save this planet for our future generation!

But one drawback in availing e-statements with credit cards would be that you tend to forget your due date sometimes since you might forget to login to your HSBC Internet Banking login on a given month and might end up paying penalties for non-payment or late payment. But to avoid this, HSBC would indeed send you a remainder email or SMS to download your statement every month, but on days when you did not get this remainder you will end up forgetting and hence might have to pay the late fee, etc. You can even also revert back to paper statement if you do wish to continue after some time too if you are keep on forgetting your payment due dates, etc with this option.

But still overall, I would say that this offer is good to opt for, simply for the reason of environment conservation and getting a free stuff for doing so!

You should opt for e-statement before February 29, 2008 to avail this offer. You can know more about this offer here.

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January 17, 2008

Get 100% Cash Back From Indiaplaza

Indiaplaza has introduced another offer where you will be getting 100% cash back on purchases you make at their site as e-gift certificate (gift vouchers). It seems like Indiaplaza (formerly Fabmall), has been introducing offers like anything ever since they changed their name. Every three months or less they have a new offer which is really too tempting for even a non-compulsive shoppers. This offer has been amply named as 100% Money Back Offer.

Ever since I started blogging on this blog, I would have blogged about Indiaplaza offers for around about five times or more, I don't know whether it is coincidental or not that they have been introducing more offers since. Indiaplaza does not have much of a history of giving away offers and freebies but they have been of late raining the users with offers and discounts and freebies! They really seem to impress me a lot than other shopping sites at least for now. I used to be a fan of Bigbazaar previously but it seem to have lagged behind in this regard recently and now I guess is the time of Indiaplaza.in.

Now, regarding this offer, during this offer period, i.e., between January 16, 2008 to March 16, 2008, if you purchase any product at Indiaplaza, you will be getting a free gift voucher of the same value which will be sent across as an electronic voucher only after March 16, within 3 weeks of close of this promotion. This voucher should be redeemed before 30 days of issuance failing which it will be cancelled.

You can make purchases at books, apparel, jewellery, CDs, mp3 players, cameras, etc. But this offer is not applicable for both purchasing or redeeming at their travel section. And this offer will also not be valid if you use any of the gift vouchers, rewards points, prepaid account amount or any other free offers that you have right now to purchase initially, the amount of purchase can be any amount and you will be getting the same value gift voucher free.

If you make purchases at different times during this offer period, all the total value will be combined and you will be getting the same value's worth of gift voucher free at the end of the offer. The maximum amount that you can get from this offer is Rs. 5000.

Also remember that this offer can be availed for purchases made between January 16th to March 16th. If you have had any plans of any purchases just make it between this offer period to avail it fully. They have also not mentioned any pre conditions to use this gift voucher and hence it would be a gift voucher rather than a discount voucher. Hence it is worth it to avail it.

To know more about this offer visit Indiaplaza.

This offer has been sent by many readers of Offers Galore, but I too have received this offer from Indiaplaza.

If you wish to receive more such offers regularly in your email, you can subscribe to this blog.

p.s.: As explained in the comments by the reader "Pirate", I have to mention the most important change in this offer, i.e., "The minimum purchase at the time of redemption of gift voucher has to be five times the amount of the gift voucher." Which makes this offer a dampener and useless!!

January 16, 2008

Get a Free Indian Map from MapsofIndia.com

Mapsofindia, the leading both online and offline map site of India is currently offering free map of India to those who request for it from their site and answer a very small survey that they are offering. The map will be delivered to the address that you specify to be sent. It is a single folded map of India, just like you receive in travel shops across the world. This is an offer which they are giving away for "Maps of India Survey" which they intend to improve their service. So, in order to reward everyone who completes this survey and give your details, you will be sent a free map of India.

The survey is a very simple one and will be asking about their site which you can answer from the options given there itself. It would take just less than 3 minutes to complete the entire survey and give your personal info.

You need to confirm your email id not once but twice in order to make sure that you have done the process correctly to receive the free map. This is a political map of India.

Apart from this Maps of India is also conducting a daily quiz contests where if you answer 15 questions correctly daily, you could win some cool prizes from them. The questions will be mostly based on India and its geography and the hints are also given at their site itself which can be used to answer those questions.

You need to register at their site to answer this quiz to win some prizes, which is mostly easy to answer but trying to finish it fast will decide the winner, I suppose.

You can find more about the quiz and to participate visit Maps of India.

To get your free map of India and complete the survey, visit here.

This map offer was suggested to me by Surya Prakash.

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January 15, 2008

Subscribe to Men's Health and Get Free Speedo Eyegear

Men's Health, one of the leading magazine in the health category is offering a hard to resist subscription option where if you subscribe to their magazine for three years, you will be getting a free assured gift of Speedo Eyegear.

Men's Health is an international magazine and is rated as one of the best in this category. In India it is brought to you by India Today Group. As everyone knows that India Today is famous for its freebies given out for subscribing to their various magazines that they offer. Even for Men's Health, they are giving away freebies for subscribing to it.

Men's Health to celebrate their first anniversary in India has come up with an offer that is too tempting to miss out. If you subscribe for their magazine for one year by paying Rs. 480, you will be getting a free gym bag. This price is also 20% deducted price from the original price of Rs. 600 for 12 issues.

If you subscribe for 3 years by paying a subscription charge of Rs. 1440 as opposed to the original price of Rs. 1800, again 20% discount from the original price, for 36 issues, you will be getting an assured gift of Speedo Eyegear worth Rs. 2425. Hence you will be saving around Rs. 1000 and will be getting a free eyegear as well as the 36 issues of Men's Health for that price.

My doubt is that whether that Speedo eyegear is really worth Rs. 2425, as I could not find it anywhere the original price of it, I could not comment on this. Any of you here can really shed light on its price would be useful. If it is indeed worth Rs. 2425, then there is no doubt that this offer is really worth it.

I am a big fan of subscribing to magazines who offer freebies which are worth more than what we are paying for. Here, you are going to pay just Rs. 1440 but will be getting an eye wear Speedo, which is of international quality worth Rs. 2425. Hence you are getting the magazines and eyegear for just Rs. 1440 which is a good deal.

Apart from the above assured gifts you will also be winning 2 round trip airfares for two persons to Thailand along with the hotel accommodation charges, 30 domestic holiday packages in India, 4 blackberry phones, and 50 couples will be selected to attend the Men's Health 1st Anniversary event.

You can find more about this offer and subscribe to Men's Health here.

Get Free CD with Goodies on Kareena Kapoor

If you are a Kareena Kapoor fan, then this offer is for you. A die-hard fan of Kareena Kapoor is giving away free CD's of Kareena Kapoor to all those who request the same. The CD contains all Kareena Kapoor related goodies like screensavers, wallpapers, songs, trailers, etc.

I guess all those free to download screensavers, pictures, wallpapers, etc of Kareena Kapoor written in a CD and given away for free, hence you will save the downloads and get everything ready in a CD.

To get your free CD, you need to fill your contact details so as to get it delivered at the address that you give.

I am not sure whether they are indeed sending the CD or not, I have just now given my details and will need to wait whether they are sending it or not. You can try it too, if you really want it. Or if you don't want it, you can always gift it to someone who is a big fan of Kareena Kapoor.

You can get all the details on how get the CD and order it here.

This offer is suggested by Surya Prakash who won the free T-Shirt from Offers Galore.

Picture courtesy Sulekha.

January 14, 2008

Win Assured Gifts and Cash from Zapak ATM Contest

Zapak one of the leading online games portal, promoted by Anil Ambani's Reliance, has come up with a contest or offer namely, Zapak ATM Cash Contest. This has been widely publicised everywhere but still I thought it would be apt to blog about, because it is one of the noteworthy contest and has a good scope of getting some cash prizes as well as gift vouchers from Homeshop18 (the shopping network site of TV18).

To start with Zapak has stormed the online gaming scene in India and could have emerged winner in this category due to their aggressive marketing and advertising. To further boost up their market lead, they have introduced this contest. This is a very unique and first of its kind in India to let people have fun and get paid for it!

Okay, coming to the point, how can you win some super cool goodies from Zapak. To start with, you need to register with Zapak.com if you are already not a member there. Then login and look for single player games there, I actually found an extensive list there, I did not actually count how many are there but could be a lot more than you could ever play on a single day. Actually, they have mentioned 556 games.

To win you need to play a minimum of 25 single players game on a given day. If you play 25 games in a day, you will be winning Rs. 100 gift voucher from Homeshop18. If you could play 35 games in a day you will be winning Rs. 200 gift voucher from Homeshop18. Likewise, if you play 50 games you will be getting Rs. 500 GV from Homeshop18. And if you play 75 single play games in a day you will be winning Rs. 500 gift voucher each from Homeshop18 and Makemytrip.com. And the grand prize and most notable one is Rs. 1000 cash plus Rs. 500 gift voucher from Makemytrip if you could play 90 games on a given single day. The day is calculated from 12 a.m. to 11:59 p.m. IST.

Just note that all the prizes mentioned above are assured prizes and you will be getting it if you fulfill any of the criteria above.

I feel that you can easily win any one prize mentioned above very easily. As I tried playing one or two games and found some games' duration is just under 20 seconds (100 meter running). But there are longer duration games too, so if you want to finish up the games earlier, you need to choose the right games. I would suggest to try the racing games because they are ones that tend to finish faster than others like arcade, action, puzzles, etc.

I personally feel that if you could spend around 90 to 100 minutes on Zapak.com you could easily with that Rs. 1000 plus Rs. 500 cash voucher from Makemytrip, to finish up 90 games. But this too depends on the net connection you have, if you have broadband (do anyone still use dial-ups?), you won't be having any issues with downloads of the games, as all the games in Zapak are flash games and for some they have collaborated with the international gaming portal Absolutist, which has a very huge collection of flash based games and other games.

Just try to finish up the games faster and move over to the next game to start accumulating your games on a given day. Don't play the same game again, as it will not be counted, to win you need to play only unique games.

But do also remember about this game and try to donate some free rice to the needy too if you can.

It seems that it will take 60 days for them to send the cash prize if you had won and they will deduct the TDS from it and pay you the balance.

If you really have enough time to play games and do enjoy playing flash based games and have been playing online games with sites like Miniclip, Absolutist, etc., then this contest will be a breezer for you and you will be paid to have fun and enjoy, which makes this contest really good and makes it standalone. There is still nearly 2 more weeks for you to win these and you can win all the prizes daily, but only one prize per day. I have played many flash based games at Miniclip but did not try Zapak for the same and not this offer has prompted me to try playing at Zapak, where at least you will be getting freebis to play and have fun!

You can find more about this contest and how to go about it, here.

Although, I was planning to blog about this offer, this was also suggested by Sharad Bengani, the reader of Offers Galore to write about it.

January 11, 2008

Get 0% Interest on Cash Withdrawal from ICICI Bank Credit Card

ICICI Bank has introduced this 0% interest for cash withdrawal made on your credit cards during this offer period. Where there will be no interest or any other hidden charges for exactly 30 days from the date you withdraw cash. You only need to pay the cash advance fee of 2.5% or Rs. 300 whichever is higher.

If you need any urgent money and don't want to pay any high interest then this offer is a great boon for such needs, as the interest rate is less Rs. 300 for a month for up to Rs. 12,000 withdrawal.

I have an idea here. Why not withdraw that money of Rs. 12,000 and invest that money in stock or mutual funds and you might at least get 5% (which I guess is less, when compared to the booming stock market these days). You might even get higher for a month. Just invest for 30 days or less withdraw the money and you could have at least got Rs. 600 as interest from the stock or mutual funds for the money which was not yours! You can pay that Rs. 300 charge for ICICI Bank and you will end up getting Rs. 300 as profit.

This is just an estimate with minimum amount, you can even go for higher amount to get higher profit from the bank's money! But equally there is risks involved here, as if stock or mutual funds go downwards during these 30 days, you might lose some money. So this is a risky or gambling situation but if you like to take risks this is for you.

Remember to pay back the amount to ICICI Bank Credit card, else you might end up paying interest rate which is very much higher than the normal purchase rates. But this is a nice way to earn some bucks through your credit card which in most cases will be the other way around.

Play a Vocabulary Game and Donate Rice to Charity

As, I have been discussing about various freebies and offers in this blog, I have decided to write up this blog post for a social cause. Although there are numerous sites and NGOs working around the world to help the needy, I found this site very unique. Freerice is a new site which was started only on the notion of helping the poor to give away rice, as they felt majority of the people across the globe die of hunger and to help them they have started this site.

Freerice is a site where you can play vocabulary games which you can play again and again. There will be a question and answer type of vocabulary game which if you answer correctly, for every correct answer they will be donating 20 grains of rice to United Nations World Food Program (WFP), who will then in turn donate the rice to the needy across the world.

The vocabulary game there apart from increasing your vocabulary, is also fun to play. This vocabulary tests would be more useful for those who are planning to attend tests like SAT, GRE, LSAT and GMAT, etc.

Their goal is to improve English vocabulary of everyone for free and to help end hunger by giving free rice to poor for free.

I really felt this as an unique way to feed the poor. And you don't spend a dime here but will gain knowledge as well as will have the satisfaction of doing something good to the society.

I would definitely suggest you to try it at least once to help those who don't even access to food even once a day, which we have seen in TVs and elsewhere, isn't?

This is a free way to donate for the needy, which not all of us can afford every time to help them with our money!
You can access Freerice here.

This site was shared to by V. Surya Prakash.

January 10, 2008

Win Free 400 Gifts from Tata AIG For Your Car

Tata AIG General Insurance as a promotion for their insurance product has come up with a new offer/contest for the car owners out there. There are around 400 gifts to be won for your car. The grand prize is a free trip to Malaysia to watch the Formula1 there (could be great). This offer is specially offered by TATA AIG General Insurance to celebrate your car's birthday!

All you need to do to is to submit your personal details and the birthday of your car, yes, they are asking about the birthday of your car to claim these prizes. You can enter the month and the year that you brought the car, instead of the exact date.

If you could do so, you will be winning any of these prizes. Grand prize is a holiday for two to Malaysia and free tickets to watch the F1 Grand Prix plus a car entertainment system with DVD player, amplifier, woofer, speakers etc. And 100 car refrigerators to be won and 300 car vacuum cleaners too.

This is a special offer from TATA AIG General Insurance. So, they will promote their vehicle insurance to you if you participate in this contest. But you hold the right to accept it or not.

This campaign ends on February 29th, 2008.

You can find this Tata AIG offer here.

Win Scooty and Other Fabulous Goodies from Fairever

This offer/contest is especially for those ladies readers out there. This contest is brought to you by Fairever, the fairness cream from CavinKare.

Just post a write-up on how your dream man should be and win a cool Scooty as the grand prize and other fabulous goodies to be won.

Give your details and submit your write-up in less than 200 characters and you could win a TVS Scooty and other free goodies from Fairever. There are numerous goodies to be won and hence your chance of getting any one among the freebies is great if your write-up is wackier and funnier. Try to be as wackier as possible to be noticed and win some prizes.

You could even end up winning the TVS Scooty itself. So, go ahead and get your creative thinking working and write about your dream man and win fabulous freebies.

All the men out there can tell about this offer to the ladies that you know, your wife, sister, etc. to participate in this offer.

You can enter the contest here.

January 9, 2008

Answer this survey and win Free Indiaplaza Gift Voucher

Just answer this simple customer service program survey by Indiaplaza through Zoomerang and win gift voucher from Indiaplaza worth Rs. 100.

You need to be a user of Indiaplaza to answer this survey as you need to submit your user id at Indiaplaza (formerly Fabmall) to win that gift voucher. It will take just less than 10 minutes to complete this survey.

You will asked on questions about your experience at Indiaplaza.in and answer you will need to choose from the list of four or more given already, as simple as that.

If you have answered the survey diligently you will be receiving the free Rs. 100 voucher from Indiaplaza within a week or around a week. Not everyone will be getting it, Indiaplaza will pick and choose the winner, but I feel that almost 99% of the user who answer the survey will win that gift voucher.

Note that this voucher can be redeemed for a minimum purchase of Rs. 250 only at Indiaplaza. That is you will have to purchase something for Rs. 250 and hence if you redeem this Rs. 100, you will need to pay only Rs. 150 to get the product you are buying, hence you are saving Rs. 100 from this offer.

The questions range from how fast the page loads, did you find all categories, how was the pricing, etc. Only such very generic questions will be asked that you need to answer to win it. You will also be asked to give your own suggestions, where you can add to give more freebies and to give more deals and discounts, etc.

This survey will be sent to those all who make a purchase at Indiaplaza to find out about their customer satisfaction. Even I have received such surveys previously and even last week I received a Rs. 100 gift voucher, which I am going to giveaway here to all the readers here soon.

You can find more about this survey and access the survey here.

This offer was sent by Offers Galore reader Krishan Wadhwa. I thank him very much for sending this wonderful offer.

January 8, 2008

Some notable offers from SBI Card this month

SBI Card has introduced quite a few offers this month which are worth to be noted and to be mentioned here, I felt and hence I am sharing it here.

SBI Card and ivaluemart is jointly offering very major discounts and offers which are worth noting and can indeed be tried out to get some discounts on some of the products. Among them worth noting is the Canon PowerShot A550 Digital Camera which is offered at Rs. 8500 whose original price was Rs. 9995, so you are indeed saving Rs. 1502. Like this there are some more offer where you are actually getting from 16% to 60% discount on products like Electric Hot plate, Nintendo DS Lite, Nokia Bluetooth ear phone, Pantech Slider Mobile Phone (I have not heard such brand exist in India), perfumes, Casio keyboard player, and Yamaha Home theatre system.
And more worth is that you will be getting freebies like electric steam iron, portable mp3/vcd/cd player, electric oven toaster, and DVD player when you buy any products worth above Rs. 3000 here.

You can find about this offer more here.

Other than this SBI Card has also collaborated with Whizz.in to give very good discounts for digital cameras from 20% and above and free gifts on every purchase.

You can book your Deccan air ticket for a flat rate of Rs. 499 on all sectors that Deccan operates. Anyway, this does not include the usual tax that is applicable for all the tickets, which will be usually more than the ticket price itself. This offer is valid till 31st March.

Buy a Puma footwear and get the 50% off on the second pair using your SBI Card or any Visa card you have. You can find more about this offer here.

Apart from these offers, I would suggest you to not go for any other balance transfer or flexipay (paying your purchases in EMIs) that SBI Card offers, as they to put up a lot of hidden charges on your card without even your knowing. The best way to use your SBI Card is to just use it for purchases and use up their freebies and discount offers that they come up every now and then and pay the full amount due every month (don't ever pay in part or only the minimum balance), as their interest rate calculation seems rather funny and very high when compared to other credit cards.

While other bank's credit cards mention every credits and debits on the statement while SBI Card will not mention all but just put up some charges just like that.

I hope these tips are useful for the SBI Card users. Just do accordingly to avoid excessive charges from SBI Card.

January 7, 2008

Winner of Rs. 100 Mobile Recharge Voucher is

Winner of Rs. 100 Mobile Recharge Voucher is

I have sent the winner a mail to get back with me with the necessary contact details like mobile number, etc.

Congratulations for the winner, and for others I would say to don't lose heart and you could win in the future of such contests which I am planning to giveaway too. Another quick contest coming your way soon, I have planned about it. Do watch this space frequently to look out for it.

I hope he replies soon to get the free mobile voucher, else I have no other option but to try other easy way to find the winner. He should contact me at least by tomorrow evening, else I would have to take the voucher myself or give it away to someone immediately here by a quick contest tomorrow.

This is because I have to give the mobile details to FoneArena immediately failing, I don't know what will be his verdict is, he could even forfeit the prize that I have won. I have contacted Varun regarding this, as I planned to give away the voucher to someone here and have not received a reply from him when I was writing this blog post. I hope Varun of FoneArena understand my situation here.

By the way, I want to let everyone know on how I chose the winner. I selected all the email id's that has been subscribed here and at Random Lists. It will randomize all the lists and give you a list which has been shuffled well and the list is displayed. I chose the first email which returned in the random list and the above email id came in as first and hence I chose it as the winner. This is the most fairest and only fool proof way to choose the winner, as the list is generated by that randomizer and I don't have any control of it and hence everyone who has subscribed here has a fair chance to win this if they are lucky on a given day.

I hope Nitin contacts me immediately and claim the prize by tomorrow. He too can post his comments here too on winning it.

January 6, 2008

Win Rs. 100 Mobile Recharge Voucher from Offers Galore

As expected or unexpected I have won the free mobile recharge voucher worth Rs. 100 from FoneArena from their contest. And as promised in my previous post regarding this contest, I am sharing this with the readers here.

To eloborate the contest, they have announced a contest on "What feature would you like to see in your mobile phone in 2008 ?". For that I have mentioned that I would like to use my mobile phone as a remote control to operate various electrical equipments at home. And for this answer, I was one of the 10 winners that they have selected. The complete list of winner is given here.

I thank Varun of FoneArena who has selected me as the winner.

And coming back to the contest here, I am going to give away that voucher to the readers here instead of having it myself.

To win this free Rs. 100 mobile recharge voucher, all you need to do is very simple, just subscribe to this blog through email. Hurry, as I need to submit the details to Fonearena soon to get that free mobile voucher, hence I would want you to subscribe to my blog now immediately and enter in this very easy contest. Those who have already been subscribed to this blog will also be entered, so no need to subscribe again.

I will choose the winner on Monday evening and will contact him/her then itself and get the needed details to send the free mobile recharge voucher. Since I don't have enough time to run this contest for long, as I need to submit the details to FoneArena soon to get that free voucher, I am ending this contest on Monday itself.

Note, this offer is applicable for only those in India and has a valid prepaid mobile service with them. I will Use Random.org to choose the winner randomly to make it a fair deal for all. If I could not choose a winner due to various reasons like no reply, no prepaid mobile, etc, I will have the voucher myself, since it cannot be transferred later because the recharging is done directly by FoneArena to the mobile number I give and I am not involved in this process.

So, hurry and click here and subscribe to this blog through email. and win the free mobile recharge voucher. You can also leave a comment here after you have subscribed, but don't mention any of your personal details like email id or phone number.

January 5, 2008

Buy Movie Tickets thru HDFC Bank, Get Free Paymate Voucher

HDFC Bank and Paymate has come up with an offer where when you book movie tickets through HDFC Bank's Netbanking at Paymate, you will be eligible to get free Giftmate voucher worth Rs. 250. As always, it will be sent to your mobile thru SMS and also to your email id, that you give while buying tickets at HDFC Bank.

HDFC Bank has recently introduced a new feature where we can purchase movie tickets through their Netbanking feature. They have collaborated with Paymate for this feature, and hence you need to visit Paymate to book your tickets if you are planning to book movie tickets.

Now as a promotional offer HDFC Bank is giving away free Giftmate Voucher worth Rs. 250 if you buy tickets through them. Tickets can be booked for at all major cities in India. See their site for the whole list.

You will need to purchase minimum of 2 tickets to be eligible for this offer. If you do so you will be geting the free gift voucher from Paymate as a Giftmate Voucher worth Rs. 250. And you can redeem this mobile gift voucher only at Paymate to book some other movies only and you cannot redeem this elsewhere to buy any other products. You cannot club this offer with any other existing offers of Paymate.

Note that this offer is applicable only for the HDFC Bank account holders in India and you will need to have an netbanking account with them to purchase movie tickets. And this offer is valid only till January 31, 2008.

January 4, 2008

Share Future Mobile Feature and Win Mobile Recharge Vouchers

Fonearena, to celebrate this new year, is giving away free mobile recharge voucher worth Rs. 100 per winner. Just share what feature you would like to see in the mobile phone in the year 2008, you could be winning it.

The best entries will be selected among the lot and among them 10 will be selected randomly and will be chosen as the winner there.

All you need to do is to post the most pressing feature that you want to see in your mobile phone (which was already not available till now) in the year 2008, and post your views in the comments section there and the best entries will be winning those prepaid recharge vouchers. Its very simple.

As always, I have posted my comment there too with the feature I wanted to see in 2008, that you can see it there. If I win that gift voucher, I am planning to share it with the readers here anyway through another giveaway contest. I hope I win and someone from here too wins it.

Another humble advice would be to post only the best feature you would like to see in the future in mobile phones and don't spam there (as per the instruction given in that post). Read all the comments before posting your view whether to see whether someone else has already posted your views to avoid repeatations.

I am not sure which mobile vouchers are they going to give away, I hope they might be giving away what the winner wants rather than sending what they have, else it would be of no use for many of the winners.

Just for fun, I am wondering whether the future mobile phones will have washing machine fitted in it?

This contest closes today, January 4th, 2008, so hurry, go ahead and post your ideas and suggestions there and win that free prepaid gift voucher.

You can post your views here at the comments section. All the best.

January 3, 2008

And the Winner of the Free T-shirt Give Away is

As mentioned in my post here where I planned to give away a free T-shirt for the best offer sent to me, I am here now announcing the winner and it is, V. Surya Prakash. His email id is He sent me an offer on Giftmate which eventually made me to choose him. Although many of them had sent me offers none could be as profitable in terms of money saved or earned like this, since this offer is worth Rs. 250, I had to decide that this offer is the best. He is a medicine student studying at GSL Medical College at Rajahmundry. Congratulations to him.

Although, this offer is old and not useful for those who already had used their previous offer, but still this offer was found to be very useful for those who missed out on their first offer as it was evident from the comments and mail that I received on this.

Other worth mentioning offers sent by users like you are free Mills & Boon, cash back of Rs. 100 from Chennai Online, free offers from India Today Book Club, and some to be posted.

I will contact the winner personally and would ask for the details to mail is T-shirt to his place for free.

I am very pleased with the way this contest, although the response was as I expected, but it was not too bad too, and I was receiving offers most of the days, almost all are good. I had a very difficult time to choose the winner too.

Others who did not win this contest, don't lose heart, I will come up with more such offers and you could win at that time in the future.

Once again Congratulations V. Surya Prakash for winning this free T-Shirt, his free T-shirt will be on the way as soon as I collect his personal details to send it directly from Myprodoktpsace.

I am also glad that I could share the freebie that I got from Myprodoktspace to the readers of Offers Galore. Thank you for all who participated in this offer. I am also really humbled by your enthusiasm and the feedback you have given regarding this blog on the whole.

Free Trial for 3 Days From Worldspace Radio Online

Worldspace Satellite Radio Online which is the online version of the regular Worldspace Satellite Radio is offering 3 days trial for their online version. This offer is given by them in collaboration with MSN India.

All you need to get this free trial is to register for free from their site and you can access their various different channels available online 24 hours. You can listen to them for free for 3 days, no questions asked.

There are around 10 various different stations for different languages available online ranging from old hindi film music, hindustani, telugu, carnatic, kannada, marathi, gujarati music, etc.

Otherwise their subscription charges are Rs. 400 or $9.99 USD per month, which I think is cheap when compared to their regular satellite radio.

I have tried their service during this free trial period, and found it to be really working, except for some hitches when listening where it gets stuck up for a few seconds, else the sound is clear and good. I personally feel that they should have given at least 1 week of free trial to let the user enjoy it with a bit more time and let them decide on whether to subscribe or not. I feel that 3 days is a bit less to trial.

They also had an excellent facility to customers where you can chat live with someone from their site if you have any issues or anything that needed to be clarified, you can do it there and get it clarified immediately and go on.

You can find out more about this offer and get this free three-day trial here.

January 1, 2008

Another Way to Get Your Free Rs. 250 Giftmate Voucher

Giftmate and Kingfisher is now offering free Giftmate vouchers worth Rs. 250. All new customers of Giftmate can avail this offer.

This offer is for those who missed out on their previous offer. But remember there is an existing offer going on too with Indiaplaza.

To get this free giftvoucher worth Rs. 250 from Giftmate, all you need to do is to search for flights on Kingfisher Airlines using your mobile phone. You need to send an SMS to 5667711 KING MUM DEL 14/01/2008, if you are searching for a flight to go from Mumbai to Delhi on 14th January 2008. But you need to SMS "King" to 5667711 to start.

If you do so you will be getting your free Rs. 250 gift voucher from Giftmate within five days to your mobile phone, which you need to visit Giftmate and activate it. And this gift voucher will be valid till January 31, 2008 and you can redeem it for free gifts from the sites which accepts Giftmate/Paymate as their payment option. Some prominent shopping sites which accept Paymate are Future Bazaar, Indiaplaza, Sirindia, etc.

But do remember that this offer is not for the existing users of Giftmate but only new users can avail it. Hence if you have already got free Giftmate voucher using your existing mobile phone, you cannot get it again. Or you need to change your mobile phone number to avail this offer. This would be an excellent opportunity for those who missed out on previous opportunities to get free Giftmate voucher.

You can also alert your friends and relatives to avail this offer.

They also have other offers if you buy tickets tickets from Kingfisher Airlines through Paymate, you will be getting free holiday/hotel voucher worth Rs. 1000. And a weekend getaway package for a couple to be won daily. Every 5th customer buying a ticket will win an additional ticket from Kingfisher Airlines. And the grand prize is an all expense paid trip to Singapore.

You can find more about this offer here.

This offer was sent by V. Surya Prakash. I thank him for sending this offer to participate in my free T-shirt contest.

I am also taking this opportunity to wish you all