February 29, 2008

Buy Cheapest Printer, Canon Pixma, at Future Bazaar

Future Bazaar India is offering one of the cheapest printers ever from Canon. The price of this printer is just Rs. 1199 as opposed to its original price of Rs. 1995. The name of this printer is Canon PIXMA IP1300 A4 Bubble Jet Printer.

I was planning to buy a printer for my personal use for some time now and at that time Mohit Sarhadi, an Offers Galore reader, suggested me this offer on this cheapest printer ever in Indai. I thought this as a great offer and grabbed it with both hands and brought it immediately because of its price, which I too felt was very cheap. Most of the printers I have seen before for purchasing are of double the price of this printer or more. Hence I did not mind about the other features of this printer but all I saw was its price and as I am also not going to use it much but only for my personal purpose, thus I just grabbed the opportunity and brought it.

I just thought it would be a worthwhile offer for all of you out there and hence sharing it here. Frankly speaking this is a great deal from Future Bazaar.

This printer is an A4 Bubble Jet Printer, means it can print a page size of up to A4 only not more than that. It is a colour printer. It also prints your photos for the size of up A4. It is supposed to print a 6” x 4 “ size photo within 70 seconds. It also prints the regular black and white prints of regular documents too.

The single cartridge can be replaced after its use, not sure whether we can refill it or not, by the way.

Here are the some of the features of this printer,

• 2 picolitre FINE print-head technology for sharper text and enhanced image quality.
• ChromaLife 100 ink for beautiful, long-lasting photos.
• High quality photos and documents at up to 4800 x 1200 dpi resolution.
• Prints a borderless 6" x 4" photo in around 70 seconds.
• Prints up to 11 ppm in black and 11 ppm in colour.
• Prints true borderless photos up to A4 size.
• Easy to replace single cartridge.
• Compact and stylish, fits in any home interior

With regards to the look also this printers scores well with a stylish and perfect look for homes and has features which is enough for home use too, I feel. If you are having a plan of getting yourself a printer for your own use and has been postponing it just like me, then this would be the printer for you to choose. As the brand name Canon PIXMA is associated with great printing, especially the photo printing. I also feel that you cannot get a cheaper printer than this at least in India. I would definitely recommend this printer at the price of just Rs. 1199.

But also remember that Canon printers when it comes to efficiency in terms of service, etc lags a bit when compared to printers like HP. You will also have difficulty getting the replacement for cartridges and refill the same, I also confirmed this with a technical person. But the price of this printer makes me forget about this deficiency, after all this is from the great brand Canon and hence would not be as bad as one would think. But think about it before you are planning to buy it. I would suggest you to consult with a knowledgeable person about printers and then decide on it. If someone who reads this also knows more about this printers about its advantages and disadvantages can share it here in the comments. And also can share about bubble jet printer in general.

You can buy this printer from Future Bazaar from here.

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February 28, 2008

Book Air Ticket at Indiaplaza and Win Free Gold Coin

Indiaplaza is giving away free gold coins if you book any return ticket at their site at their travel store. This is an exclusive offer for Indiaplaza users and also is valid only for a limited period.

To boost up their travel store, Indiaplaza has come up with this new offer of giving away gold coins for booking flight tickets at their travel store section. This is an assured prize and everyone who books tickets through Indiaplaza will win it for sure.

To avail this offer, you need to book a return air ticket at Indiaplaza Travel Store between February 15 to March 31st. It can be any domestic ticket across India but it should have been a return ticket to get this free gold coin.

This offer is valid only for the first 5000 users who avail it. And only one gold coin will be issued per user with unique mobile number and email id.

The gold coin will be sent to you within 15 days after the close of promotion.

If you are planning to travel domestically, instead of booking tickets elsewhere or offline, you can book at Indiaplaza and get this gold coin from which you don’t have anything lose but only gain of a gold coin. Although they have not mentioned about the weight of the gold coin, I guess it could be of somewhere around mg.

Apart from this gold coin, you will also be getting a best selling book at Indiaplaza free when you book your flight ticket there. You can find about this free best selling book at Indiaplaza, here.

You can find about this free gold coin offer here. This offer is valid till March 31, 2008.

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February 27, 2008

Get GiftMate Voucher Worth Rs. 50 From Zapak.com

Now, it’s the time of Zapak to offer a free GiftMate gift voucher worth Rs. 50 to its users. This Rs. 50 can be converted to 500 points at Zapak online gaming portal to play their cash tournaments at their site.

Zapak, you all know is from the stable of Anil Ambani’s Reliance. It has really reached some peaks in terms of traffic and members through their aggressive marketing and advertising. Zapak has been introducing some cool contests and offers for its users every now and then. One recent and prominent offer was its Zapak ATM Cash Contest, where you will earn money just for playing games online.

Although, this offer is an old one, but still there were very many of you out there who still did not know about this offer from Zapak and Giftmate. To avail this offer you should have been a member of Zapak.com. If you are a member then you can become one now too. After logging in visit this page and click on the banner which says Free Rs. 50 Voucher Giftmate and click on that. Just make sure that you turn off your pop-up blocker, else your page will be blocked by it and will not be able to access it.

After clicking on it, just enter your details like name, mobile number and email id and you will be allotted those Rs. 50 gift voucher from Paymate, which you can actually use to play games at Zapak only. Yes, you cannot redeem it elsewhere, but only at Zapak. But if you want to try it out elsewhere just try it at your own wish. Remember that this Zapak voucher is valid only for one day. Although it was mentioned as existing users of Giftmate are not eligible for this offer, I still got the voucher in my account and hence this can also be availed by existing users.

But with these cash tournaments you can actually earn money from it by playing in tournaments, both single player and multiplayer games. There are a good list of cash tournaments available here to play and you will actually earn cash when you play these tournaments and you can later withdraw those cash and they will send that amount through cheque. But in order to enter these cash tournaments you need to pay an entry fee and this is where this free Giftmate voucher can be used to enter any one of the cash tournament and if you are talented you can earn more money on playing these games.

Actually there is an option of practicing the games that you want to play for free before and then later after sufficient practice you can enter the real tournament and try to earn cash from it. This is a good way to have fun and get paid for it. I guess this is the first time I am hearing such an option of earning money for playing game, at least in India.

You can start out by visit this page and try your luck and talent by playing their cash tournament or just try to get the free Rs. 50 voucher from GiftMate and use it there!

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February 26, 2008

Send an SMS on Roadies Contest, Get Giftmate Voucher Free

Here’s another way to get yourself a Giftmate Voucher for free. This time it is from MTV Roadies contest. Just send an SMS “ROADIES” and the “Roadie Name” to 56882 and you will be getting a free Giftmate voucher.

Roadies a reality show on MTV has come up with a contest where you need to predict who is the next person going to get voted out in the next coming episode. You need to send an SMS with the term “ROADIES” and the name of the Roadie who is going to be voted out and send that to the premium short code 56882.

Regardless of whether your voted roadie gets eliminated or not you will be getting a free Giftmate Voucher delivered to your mobile phone which you can later use to buy any products across the 3000 online shopping portals across India. The amount in which you receive the Giftmate gift voucher is not mentioned anywhere at all but heard that the gift voucher is for Rs. 200.

For the format on how to vote and other details can be got from the MTV Site.

The SMS should be sent between Saturday 9 p.m. to next Saturday 7 p.m., the time in which the episode starts. One advice I would give is that if you don’t watch the Roadies in MTV, try to look at their website given below to look for who have already been eliminated and avoid sending that name to prevent from being not getting the free gift voucher.

The Giftmate that you receive through this offer is valid for 7 days only.

I tried to send an SMS to them but received an error message back, tried twice within a span of 8 hours but still got the same error message not sure why.

Dear subscriber, service is temporarily not available due to technical up gradation. Inconvenience is regretted. Service will be available shortly

No idea what happened, whether they had overwhelming response to it and hence stopped the offer or not, not sure. I would like if someone here had tried from today and be able to send the SMS successfully or not, kindly mention it here in the comments, so that others will know whether the issue is permanent or has been rectified or only for a specified mobile provider, etc. Each SMS costs you Rs. 3 and hence don't try to send repeat SMS to this number if you get the same error message, you might even end up spending more on the SMS than the actual value of the voucher. Play it safe here.

All the other terms and conditions apply for this offer too, i.e., you cannot transfer this gift voucher to anyone else, it cannot be exchanged for cash, and only one voucher will be sent per mobile number.

You can read the terms and conditions of this offer and more details about this contest here, here, and here.

This offer was suggested to me by both Shripad Joshi and Hirak Dipta Sarma.

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February 25, 2008

Shop at Sirindia.com and win Giftmate Voucher Worth Rs. 250 Free

After the Future Bazaar offer which is still running, it is the time for Sirindia, an online shopping portal to give away free Giftmate Mobile Vouchers Free for those who shop at their site for any amount, no strings attached and no hidden conditions or terms applicable.

SirIndia is one of the prominent online shopping portal in India, which caters to the need of both Indians residing in India as well as NRIs abroad. Although they are not as big or famous as other major portals in India, they have been around for years and have indeed been doing a good job in terms of shopping online.

Giftmate India, as many of you might know that, is a subsidiary of Paymate India which is a mobile payment service. You can use Paymate to pay for shopping across India and also at many of the shopping sites in India. You can also use Paymate at various offline brick and mortar shops across India which has been listed at their site, do visit it and know whoever accepts Paymate. Paymate is also accepted across various cinema halls like PVR Cinemas, Fame Cinemas, Fun Cinemas, Adlabs, etc. Even many online travel portals like makemytrip, red bus, akbar travels accept Paymate now. You can also use your PayMate payment option to pay your insurance at ING Vysya. If you want to donate money to Siddhivinayak Temple you can do it using Paymate. Many matrimonial sites like Shaadi, Jeevansaathi, Bharat Matrimony, etc accept Paymate now. The number of merchants who accept Paymate in India is increasing every day.

All transactions using Paymate are done through SMS only and hence you can heave a sigh of relief as you don’t have to share your credit card or bank account details to make a purchase online. You can use your Paymate mobile payment service as a cash where you make a purchase at shopping sites in India and don’t have to share your secure banking info. This is the most important feature which I feel is making Paymate a great option to use for shopping.

Giftmate is very similar to Paymate but with a twist, that is it is the mobile phone version of the regular gift voucher that you use. You can gift someone a Giftmate gift voucher just like you gift someone an online or offline gift vouchers on various denominations.

SirIndia, just like the offers from other shopping portals like Indiaplaza, has opened up a new offer, that is, if you buy any product at any price listed at their site, you will be winning a free GiftMate Mobile Gift Voucher worth Rs. 250 added on to your mobile phone. You will be receiving your Gift Voucher as an SMS to your mobile which you need to enter when you register or buying at SirIndia. As said above, there is no minimum purchase amount required for you to buy there, you can even buy anything for Rs. 50 or even below to get the free Gift mate voucher worth Rs. 250.

This GiftMate voucher you receive can be redeemed before March 31, 2008 only at SirIndia, as mentioned there, or can it be redeemed across all sites, only those who have tried can clarify this, as I have not tried this offer yet. But planning to give it a try sooner than later.

You cannot also use the Giftmate option to pay at their site to get enrolled in this offer but should pay only through other options like credit card, debit card, or bank accounts, etc.

Now, as many of you know that many shopping portals in India have started to give away free gift voucher from Giftmate and the list grows day by day. I hope that many more shopping stores should or could also join this ever growing sites who give away these free gift vouchers in India.

Coming back to this offer, only one gift voucher will be given to one member in that site who buy, regardless of how many times he purchases there and likewise only one voucher will be given for a particular mobile phone number. It cannot be transferred or exchanged with anyone or any other sites.

This offer is valid from February 22, 2008 to March 7, 2008. To know more details about this offer and to read the terms and conditions just visit SirIndia.

This offer was suggested to me by Shripad Joshi.

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February 23, 2008

Redeem Giftmate at Future Bazaar & Get 2 Wrist Watches Free!

Buy any product at Future Bazaar using your Giftmate Voucher and get free two wrist watches worth Rs. 999. This is the latest offer from Future Bazaar and Giftmate together after their initial offer of giving away free pendrive for redeeming Giftmate at their site. This is a new offer and has nothing to do with any of the previous offers which involved GiftMate and anyone can avail it regardless of whether they have used the other Giftmate offers or not. Only criteria is that you should have gift voucher balance in your mobile phone.

Giftmate, which is said to have been the India's first mobile gift voucher, has been offering various cool offers in collaboration with major shopping portals in India with their free gift vouchers at different occasions. Their giving away of free gift mobile vouchers worth Rs. 250 has been ever famous than any other offers online in India. Many have utilized it to its max and got benefited from it.

This time it is the time of Future Bazaar to join the bandwagon of other shopping portals to offer free gifts to let users to redeem their Giftmate mobile gift vouchers at their portal. I actually got their previous offer of giving away free pendrive to redeem the Giftmate at Future Bazaar and was really thrilled to receive it as an add-on with the already free Giftmate voucher.

To avail this offer, just choose any product from Future Bazaar and proceed to checkout, this item can be below the actual value of your Giftmate gift voucher. Once you have chosen the product, just checkout and choose Paymate as your payment option and use as directed here to pay using your mobile phone to buy it online. After this, you will be getting the confirmation about your purchase and that’s all. You will be getting the product that you purchased. You will also be getting your free two watches worth Rs. 999 within two weeks in a different shipment.

You should have Giftmate voucher balance in your mobile phone to avail this offer. Else you can gift yourself a Giftmate voucher by paying Rs. 250 and can utilize this offer. Rs. 250 is the minimum amount you can gift using Giftmate through your mobile. Hence you will be getting a product worth Rs. 250 and will also be getting two watches worth Rs. 999 free. If you already have any balance in your mobile phone, that is giftmate balance, then you are really lucky and you can buy using that to get these free watches. The best part is that there is no specified limit set to buy from them using your giftmate voucher and hence can buy even for Rs. 50 or less if you have money in your balance. You don’t know what’s your Giftmate balance in your mobile number just send an SMS ‘GIFTBAL’ to 5667711. If you want to buy a product which is more than your gift voucher amount you can actually top-up here.

A member with a single mobile phone number and user id at Future Bazaar can avail this offer only once. You can buy any product at Future Bazaar worth any amount to get these free gifts.

This offer is valid through February 22 to February 29, 2008. You can find more about this offer at Giftmate.

This offer has been suggested to me by regular readers of Offers Galore, Shripad Joshi, Kaptan Singh, and Mohit. I would like to thank them for suggesting me such wonderful offers, so as I can write about it here and the readers like you can benefit from it.

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February 22, 2008

Get Free CD ROMs and Adidas Bag From India Today

As per my previous post on India Today giving away free CDs and book club membership, I am adding it up with this offer. At that time, the free Adidas bag was discontinued and hence I did not mention about it but now they have re-introduced this offer and hence wanted to share it with you.

Now the India Today Book Club, named as BooksBuddy is giving away free CD ROMs of Encyclopedia Britannica – Space and Encyclopedia Britannica – Nature or Encyclopedia Britannica- Guide to Shakespeare and Encyclopedia Britannica- Great Minds or Encyclopedia Britannica- Dinosaurs and Quizmaster or The Human Body and How Machines Work for free. You can get any of the above two combined CD ROMs for free. There are lot more collection of free CD ROMs which you can choose up to 2 CDs for free. The each CD mentioned here is worth around Rs. 399 each.

You will also be getting a free Adidas gym bag, which is worth Rs. 499, for free with this offer and one year membership to Books Buddy Service from India Today, which is worth Rs. 299, and is nothing but their book club membership, for one year free.

So, you will be getting 2 best selling CDs, 1 Adidas gym bag, and 1 year membership to India Today Book Club all for free. But you need to pay Rs. 199 towards shipping and handling charges for getting it delivered to your place and nothing else, no other hidden charges at all. Apart from this you will getting the best selling books at around 50% discount for one whole year too.

So you are paying only Rs. 199 and getting free goodies worth around Rs. 1500, at least that’s what they claim with the prices they have mentioned for each product that they are giving away for free.

Considering that you will be getting all these freebies just for Rs. 199 and hence this could be a worthful offer to try it out. Even if you think it as if you are buying all these stuffs for Rs. 199, even though it is worth it offer to try for sure.

It looks as though this offer could be a limited period offer and hence hurry, if you are planning to get it, before they run out of stocks again. You can find more about this offer and try it out here.

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February 21, 2008

Get PC World Magazine at Flat 70% Discount!

PC World Magazine has introduced an offer where if you subscribe to their magazine now for one year, you can get an amazing discount of 70% from their cover price of Rs. 125. You also get free DVD's along with every PC World magazine, which makes this offer even more worth it.

PC World Magazine which opened its shop in India a little over two years ago had come up with some good offers now and then. They had an offer previously where you can subscribe to their magazine and you can actually get three magazines free for the first three months and if you don’t like to continue, you can actually cancel and subscription and get a full refund and you can keep the three magazines for free. PC World has indeed become one of the leading tech magazine in India after the other magazines in India like Digit and PC Quest, etc.

Now PC World India is offering to new as well as for those who want extend their subscription at a whopping discount of 70% for one full year. The original price for the full year subscription for PC World at their current newsstand price comes to Rs. 1500. But during this offer period, you can actually get it for just Rs. 450. So you actually saver Rs. 1050 on the cover price of PC World.

If you are technology expert or novice, you can actually read PC World Magazine which has really very good info and interesting articles on the tech world on any subject you wish. The style of writing and articles in PC World is not too techy and hence anyone can read it and use it for any technical, computer, mobile info. It covers all the tech related news and views and articles from reviews of gadgets and other products and softwares. Apart from this, they also give away a free DVD with every magazine which comes with lots of goodies like free softwares, games, computer essentials, etc. This month they are giving away the full version of Quick Heal Total Security 2008 antivirus for free, which itself costs around Rs. 2000, but you get it free along with PC World Magazine. Likewise you really get some good utilities and costly products for free with them.

Actually, I used to think that these PC Magazines in India are a bit overpriced but with this offer, they have actually shown on how much they really are worth it. Yes, at Rs. 450 per year for PC World is definitely a must buy if you like such technology magazines.

This offer is valid only till February 29th 2008. You can actually find more about this offer and subscribe to the PC World Magazine online here.

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February 20, 2008

Get Rs. 100 Cash Back on your ICICI Bank Debit Card

ICICI Bank Debit Card has introduced a cash back offer for its existing customer where they will be getting Rs. 100 as cash back on purchases worth Rs. 1000 in total. This offer is valid only on their debit card and not for the credit card customers.

After a long time ICICI Bank Debit Card has come up with an offer which is worth mentioning at least. Last year they did not have their 5% cash back on their credit card and debit card, instead they have come up with this offer during off season period.

But still it is a good offer, where if you use your ICICI Bank Debit Card to make purchases for shopping and if the total adds up to Rs. 1000 overall, you will be getting the Rs. 100 cash back. This is valid for all those having a valid debit card from ICICI Bank and can be availed during the offer period of January 26 to March 26, 2008. The total value of your retail purchase during the offer period should add up to Rs. 1000 in total in order to get this cash back, that’s all. They have not mentioned about how we will get the cash back, I wonder that the cash back will be credited back to our account once we reach the specifications.

So, try using your ICICI Bank Debit Card for all your shopping during this offer period till you know you have reached Rs. 1000, so that you can get this cash back and can benefit from it.

You can find the terms and conditions of this at their website at ICICI Bank.

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February 19, 2008

Get 10 Movie Tickets Free From Cleartrip.com

If you book your air ticket of Deccan through Cleartrip, you will be getting free 10 movie tickets from Bookmyshow, which can redeemd from their site. Cleartrip, which was famous for its some good offers is currently offering free movie tickets for those who book tickets through their site. I guess that Clear Trip is slowly becoming a market leader in India in this online air ticket booking and travel category with some of its offers

All you need to avail this offer is to visit Cleartrip and book a ticket round trip for a single person from Deccan Airways or alternatively, you could book one way tickets for two persons.

If you do so, you will be getting a special promo code which you can later login to Bookmyshow.com and use which will be later converted to 10 free tickets into your account at Bookmyshow.com. You can then book 10 tickets from their site from the multiplex of your choice.

This is an exclusive offer brought in collaboration between Cleartrip, Deccan, and Book My Show. This offer is valid only for the first 5000 customers who book the tickets or is valid from February 14, 2008 to March 13, 2008, whichever comes first. You can avail this offer once during this promotional period. You can contact Cleartrip customer service for more details and queries about this special offer.

You can find more details about this offer here.

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February 16, 2008

Complete a simple Survey and Win Free Gift Vouchers!

Busybees, is currently conducting a retail grocery online survey. If you could complete the survey, you will be entered in a draw of lot and the winner will get the free gift vouchers from Shoppers Stop or Central or Sodexho or Titan or FutureBazaar, etc.

The survey takes about just 1 minute to complete, and I finished it within one minute, very simple. It just ask about your grocery purchase opinions and how make your grocery purchases, and your purchasing habits, etc only.

There is no personal info involved in this survey and your privacy is 100% guaranteed here. All you share with them is your gender, age group, and occupation in general, and email id (even that you can give your any other rough email id rather than your personal email id). This email id is also asked only for selecting the winner and to let you know whether you have the free voucher or not.

You need to enter your email id if you want to be entered in the prize draw and if you don’t want to be entered in the prize draw, you don’t have to enter email id here, it’s optional only.

You can find more about this survey and answer the survey, here.

This offer is shared to me by Rajesh Pandey.

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February 15, 2008

Win Laptop or Xbox 360 and More Prizes from Microsoft

Microsoft India is currently running an online game contest where if you play this online game named Master Plan, you could be winning some cool prizes like 1 HP Laptop, 2 Xbox 360 gaming consoles, 3 Windows Mobile, and 5 Wireless multimedia keyboards.

Microsoft to promote their new products namely Microsoft Office Project 2007 and Microsoft Office Visio 2007 is currently offering this contest especially for the Indians. The winners will walk away with either one of the cool prizes mentioned above. This is not the first time that Microsoft has launched such contests to promote their products in India. They did similar strategy even for the Operating System Windows Vista. They had actually understood the Indian mentality and that whom are very much interested in such contests and offers and freebies.

It is a tactics based game wherein your planning process will be tested. There are four games mentioned there and you can play all the four games in order or randomly to be eligible for winning these prizes.

I have not tried it myself, perhaps should try this weekend and see how it works out and whether it is worth it or not.

Microsoft is also offering free trial CD for their new products Microsoft Office Project 2007 and Microsoft Office Visio 2007. You can place an order for the trial CD for both the CD’s here. Note that these CD’s are only trial version where it will only be valid only during a particular period and will be rendered useless after that. But you can use it fully during the trial period and see its benefits and decide whether to go ahead and make a purchase or not in the future. You can order the CD, no issues, you won’t be losing anything if you do so, anyway!

You can start playing this game name, Master Plan 2007 by Microsoft from their site here.

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February 14, 2008

Get Upto 100% Cash Back and Gift Voucher worth Rs. 1000 at Oneindia

Oneindia is currently giving away special offer where if you purchase any product from their site, you will be getting a 100% cash back as well as free gift voucher worth Rs. 1000 from D damas, which can be redeemed for purchases worth Rs. 7500 from any of the dealers of D damas. The 100% cash back will be given as a gift voucher of same value

What makes this deal worth is that there is no minimum purchase required to avail this offer, you can make a purchase for any amount and can get this special gift voucher worth Rs. 1000 from D damas. This voucher can be redeemed at Asmi, Sangini, Nakshatra & Ezee Diamonds.

If you are planning to gift your valentine any gifts, you can make the purchase at Oneindia and can gift it to her/him and can also gift this Rs. 1000 gift voucher to her/him, which will make your valentine double happy. This voucher will be given to the person whom you are sending the Valentine’s gift on your purchase.

While shopping for this offer, you will be prompted to fill an online form to get your cash back voucher and also the free gift voucher worth Rs. 1000 from D damas.

The cash back voucher will be sent to you as an e-voucher, which can be redeemed at Oneindia without any minimum amount required to make your next purchase. This virtually means that you are not spending a penny but getting back two products of youc choice and also will be getting the free gift voucher from D damas.

The D damas gift voucher can be redeemed at their 168 outlets all across India. The cash back vouchers will be sent to you between February 16 to February 20, 2008. The recipient will be getting the D damas gift voucher between February 20th to February 28, 2008.

This offer ends on February 15, 2008, so hurry if you are planning for a last minute shopping for the Valentine’s Day or any other purchases. You can find more about this offer and how it works from their website.

As mentioned by Rohitmonu here and Niraj through email, I am making a change and that is this offer is for up to 100% cash back and not total 100% cash back. It depends on the scratch card you get. Please note it and this offer is also available till only today, February 15th, so hurry.

This offer was suggested to me by Rajesh Pandey.

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February 13, 2008

Watch the Movie Jab We Met Today on Valentine's Day Free

Bigflicks, this Valentine's Day is offering free movie streaming of the Shahid Kapoor and Kareena Kapoor Starring Movie Jab We Met at their site. This offer is exclusively for all the members of Big Flicks. The movie can be watched through their site only between 12 midnight (February 13) to 4 a.m. February 14 2008. Only for four hours tonight. Don't miss it.

You should be a registered member of Bigflicks to view it free. If you have not registered there, just register and continue to watch it for free during the time mentioned above. This free streaming can be watched only in India.

I know, I am writing about it quite late, but what to do, they sent me the info only now and as soon as I received it, I have written about it.

You cannot watch this movie after the specified time as mentioned above, as it was a limited time offer specially for Valentine's Day!

I feel that they should have at least made it a full day offer on Valentine's Day rather than offering it only for four hours, which I am sure many would miss it due to lack of time and other various schedules and timing.

But if you are a night bird, just enjoy this romantic comedy with your valentine during the stroke of midnight on Valentine's day and enjoy! I would love to hear from you who could be able to watch this movie free during this time. Just mention it here, if you had watched it after reading about it here, so that we could know who had benefitted from this offer.

To know more about this offer and to watch the free movie, Jab We Met, just visit Bigflicks.

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Earn Great Rewards and Free Gifts from iMint Card

iMint, which is said to be the India’s largest consumer rewards program, is the latest to join the ever increasing loyalty programs like Petrobonus in India. It rewards its users with great gifts when you use them on the shops which accept or endorse iMint cards. There were lots and lots of free gifts to be won from iMint, if you use this card as accordingly. There is no other extra charges to use this card while shopping.

Last week I received this iMint card and I was surprised as I did not apply for it or inquire about it at all. But when I opened and saw and found out that they are giving it away free for all ICICI Bank Credit Card users and hence I received it even without me asking for it. Normally, to apply this card, you need to pay Rs. 199 as an one time joining fee, but I guess they might have sent it to me for free and for all ICICI Credit Card users. Else I would not even tried it if it is chargeable.

Let’s see how it works. Once you get your i-Mint card in your hand, you just carry it with you in your wallet when you are going for shopping. Just shop like you normally do and see whether there were any board or sign which mentions about i-Mint in that shop. If it is displayed, then you can show your i-Mint card when you make the billing to get the points loaded in your i-Mint card. The points will loaded into your card and will be given back to you. The points will depend entirely on the merchants you choose. It varies from merchant to merchants.

Once you start earning points, you can redeem it for the gifts of your choice that is given in their website. Prominent rewards include Café Coffee Day Voucher, Movie VCDs, Cricket CDs, hand bags, miniature bats, Gillette products, gifts, Tupperware products, etc. There were huge list of rewards to earn from those points you gain. For the entire list of rewards just visit their website here.

As said above, they have tied up with ICICI Bank Credit Card and hence if you just use your ICICI Credit Card for shopping, you will be automatically earning rewards points in your i-Mint Card too, hence this is a double bonanza for them. You will be earning 2 rewards points in your i-Mint Card for each rewards points you earn from your ICICI Bank Credit Card.

Likewise, they have tied up with Airtel, Hindustan Petroleum, Indian (Airlines), Lifestyle, and Makemytrip.com. So the users of the above will earn rewards points in as per the details given below.

• AIRTEL: you would earn points from Airtel on your monthly billing (postpaid) or on the recharge value (prepaid). you will get 2 points for every Rs. 100 spent on Airtel. however, to earn these points from Airtel, you will first have to register your Airtel mobile number with your i-mint membership.
• HPCL: you would earn points from HPCL as and when you fill petrol from the participating HPCL outlets and get your i-mint card swiped by the fuel merchant. You will earn 1 point for every Rs. 100 spent at HPCL outlets.
• Lifestyle: you will earn 2 points for every Rs. 100 spent on any Lifestyle store in the country.
• makemytrip.com: you will earn varied reward points for booking airtickets, domestic and international travel packages with makemytrip.com.
• Indian: you will earn points on all tickets bought from Indian Airlines for domestic travel.
Now, you have earned the points and want to redeem it for gifts, now all you need to do is to call their customer care number at 080-40146468 or 09980006468 and can redeem it to the gifts of your choice.

There will be special offers exclusively for the i-mint card users too on the merchants which accept i-mint card.

What makes this program click, according to me, is that you don’t have to do anything special to earn these gifts, but do the shopping just like you do regularly and show this card to earn rewards and redeem it for gifts. But one hindrance to this program is the joining fee which they are offering for the new users (but the ICICI bank users will get it free). They should try and make it free for the others users too, then it will become more popular.

I remember a program very similar to this offered Venture Infotek, but could not remember the name of it, long back. It had very similar theme and same features. But it failed rather miserably and ultimately they had to close down that program entirely. Let’s see whether i-Mint performs or perishes. I hope it performs better and succeeds, so that we as consumers get rewarded just to shop.

Since they are just in the starting stage, they still are working on acquiring more merchants and increasing their reach to more cities, hence will need to wait for a bit longer to see how it fares.

You can find more about i-mint and how to earn rewards and redeem it for free gifts from their website.

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February 12, 2008

Get Free Dance Mela Game CD From Kreeda.com

Kreeda the new and one of the leading online gaming portal is giving away free Dance Mela Game CD for all those who request for the same. The game CD will be delivered to your place that you enter during request.

Kreeda the online gaming portal is currently offering a new game namely Dance Mela which is said to be India’s first online dance game. This is in association with NDTV Imagine and Nachle Ve with Saroj Khan. Dance Mela is nothing but a game (or game show) where you control the dancer on the screen on the game and depending upon your moves using the keyboard the dancer will move, you can control the character with the arrows and you can make a stunning dancing move with that. If you could manage to create a great dance performance, then you could be the winner! Since this is a multiplayer game, hence it makes it even better to find friends and there is an option of chatting with fellow gamers while playing too.

It is a first of its kind online game and never heard of before. It is inspired by many Bollywood dance games shows and many dance reality shows currently going on in many TV Channels, like Jhalak Dikhla Ja, Nach Baliye, and in south Jodi No. 1, etc. I feel this is an innovative idea to start with and they have understood the mind of many people who have been hooked up to such dance based reality shows! To be frank, I am not a big fan of such reality shows, I always have some doubts on my mind wavering regarding these reality shows, as if I was watching a real time drama on the screen.

Okay, coming back to this offer, you actually download this game in your computer and start playing from their site, they have given separate links for that. Alternatively, you can collect the free CD’s at the internet cafes near your place. They have given the cities in a drop down menu, just look for the city you live and choose the place you are in and look for the café listed there and go personally to that café and collect it.

If you cannot do either and feel lazy about both, you can actually request for a free game CD to be delivered to your place for free, by filling out the details through the form given at their site (look at the link I have provided below to visit their site) and they will send the free Dance Mela CD to you. That’s all, no other complicated forms or details to fill. Not sure when will you receive it, I guess within a week or more you could be receiving that CD.

You can know more Dance Mela game show at Kreeda. You can actually give your details to get your free CD, here.

This offer was suggested by a regular reader of Offers Galore, Joe.

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February 11, 2008

Get 3 Months of Better Homes Magazines for Just Re. 1

Yes, you saw the title right, there is nothing wrong in it. You can actually get the famous Better Homes and Gardens Magazine for three months for just Re. 1. This is an exclusive offer for India as a trial offer. They launched in India for some time back and to make it reach more people they are offering this special price of just Re. 1. The original price of this magazine is Rs. 100 per magazine but you will be getting three magazines for just Re. 1 now. I guess they might have made it free but at least to get something out of it and also since it is available only at Indiatimes Shopping, they had to offer it for Re. 1.

Better Homes And Gardens is a U.S. Magazine which deals with home decors, remodeling, gardening, recipes, etc. It is one of the best magazine in this category across the world. They recently launched in India.

To mark their launch in India they offered it as a trial offer before too with three months of subscription free but for that you need to subscribe to it by giving your credit card info and if you are not satisfied with the magazine, you can cancel it before three months to get the refund of the subscription charges. But, I guess they might have not had enough good responses to it and hence they have come up with this unbelievable offer.

Now, more about this offer, this is available in Indiatimes Shopping. They have an exclusive section for magazine subscription. To avail this offer you need to register at Indiatimes Shopping and pay just Re. 1 through any of the modes available at Indiatimes like credit cards, debit cards, bank accounts, paymate, ITZ Cash, mChek, Done Card or any other payment options available there to get it delivered to your address for three months free, no questions asked and no hidden conditions.

To explain more, just go the link given below where you will find the link directed towards the Better Homes And Gardens Magazine subscription option and the price will be Re. 1. Just choose the scroll down option as 3 months subscription and add it to your cart and after that confirm your shipping address and you will be prompted to choose the payment option. Choose whichever way you are going to pay and proceed after paying Re. 1 through the method you chose and you will get the confirmation with the order number, keep it for your reference. That's it, you will be receiving the free magazine for three months. I guess you will start receiving the magazine starting from next month or probably from April. You will be receiving the magazine continuously for three months. If you really liked the magazine, you can subscribe to later but at the original price. By the way the original price of each magazine is Rs. 100!!

This is one of the better offer, I have seen for quite some time. Not sure whether this offer is available elsewhere or any other shopping sites. But go ahead and try it now itself before the offer closes or the stock gets over there.

You can find more about this offer and subscribe to Better Homes And Gardens for three months for Re. 1, here or here.

This offer was suggested by Prashant, a regular reader of Offers Galore and a blogger who blogs at Random Rumblings.

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February 10, 2008

Valentine's Day Special Buy 1 Get 1 Free Ticket at GoAir

To continue my post on special Valentine's day offers. The GoAir Airlines has come up with a special offer wherein if you book a ticket between February 9th to February 14th, you will be getting a free ticket for your Valentine. That is buy one and get one ticket for free for tickets booked during this period.

The tickets booked during this period should be between February 9th and February 14th but the travel can be done between from February 15th to June 30th, 2008. The tickets should be booked only through GoAir Ticket Counters and through their call centers, ticket booked elsewhere will not come under this offer. The tickets booked under this offer for GoAir is named as GoSave.

Your partner's ticket should be booked for the same destination that you have booked and the date should also be the same, no different destination and different dates are allowed. Just call their call center number 1800-222-111 or 09223-222-111 to book the tickets.

If you are planning for a trip during summer, you can book it now itself to avail this free ticket offer. But remember this is applicable for selected destinations only. Check with their site for more details.

You can find more terms and conditions applicable for this offer here.

This offer is suggested by Rinkal Shah.

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Get Rs. 200 Gift Voucher From Bookmyshow.com

HSBC Credit Cards, this Valentine's Day, has introduced an offer, where if you use your HSBC Credit Card to spend Rs. 5000 between Febuary 9th and February 14th, you will be getting a free e-gift voucher worth Rs. 200 from Bookmyshow.com

This is a limited period offer, i.e., valid only till Valentine's Day from February 9th. You need to purchase anything which adds to Rs. 5000. That is, you need to spend Rs. 5000 during this promotional period, then will be eligible to receive the free e-gift voucher which they are offering through Book My Show, the online ticket booking portal.

If you were planning to buy anything worth Rs. 5000 or around, try doing it at this time, and you will be getting this free voucher, at least you gain something from it. If you are also trying give a gift for your Valentine, probably a bit costly gift for around Rs. 5000, you can utilize this offer and get the free voucher, either way you will be gaining from it. Instead of using any other credit cards during this offer period, try to use HSBC Credit Card to avail it.

February 8, 2008

Try Shopping for Free at Storrz.com

Storrz has again come back with a stintilating offer for this month. They are now offering free One MTR product. This will be delivered to your home for free too. No hidden charges. After their Rs. 50 cash back offer and Rs. 1 shopping offer, they have introduced this new offer where you don't even have to pay the Rs. 1 for getting the MTR product.

With this offer you can only avail only one product offered by MTR from the following, MTR Punjabi Chole, MTR Simply Soup, and MTR Spinach Carrot Soup. The soup varieties is of 250 g. You can add one product to your shopping cart and proceed accordingly and don’t have to pay a penny to get it delivered for free. They are just giving it as a free trial offer, perhaps.

Storrz became famous with Rs. 1 shopping for quite some time but they had discontinued it for some time back and now came back with this offer.

The only condition which hinders me in this offer is that this offer is only for those who live in Bangalore and not for others. This is understandable considering the delivery costs and other costs they need to cough up for the same.

The product will be delivered within five days of the placement of order.

Although it still shows as Rs. 1 shopping in that page but since I have not tried it myself, I don’t know how it works, just add one product to the shopping cart, give your delivery details, and after that it shows pay here, which I guess you can skip it since it is a free offer and place the order to get it free.

This offer is valid only till February 15, 2008, so hurry up before even the stocks gets over. If you are not living at Bangalore, you can tell any of your friends and relatives who live in Bangalore about this, so that they can benefit from it. This offer was sent to those who are the members of Storrz, hence not sure how it works for others, just try it out to see.

You can find more about this offer and place the order for the same, here.

February 7, 2008

Get Gift Voucher worth Rs. 200 from SBI Card at IRCTC

If you use your SBI Card at IRCTC to book railway tickets you will be getting Rs. 200 worth gift voucher from Indiatimes. This is an exclusive offer brought out by SBI Card in collaboration with IRCTC, the leading (the only) online railway ticket booking portal in India and has been named as Railway Rumble. Do you know that IRCTC is the top and No. 1 online e-commerce site in India. It really has changed the way people buy railway tickets online.

IRCTC and SBI Card have come up with several offers before like getting 7% cash back on booking tickets at IRCTC and many more such offers. Now they have come up with this new offer of giving away gift voucher from Indiatimes.

To avail this offer, as said, you need to use your SBI Card to purchase tickets at IRCTC and you need to send your transaction ID that you get when booking tickets to the email id vinay.tyagi@indiatimes.co.in or SMS ‘GIFT’ to 58888 to get your gift voucher worth Rs. 200 delivered to your email id within 15 days of intimation to them about your transaction at IRCTC.

After getting your Gift Voucher from Indiatimes, you can visit Indiatimes Shopping and redeem it for any products available there within your gift voucher’s amount. Note that this is not a discount coupon but a real gift voucher which you can use to purchase a product of your choice only at Indiatimes.

Just note that there will be other charges, like surcharge and finance charges levied on your SBI Card, just like if you use any card there at IRCTC, which is what makes using their site to purchase railway tickets through them. There is service charge of around 2.5% on SBI Card and also surcharge levied. But the convenience it offers is that you don’t have to stay in queue or travel to buy your tickets, and it will be delivered at the comfort of your home without any fuss.

This offer is valid from February 1, 2008 to March 31, 2008. You can find more about this offer at SBI Card.

February 6, 2008

Buy John Grisham's Appeal get The Innocent Man Free

This offer is for those book lovers. Indiaplaza Books is currently offering free The Innocent Man if you buy the book The Appeal, both by John Grisham. This is a limited period offer where you will get another book free as well as a whopping discount of 49% on the book too.

If you are a fan of fiction or thriller, you must be liking John Grisham's books. This latest book by John Grisham, I suppose has already been released, and is available right now, so that you can buy straight away, instead of pre-ordering it.

The original price as mentioned at their site was Rs. 509, but you can buy it for Rs. 259 along with getting a free book "The Innocent Man" by John Grisham, too. There are also other huge collections of books written by John Grisham available there to choose at a minimum discount of 49% to 61%.

You can find more about this offer here.

By the way this is my 100th post at Offers Galore! I still could not believe I reached 100 posts so soon, I feel that as if I just started now! I hope to carry on this endeavour of mine, provided if you all continue to give support and encouragement as you always have been doing. Without you this would not be possible for sure.

February 5, 2008

Dual Time Wrist Watch Free From ICICI Bank Credit Card

ICICI Bank Credit Card, the leading credit card issuing bank in India, has come up with an exciting offer for its users of both silver and gold credit card, by giving away a free dual time wrist watch. In this offer, you need to spend a minimum of Rs. 5000 per month for four months to get this amazing watch for free.

ICICI Bank Credit Card always seem to sprung up with some nice deals every now and then like this, this, and this. And this time, but after a very long time they have come up with this free watch offer.

They have also have given some ideas on how you can use your card to achieve this target easily every month. All you need to spend around Rs. 1500 per month for fuels, and Rs. 2500 for retail shopping, does all does this every month I doubt that, Rs. 1000 on family outing, and bill payments for Rs. 1000. But I would suggest it in a easy way, that is, using ICICI Bank Credit Card for bill payments, fuels, and groceries, and movies, etc would be an easier alternative to achieve this target.

Try to use your ICICI Bank Card for all your transactions instead of using other bank's card during this offer period, as anyway you are going to swipe credit cards for your purchases, etc. So try using only your ICICI Card. But do remember to pay off your dues ever month without fail to avoid unnecessary finance charges from them. You can read my post here about credit card usage tips.

The brand name of this watch is Frank Leon, which brand I have never heard of before, anyway. But this has a feature of dual time zones, which would be useful for those who work on two time zones for software professionals and BPO professionals to help differentiate the time between their working and existing time zones between two countries. It is actually leather strapped watch and is fully water resistant.

This offer is valid from January 15th to April 15th, 2008 during which time you need to have done at least four Rs. 5000 transactions every month. They will send the free gift within 90 days after the program ends, i.e., within 90 days from April 15, 2008. This is also valid only for those who have been sent the detailed info about this offer through mailers from ICICI Bank. If you want to know whether you are eligible or not, check with their customer service.

February 4, 2008

Some Prominent Offers and Deals for Valentine's Day Gifts

Come February, come another year, where we try hard to show our love through gifts and flowers to our loved ones! Some may succeed in finding a valentine and some may not but, in India the Valentine Day shopping and gifting has become quite huge during the past few years, especially through the online route. And even this year, it is not different as many online shops have come up with some cool offers and deals for this Valentine's Day.

I have tried to compile some of the prominent offers and deals I found across for Valentine's Day from various shopping sites in India and others. These are the special gifts offered specially for Valentine's Day with offers and deals specially made for this month.

The first to mention would be the ever improving Indiaplaza, which is offering free dining voucher for you and your valentine if you shop with them for Rs. 1500 or above in their site. You will also need to write a catchy slogan there in order to you be considered to be selected for the grand prize of dining voucher at Taj. They have added the slogan, I guess, because of the fact that in many states draws and lotteries were banned.

You cannot combine any other existing offers with this one and this is an entirely seperate and different offer from Indiaplaza. And you will be receiving the dining voucher within 21 days of the closure of the promotions.

You can find more about this offer here.

But the condition is that you should have spent that Rs. 1500 only at their special Valentine's Day store and you must write a slogan to qualify for this prize draw. They will select the winner based on the slogan. They will select 10 winners daily and will get the free voucher within 21 days of close of the offer. This offer is valid from February 1st to February 14th.

Next, iTasveer, one of the leading online photo printing site is offering a special hamper for Valentine's Day which includes a personalized calendar, coffee mugs, and collages all with a personalized picture of your choice (you with your valentine). They charge Rs. 100 for this special hamper but they have waived off the shipping charges for any order above Rs. 100.

They have a huge collections of calendars and mugs to choose from for your valentine and the best part is that you can personalize it as your wish, which is the best part of it and makes this a more viable and worth mentioning for Valentine's Day.

Very similar to iTasveer, even Picsquare offers similar offer where they are offering the Valentine's Day gifts as a hamper for a flat rate of Rs. 799 which would include photo mug, valentine's day card, calendars, and chocolates. They are also offering free shipping for this special day. Apart from this Picsquare is offering another offer where you will be getting 3 calendars if you buy 2 from them and it is valid till only today.

Ferns N Petals, the leading florists who have developed into an online portal which deals with flowers and other gifts online, has not come up with any special offer for Valentine's Day but have introduced midnight delivery option where the gift of your choice will be delivered to your loved ones on the midnight of February 14, this will indeed surprise your loved ones for sure!

But if you feel all these to be costly or worthless, the best and most loved gift which any Valentine will be loving is just a red rose, try it, it can never be replaced with any costly gifts to show how much you love!

February 2, 2008

Register for Free and Win Great Prizes at Carazoo.com

Carazoo, a premier and exclusive portal for cars in India is giving away fabulous prizes just for registering free. They have not mentioned about what prizes we could win but only mentioned that we will win great prizes. They have kept it as a mystery or surprise, hence let it be a surprise and register to see what they are giving away as a surprise gift.

Carazoo is a new or a relatively new car portal which caters to the need of car owners and those who plan to purchase cars or even sell it. You can use Carazoo to buy new cars, used cars, sell your cars, get information about loans for car finance, insurance, car accessories, and there is even a section exclusively for car wallpapers which has a good collection of free car wallpapers!

To be frank, their site looks really fabulous with the design and colors splashed across. They even have a seperate section for discount coupons for Carazoo users where there are some offers and discounts listed for the customers, but pitifully it is only for those in Bangalore. I hope they spread it across India too.

Coming back to this offer, I have registered there and I am keeping my fingers crossed to win some prizes but very curious enough to know what they are going to send. Whatever, I don't mind as far as it is useful for me! You too can register there for free and hope you get any free gifts or prizes. After all you have nothing to lose, except for giving your personal details. Iif you are not interested or not keen to share your personal info, just ignore this offer. I have read their privacy policy and I am giving it below for those to know who are skeptical about their privacy. I hope they follow this faithfully to keep our info nothing but private.

We take seriously our responsibility to respect the confidentiality and security of nonpublic personal information - called "Consumer Information" in this notice. Our policy calls for safeguards to protect consumer information only by those who need access to do their work.
You can register at Carazoo for free here.

This offer was suggested by the Offers Galore reader Mohit.

February 1, 2008

Get Free Johnson's Baby 2008 calendar

I have written about Babycenter, an exclusive site on babies from Johnson & Johnson, which offered some free gift vouchers from Indiaplaza for registration. Now they are offering for all those who registered there previously, a free Johnson's Baby Calendar for 2008.

This offer is valid only for the members of the site and others are not eligible to receive it. If you are a member of Babycenter, then you can get this calendar for free by sending an email to cccenter(at)jnjin.jnj.com with your complete postal address and phone number to receive it. Just put the subject as "Johnson's Baby Calendar Gift". That's all, you don't have to do anything else to claim it.

This offer I received it through email, since I previously registered there some time back. I wish only the registered members to claim it for free. Others can confirm with Babycenter site whether they are indeed sending the calendars to the new members who join for free too. This is very important, as this will avoid disappointment of not getting it since you are not a member already.

Since I received it through email, I have requested for the same and I am waiting for the free calendar to arrive soon, I hope.

This offer has been suggested by many readers of Offers Galore too, who have already become member of Babycenter when I posted about it some time back.

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