April 17, 2008

Free Formula 1 Stickers From Shell and Ferrari

Ferrari and Shell, the sponsor of Ferrari team in Formula 1, is giving away free stickers for those who opt to get it for free. This is an international offer but is applicable for India too. This is done to promote their formula 1 team and the sponsor Shell. This is an exclusive sticker set that they are giving away to all those who request for the same. This offer is brought to you exclusively by Shell who are the main sponsor the Ferrari Team in Formula One.

To get the sticker, all you need to do is to visit this page and choose the “All other residents” badge and move to the next page and choose to click here to apply if you have not already subscribed to their newsletter service “Inside Track” which I feel most of you would not have and hence click on the button which says click here to apply and the next page shows non-US Residents. Just give in your details like your name, country, email id, age group, and gender and address and accept all their terms by checking on the appropriate check box.

You will be directed to the page where you need to choose the option of subscribing to their email newsletter and click next and that’s all you will be prompted to a page where the confirmation of the request received for the free stickers from Ferrari and Shell will be displayed.

You will be receiving a couple of emails in the email ID that you provided and you need to confirm it by clicking on the appropriate links in that email. That’s it. You must be receiving the free stickers soon, as mentioned by them. This sticker set features the F2008 of Ferrari and Shell, Kimi Raikonnen and Felipe Massa in it

This offer is applicable for all countries, except United States (which is surprising). Only one Ferrari Sticker Set will be sent per email id that you provide, but you need to provide a valid email ID and a valid postal address to get it. Shell will be sending the sticker sets through the regular airmail to across the country.

This offer is valid from March 12th to December 31st 2008.

You can visit this page to apply for free stickers through Shell’s website.

This offer was suggested to me by Manish Saraf who has his own blog at Manish World.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, I have already got those, normally there are 3-4 weeks delay, but you get it. It looks just like that.

Balaji S

Azeem said...

Hey, I just received my sticker pack ... Quality is excellent.

Anonymous said...

I too got it,