April 16, 2008

Get Free Trial of Broadband From BSNL Broadband

BSNL Broadband is currently offering free trial of their broadband for 15 days for all the existing BSNL landline users. The billing will be starting only after the trial period is over that is only after 15 days from the day that you get your connection.

You can actually choose any plan during this offer period and can download or upload only 0.5 GB during this free trial period for the broadband. If you exceed that download limit you need to pay for the extra download that you make.

BSNL will provide free type I modem during this promotional period and you will not need to pay any single penny during this trial period at all. This is to let the customers get the feel of BSNL broadband initially as a trial and then they can either discontinue or continue with it, its up to them to decided.

In case you are not interested in continuing with the broadband, you can actually cancel the broadband connection during this trial period and you will not need to pay anything for this. But remember to cancel your connection within this trial period of the free broadband, that is within 15 days of the connection, else you cannot cancel it and BSNL will be start billing according to the plan you have chosen during the trial period.

This is an excellent way to get more customers and let users decide on what they want. Giving the option of canceling during the free trial period is one of the best way to give the ball in the customers court and let them choose or decide.

Although they have mentioned the last date for this offer as March 31st but they have actually extended it till April 30, 2008, so hurry before that date if you are planning to

You can find more about this offer here.

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