April 16, 2008

Get Great Discounts and Freebies from BSNL Broadband

BSNL Broadband which is the leading broadband provider in India has come with some cool offers for new users. If you book before April 30th for the BSNL Broadband you will be getting free phone instrument and waiver from installation charges and discounts on the first month bills.

Although BSNL Broadband is a government owned service, it is trying to catch up with the private players with some cool offers and discounts and freebies. After a long gap they have again started issuing the broadband connections, which was actually taking long time for them to give the connection after booking for it. But now it seems they are ready to tackle that issue and are planning to provide broadband connection immediately.

To start with they different plans to cater different people. The very basic plan for starters is 125 plan. If you apply for this plan you will be getting a free CLIP Phone and also the waiver of the installation charge of Rs. 250.

The next plan is the regular 250 starter plan. With this plan you will be getting a free phone with CLIP facility from BSNL, waiver of the installation charges of Rs. 250 and a discount of Rs. 100 from the first bill.

Apart from the above two plans they have an excellent plans of Home 500 C and Home 500 C+ plans which comes with no zero rental for the landline that you get along with it while for the other plans you need to pay Rs. 180 as a rental for the phone along with the broadband rental. For these two plans they are giving away free CLIP phone instrument, waiver of the installation charges, and waiver of the installation charges of Rs. 500 and also a discount of Rs. 300 on the first bill.

If you are planning to get yourself a broadband connection, this is the right time do so. I would definitely recommend BSNL for you, as I have been using it and had been very satisfied with their connection, but the issue will arise only when your broadband gets disconnected due to various reasons and get it serviced from them, as they are not famous for their customer service. Else, BSNL surely rocks in terms of their broadband service.

Note that the above offers are applicable only for those who book for the broadband between April 1, 2008 to April 30, 2008 and only applicable for the new connections and all the existing users cannot avail these offers by switching from one plan to other.

Apart from these plans there are various plans to suit ones need, which you can find it here.

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