April 19, 2008

Just Taking a Break For a Week From Here

As I am off to a mini vacation for a week, I will not be able to update this blog during this week long period (April 20th to 27th). I will be back next week, probably April 28th or even before that if possible. This is just a minor break from writing here.

Since started writing here, I have never taken a break from updating this blog on a daily basis, except for weekends and odd days where I have not updated it and this week long break is going to be longest for this blog and this is a much needed break for me too, where I will not be having access to the Internet or any of the tech gadgets, etc.

I promise that I will back with a bang, refreshed and will start blogging here again about offers which I was really enjoying it a lot and I cannot miss it at all. I hope the support offered by you all will continue too.

Meanwhile you can as usual send all your offers, deals and freebies to my email id, offersgalore@gmail.com so that I can share it with everyone who reads this blog and who have been subscribed to it either through email or through the blog reader and hence benefit from it.

So, if you want to receive more offers and freebies when I again start writing here, you can actually subscribe to this blog via email or through a blog reader so that you don't miss any cool offers that I share it here.

For those who are already subscribed to this blog through email, just check your bulk folder for the daily offers regularly, as there have been a glitch in many free mail providers and hence there is a chance of diverting all the mails from Offers Galore being diverted to it.


Anil Dewani said...

you deserve a leave. take it man

Anonymous said...

Missing u man

its been a week... come fast