May 29, 2008

Buy Mobile at Futurebazaar and Get Foce Watch Free

Futurebazaar is currently giving away a branded Foce Watch which is claimed to worth Rs. 1200 when you buy any mobiles from their site. This offer is valid for any mobile you purchase from Futurebazaar and you will be getting this Foce watch for free. The mobile can be any brand and of any price to get this free watch.

Futurebazaar has been somewhat silent for quite some time in terms of coming up with some offers but has come back with this free watch offer on mobile purchases there.

Apart from this they are also offering an unconditional 15 days refund for the mobiles you buy from them and are not satisfied with it, this is apart from the existing warranty that all mobile companies like Nokia, Sony Erickson, and Motorola give. This I feel no other shopping portal gives.

There is not much info about this offer except the fact that there was a mention of freebie with you choose a product into your shopping cart. They are offering this free offer even if you choose a very cheap mobile even for Rs. 1500 which is a Nokia 1208. This makes this offer a money’s worth. Because you are getting a watch worth Rs. 1200 even for a purchase of Rs. 1500. Although it is questionable whether that Foce Watch is indeed worth it that Rs. 1200, which only you readers can share if you have indeed brought that brand before.

The watch that they claim is a branded Foce Watch. They are giving away “Foce FC1220021G Steel Mens Watch” for all the mobiles you buy from them.

This offer was shared to me by Ashish Gupta. You can find more about this offer here.

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