May 31, 2008

Free Rs. 250 Gift Voucher for Barclaycard Users at Indiaplaza

Barclaycard and Indiaplaza is giving away gift voucher worth Rs. 250 for free to all the Barclay card users in India. This is an exclusive offer only for the Barclay Card users which can be redeemed only at Indiaplaza. This is a gift voucher which will be sent to your email ID that you give at the offer page given below, which you can use it while shopping at Indiaplaza.

Barclaycard which is relatively new to India which actually introduced its credit card only very recently has started coming up with some similar offers in collaboration with various online and offline merchants, which is indeed good for the users.

To avail this offer you need to purchase for a minimum of Rs. 1000 which virtually means that you are getting the gift voucher as discount voucher which is giving around 25% discount on the total purchase of at least Rs. 1000. Hence instead of saying this as a gift voucher we can say it as 25% discount voucher. If you are indeed planning for an online shopping and have a Barclaycard you can avail this offer to get that 25% discount or around.

You can buy anything from Indiaplaza using this gift voucher but you cannot buy additional vouchers or air tickets. I also guess that you need to use your Barclays Credit Card while purchasing for this offer, else it will not be valid.

You need to give your Name, email id and mobile phone number to get your gift voucher worth Rs. 250 for free.

I suppose Indiaplaza will verify your name and other details with Barclaycard to check whether you are indeed a Barclaycard user and will send you the gift voucher within two days.

You can find the details of this offer here.

This offer was shared to me by Mukesh Verma.

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