May 27, 2008

Get 100% Cash Back at

Cafegadgets to celebrate their first anniversary is currently offering 100% cash back on purchases made from their site which you can redeem at their site itself for the next purchase for electronics and gadgets. This is an one time redeemable cash back offer, which you should have used it before June 15, 2008 and not after that.

Cafe Gadgets, is an exclusive shopping portal dedicated only for electronics and gadgets products and sells only electronic stuffs like mobile phones, digital cameras, laptops, PDAs, ipods, etc. They are a relatively new site and have been around for one year and indeed they have got their own mark in selling electronics online within this short period of time and still growing.

To actually mark their First Anniversary they have come up currently with this 100% cash back offer. You will get this cash back as a gift voucher which will be e-mailed to you once you make a purchase there. And you can redeem this gift voucher only at their site and should be redeemed it before June 15. It will be a unique code which you will need to enter at the time of redemption at the place where it was required.

The main thing to notice here is that you can redeem this 100% cash back voucher only if your purchase value is five times the original value. For example if you buy for Rs. 100 at Cafegadgets and you will be getting the gift voucher for Rs. 100 which you can redeem it as a discount voucher for the next purchase value of Rs. 500 at Cafegadgets which literally means that you will need to pay Rs. 400 instead of Rs. 500 with that discount of Rs. 100. This literally means that you will be getting only 20% cash back in reality and not 100% cash back according to this calculation. This makes this offer a little insignificant.

To be frank this is not as grand offer to give it to your customer for your first anniversary. I hope they should have made that 100% cash back offer a true 100% cash back offer or at least should be giving at least 50% cash back rather than giving 20% cash back. But if you are a true electronics freak and will buy anything and everything in electronics frequently you can actually utilize this offer to make your purchase on the products listed at Cafegadgets, at least you will get 20% discount on your next purchase to be sure!

This offer was shared to me by Shivam Goyal. This is valid only till June 15, 2008. You can find more about this offer here.

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Anonymous said...

its one of usless offer i have ever seen, the price they are offering are already ~15% higher than the market. Which means you get 10% cheaper, resulting in they are actually offering only 10% discount.
This is good only for those who can buy high price products.