May 15, 2008

Get 50% Cash Back with Giftmate at

Giftmate has come back after a brief break with this 50% cash back offer in collaboration with That is for every purchase using your Giftmate voucher at Future Bazaar, you will be getting the 50% of the total purchase value as cash back into your Giftmate Account which you can use it for future purchases anywhere else.

Giftmate, as many of you might be knowing that, is famous for its awesome offers in the near past. But of late there has been not much or to say no offers or deals at all from Giftmate but they have come back strongly again with this offer. Unlike Giftmate’s previous offers this is a cash back offer in the form of Giftmate vouchers itself.

To explain in detail, to avail this offer, all you need to do is to buy Giftmate Vouchers between May 14, 2008 to May 28, 2008 and use the same for purchases at For example, if you shop for Rs. 500 at Futurebazaar you will get a cash back in the form of Giftmate vouchers worth Rs. 250, as simple as that. The free mobile gift voucher will be sent within seven days from when the offer closes and not immediately after you buy from Future Bazaar. And this free cash back voucher can be utilized till June 30, 2008.

Not really clear whether you can buy from Future Bazaar from already existing balance from the Giftmate, as it was not clearly mentioned there. But as far as I can tell from what I have understood, you need to buy the Giftmate vouchers during this offer and only through those vouchers you should buy from Future Bazaar, else you might or might not be eligible to get cash back from them.

The maximum free gift voucher that they send per person or mobile number is Rs. 500 during this offer period and is valid only for the first 4000 customers who utilize this offer. Hence try to avail this offer as quick as possible if you are planning for it, as it might not be guaranteed that you will be eligible to win this voucher once the first 4000 people have utilized this offer.

All the other regular Giftmate terms and conditions applies for this offer too which you all might be knowing exhaustively by now.

You can find more details about this offer here. This offer is valid from May 14, 2008 to May 28, 2008 only.

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deepu said...

max 500 will be the cash back and hv to buy vouchers within the period 14-28 may...

aditi said...

bad offer.. i expect giftmate to come up with great offers like it did before..!!

Anonymous said...

I also feel its a bad

Spend 1000
Then 500 cash back.

Eventually we can buy 1500 stuff for Rs 1000 that too with first 4000 limitation,etc.

Does not make much sense.

deepu said...

not so good like earlier... :(