May 2, 2008

Get Solaris Operating System DVD Free

Sun Solaris is actually giving away its operating system DVD for free. You can get it delivered to your home for free or you can also download the DVD software for free too. But if you have slow Internet and cannot download you can actually get the Sun Solaris Operating System or otherwise known as Solaris Express Developer Edition DVD delivered free anywhere across the world, including India.

You need to visit this page and choose the option of free DVD software in the drop down menu and give all your details and it will be delivered within two weeks. Or you can actually visit this page directly and give the necessary details to get it delivered free.

This offer was suggested to me by Prateek Singhal.

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prateek said...

i got it.....

Anonymous said...

what is it it worth having...?

prateek said...

its better than nothing mr anonymous also its about 5 dollor cost

nicky03 said...

Hey Plz any computer expert tell. What is this thing actually? What benefits i will have in my computer after installing it? What things will change in my computer?

Plz tell

Anonymous said...

Solaris is a open source operating software, the details of whihc are available on

As most people use Windows, it is confusing for people to get used to this software. So in a sense, it is recommended for people who are advanced users.

Anonymous said...

Its just another OS similar to Linux flavours but its Unix.
Its an opensource Unix OS Flavour of Sun Microsystems. I ordered(free) it last year from The minimum installation requirements of Express Dev Edition is minimum 768 MBs of RAM. I installed it on 1 GB and still it runs slow. If you are a Solaris App Developer than only order it. Please dont order it simply to see whats inside the box! order it only if you really know what its meant for.

Newbies are strongly advised not to order it as its not for n00bs.

If you just want to use a Windows replacement free OS try Ubuntu or OpenSUSE or FEDORA.

Search the google to get them.