May 8, 2008

Get Worldspace Radio at 65% Discount with SBI Card

SBI Card along with the Worldspace Satellite Radio in India has introduced an offer which is worth mentioning here. You can actually buy the Worldspace Radio at Rs. 1699 as against the original price of Rs. 4990 and you save Rs. 3291 from this offer.

SBI Card has never surprised us with some offers and deals which is too good to resist at least on paper. This time it is this offer from World Space Satellite Radio.

This radio receiver that you are going to get is the model Celeste Mark II which has a 70 watts built-in speakers with bass expander and even has its own AM/FM radio receiver.

World Space Satellite Radio through which you can listen to world class music and news 24 hours a day. The specialty of this radio is that there are some theme based and language and music based stations available here. For example in music there will be stations specially for classical music, rock, jazz, hip hop, Bollywood film music, and even regional.

In this offer if you buy the special World Space Satellite Radio Receiver through SBI Card, you will be supposedly getting a discount of 65% from the original price of Rs. 4990 and you can buy it at Rs. 1699 and you save Rs. 3291. This payment of Rs. 1699 you can even pay in six months EMI with your SBI Card, which you need to contact the customer support of SBI Card at 1800-180-1290 or 3902 0202 to convert it to the EMI.

Apart from this you need to pay a monthly subscription charges to listen to it every month. There is an option of Rs. 1000 for six months, which I guess is the cheapest that they are offering right now in terms of monthly subscription. Which I feel is the only drawback with this Worldspace Radio! I could never ever imagine listening to radio by paying monthly charges just like Cable or Satellite TV! All these years we have been listening to our regular radio for free, but for this Satellite Radio we need to pay monthly charges, which is a price we need to shell out for good quality music or for listening to the music of our choice any time of the day, I guess.

Anyway, if you want to order this Worldspace Radio, just SMS ‘WS KEY’ to 56006. You can even call 09902584007 between 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.

This offer is valid from May 5th 2008 to July 31st 2008.

You can find more about this offer here.

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