May 17, 2008

Refer Friends or Family to Tata Sky and Earn Rewards

Tata Sky, the leading DTH service in India is currently offering a referral program which actually is based on the referral. In which if you refer your friends or relatives to Tata Sky and if they buy Tata Sky and become its subscriber, you will be getting Rs. 300 added onto your account with Tata Sky. And you will be getting that amount added to your existing Tata Sky account for every person you refer who actually purchases and subscribes to any of the plans with Tata Sky.

This is actually a new reward program introduced by Tata Sky for their existing subscribers to boost up their subscriber base and in which the DTH service is booming and to tackle the stiff competition with Dish TV.

To explain the offer, all you need to do is to refer your friends or relatives to Tata Sky if they are interested in getting a Tata Sky DTH Connection.

In order to be eligible for this offer, you need to be living in selected cities given below:

Mumbai, Thane, Navi Mumbai, New Delhi, Ahmedabad, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune, Kolkata, Ghaziabad, Chandigarh, Coimbatore, Noida, Faridabad, Gurgaon and Jaipur

You must be a subscriber of Tata Sky before June 10, 2008. You will be receiving the program details and the referral coupons in which you can actually refer anyone. In order the person whom you referred should also be living in the cities mentioned above.

Those who you referred must be buying the Tata Sky through Tata Sky helpline at 1860 425 6633 only and must use their credit card to buy it. They should mention your unique referral code while when the actual installation of the Tata Sky DTH takes place.

If the person whom you referred has indeed brought the connection and fully subscribed to Tata Sky as per their guidelines you will be credited with Rs. 300 in your account with Tata Sky which you can actually use to pay the monthly subscription charges. You will be getting two months subscription free on the super saver pack with Tata Sky.

This offer is valid from April 22, 2008 to June 15, 2008.

You can actually visit the Tata Sky website to know more about this offer.

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Anonymous said...


The offer is extended till July 31st.
You can avail this offer if you buy tata sky using their help line 1860 425 6633 and use credit card as payment method.
From MTNL/BSNL lines: 1860 425 6633
From other lines: Western India: 020 6600 6633
Northern India: 0172 6600 663
Southern & Eastern India: 040 6600 6633

Just give this coupon code when you call them to schedule installation after you receive the set top box.. Remember to use this coupon at time of scheduling installation because they will not remind you about the coupon.

Anonymous said...

Enjoy 2 months free subscription .Refer these codes while calling the Customer Care for Installation. Get 2 months free subscription. Offer valid till 31st July 2008. More importantly, payment should be made by Credit Card. If u have any doubts , Just send a PM to me.....




WB9068D088- AVAILABLE....

tatasky1031 is offline Reply With Quote

Goldy said...

Here is how our Friends & Family programme works:
1. Note the Referral Code.
2. You will need to call the Tata Sky helpline and buy a Tata Sky connection with your credit card.
3. You must mention the unique referral coupon code when you call the Tata Sky helpline to schedule the installation. Only then you can avail of the reward.
4. Enjoy your reward of 2 Months Free Subscription.
Remember that it is mandatory for your friends to quote the unique code mentioned on the referral coupon to avail of the special reward.

Referral Codes:

WB09480C110 Available
WB09482B110 Available
WB09484A110 Available
WB09485E110 Available
WB09488D110 Available

Offer valid till 31stAugust, 2008.
Still having doubts, you can always send a Private Message to me..

Anonymous said...

Get 2 months tatasky free for new customers:
You need to buy using credit cards.
You should call customer care helpline no. and give any 1 of these coupon nos.

while scheduling installation.

Here are the coupons:

WB8301B684 Available
WB8303A684 Available
WB8304E684 Available
WB8307D684 Available
WB8309C684 Available

Hurry offer till 31st august only.

Anonymous said...

New : Referral Code Thread for Tata Sky DTH Valid till 31 May 2009.
WB11570F663 Available
WB11571A663 Available
WB11575D663 Available
WB11577C663 Available
WB11579B663 Available
WB11572E663 Available

Referring your friends and family to a Tata Sky experience is very simple. You have 6 coupons which you can either email, or print and handover to your friends. 3 additional unique coupons have been sent to you via post.
Remember! Your friend must quote the Referral Coupon code mentioned on the Referral coupon when he buys Tata Sky from our helpline to ensure that you both get your special rewards.
The Referral coupons can be used only in Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Chandigarh, Delhi, Gurgaon, Ghaziabad, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Kolkata, Mumbai, Noida, Pune and Thane. So make sure you refer friends from these cities only.
PS: Your friend must schedule the installation and quote the coupon code by 31 May 2009.

SAHIL said...

Latest offer...fresh coupons
Before using it, you need to call tata sky helpline and buy the digicomp. you will get its delivery within 72 hrs. remember u have to buy that digicomp through credit card. as soon as you get your digicomp, you have to call helpline to schedule the installation. at that time u need to tell that referral coupon no. when you get ur tata sky installed, you will get 2 months subscription free to super saver pack (or equivalent pack)... these are the coupons.....

WB11590F696- used






REMEMBER- whenever u r gonna call the helpline to schedule an that time omly u need to specify the referral coupon....

Anant--The infinity said...

WB11470E321 Available
WB11478F321 Available
WB11479A321 Available
WB11473D321 Available
DM11479J321 Available
DM11477K321 Available
DM11475L321 Available

Good News Guys Tata Sky has extended this scheme up to 31st July.
All above referal coupons are available, you need to take a new Connection before 31st July,09 and need to mention these coupon no's at the time of taking the new connection. You must take the connection directly through Tata Sky customer care using your Credit Card, not through any shop or dealer.

Anonymous said...

Referral Code Thread for Tata Sky DTH Valid till 31 july 2009.

Tata Sky coupons
WB11570F663 Available
WB11571A663 Available
WB11575D663 Available
WB11577C663 Used
WB11579B663 Available
WB11572E663 Available
DM11571J663 Available
DM11579K663 Available
DM11577L663 Available
Valid till 31st July 2009

Anonymous said...

Tata Sky coupons
WB11570F663 Available
WB11571A663 Available
WB11575D663 Available
WB11579B663 Available
DM11571J663 Available
DM11579K663 Available
DM11577L663 Available
Valid till 31st August 2009

Once you buy tatasky, call them for installation. That time you give them this code and u get 2 months free subscription.