May 19, 2008

Win Free Giftmate Gift Vouchers with Zapak Cash League

Zapak has again come up with similar offer to their of Zapak ATM Contest. This time they are giving away free Giftmate Gift Vouchers for just playing their games, both single player and multiplayer games. You can also win the gift vouchers by purchasing their offline games too. This contest is brought along with Reliance Mobile which you might be knowing is part of Anil Dhirubhai Ambani Group and so is the Zapak. Zapak had the ATM Contest in which they were giving away cash prizes every day just for playing games but here they are giving away plain gift vouchers as well as Giftmate gift vouchers for free instead of cash. This Giftmate vouchers can then be used at any online and offline merchants which accept Giftmate and hence getting the value for the money you earned at Zapak. This contest is named as Zapak Cash League similar to with IPL fever going on right now.

To get started with this contest, you should have a valid Zapak gaming portal membership which actually is free to register which you can do at their site. After registration, you need to login to Zapak using your Zapak ID and start playing games, both single player or double player. This is indeed a great way to earn some bucks just for playing games, which otherwise is a favorite pastime for many. Zapak is giving away cash to have fun, which makes this offer rather unique and worth trying.

In this offer, if you play a single player game you will be earning 2 points for every game you play and you will be earning 5 points for every multiplayer game you play. You can also earn 20 points if you buy any of their offline games which is available for Rs. 99, which is an offline flash based game. Remember that to win points all you need to do is to play the games, it is not necessary that you need to win each games, just playing is enough. There are also some bonus points available in which you need to play their special Reliance Mobile branded games.

Some of the prizes you will win are, for 20 you will win Rs. 100 gift voucher from either Ticketvala, Bigflicks, or Dominos, which I feel is not worth it to claim. Instead you can try any of these points to claim your gift for which you will be getting the Giftmate vouchers of various denominations. For 35 points you will get Giftmate Gift Voucher worth Rs. 150 and for 45 points Rs. 200 Giftmate voucher and for earning 65 points you will get a voucher worth Rs. 250 from Giftmate.

You will not be able to carry forward the points from one day to another and hence all the points have to be earned and redeemed on the same day. You also should not play the same game again to earn points, you need to play different unique games each time to qualify for the points.

You will get a confirmation from Zapak if you had indeed won the prize through an email. You can also login to Zapak and check for yourself about the points you have earned and how much you can redeem for which gift voucher, etc. Unlike last time, where Zapak had lots of issues when it comes to giving the cash in the ATM contest, I hope they have rectified all such against customer practices and get it smoothly at least for this contest.

This contest is open from May 15, 2008 to June 22, 2008. You can find more about this contest and how to win the gift vouchers here.

This offer was suggested to me by Deepu and Prakash Vankina.

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Anonymous said...


aditi said...

how long does it take them to award you points?

Face Reader said...


Wow it seems really a great offer again from Zapak and as ususal Giftmate.

Like the last time, I would urge readers to plz for the benefit of others, do post the names the game which can be played easily and by which we can win maximum points. Let's help each other and make use of this offer to the fullest.

Thanks Shiva again.

Anonymous said...

I hope these giftmate vouchers can be combined finally to get something worth more than 200rs .. am i rigt?

vishal said...

I won Rs 200 giftmate vouchers..

but seems it's not working on the second day. I played many games next day but didn't get any point for any game. So no earning today :(

Anonymous said...

i play & get points but where to get voucher????
no mobile no asked

Face Reader said...


The points and gams are working on each day. I myself played and won yesterday. There does come error ocassionally in between, but refreshing would solve the problem. The games are the same which were there in ATM contest before and anyone who devote near abt at max 2.5 hrs can play 33 games and win the max prize.

The winner notification is sent the next day to the alternate email id registered. The actual vouchers wud be mailed across in 2 weeks of announcing the results of each day and would be mailed to Zapak email id. There you wud have to get them activated from Giftmate website.

Well I guess if the above is true, the clubbing of vouchers would also be there.

All the best!!!

Anonymous said...

This is the most awesome giftmate voucher EVAR!!

I have got 850 bucks already :) :D

luvin it!

Games to play -
well it depends on you. Try all the games , c in which u r a champ.
for example i have played reversi alot as a kid. So I am complete champat it.

4 quick games to play-
puzzle war (I am champ here)
darts(just play to get the points)
speed connect 4
connect 4 (if playing with a beginner)

kancha(again I suck at this)

how abt making 2 accoutns and getting an extra 100 bucks??

The only danger is that they might be logging Ips and if the ycome to know abt this then - they cld ban both ur accounts - leading to a complete screw-athon! wot say??


Anonymous said...

offer is getting bekar day by day.

what is this dominos discount coupon, is it the same common coupons available all around i.e. 50% off on 2nd pizza or 100rs off on 2nd pizza etc

also what is the 100rs giftvoucher for? where can it be redeemed and can they be clubbed.

spending 2-3hrs for a 150rs giftmate voucher seems expensive, what say?

Anonymous said...

i Want to ask a question from all those who have got a gift vouchers from this offer...the question is that if anybody earn 80 points then he would be eligible for Rs.200 giftmate voucher but where would they send it i.e., "they do not have our mobile no's"...

Anonymous said...

are ek dam bekar ho gaya hai contest

deepu said...

I got a mail from zapak asking for the mobile number so that they can sent the GM vouchers....

ashish said...

The discount voucher can is Rs 100 off on a minimum purchase of Rs 1000/-.. Hows that? Stop wasting time here

Anonymous said...

^ASHISH R U TALKINGABT THE dominos discount voucher

aks said...

hey its totally waste of time..they gave me 100rs. voucher to be used on but i can not use it there as that is for buying tickets for bus or car and that too not available in delhi

Face Reader said...


Here is the analysis of the contest.

*The gift voucher would of Ticketvala for Rs100, with which u can book online cabs,volvo, travel. No use!!!

* The discount Domino's voucher would be of Rs100, which you can redeem for an order worth Rs400 at Domino's outlet.
Useless!! As the coupons are the same which one can download easily from by registering in 2 mins.

* The best part and only use is of getting Giftmate Voucher, which would be sent across in 15 days time and have a validity of 30 days.

So, I would suggest if you guys wanna spend time, then play only 30 single games, win 60 points and get Rs 150 giftmate voucher. Still worth it for 1.5 hrs effort.

Anonymous said...

dominos ppl r so fucked up .. the coupons available on their official site .. i.e. r much better .. n one can download them for free :) ..

i would hav liked if these were 100rs direct off .. instead of ny minimum amt .. after all we hav won it .. rigt

Anonymous said...

they start cheating. first they promise to give giftmate voucher and now they are giving ticketwalla voucher......really anil ambani is cheater

Anonymous said...

hey i want to buy itz card by using paying method as giftmate can any 1 help me

Anonymous said...

hey i want to buy itz card by using paying method as giftmate can any 1 help me

Anonymous said...

single player games that give 4 points -

lightning pool
Legend of Pingpong
4 Wheel Fury
Sewer Run
Heavy Weapon

for me only lighning pool gave the 4 points. rest required some plugins or gave erros before submitting scores..but u cld try if u want

and yes all the offers except giftmate r faltu..

Nitin Loomba said...

wtf...the points r not getting updated now ....ambani ek baar fir chor niklaa

Anonymous said...

akhir chor company nikali ..

initially the giftmate upper limit was 1500

and now they have changed it to 750.

ideally this should have been applicable to new winners instead they have applied this to even the previous winners and changed giftmate to normal vouchers ..

wtf .. chor bazari hia kee nahi ye ..

koi mujhe consumer court ka raasta dikho ..

Face Reader said...


Can anyone explain me what does anonymous means by limit of Giftmate? I am winning everyday giftmate vouchers for rs 250 each and should have accumulated near about 1500+..Tht means I won't get full amount?

If that's the case then I need to may be open a new account or provide them sum another cell number...Can anyone please clear this thing?

Thanks all

XXXXXXXXX 700 Guy said...

The offers are getting poorer day by day.... the only worthwhile offer is that of Giftmate voucher..... but now I learn that they have set an upper limit on that too... This is really a waste of time... so for all the late starters who dont know which games helps them earn quick points.. Heres a list. These games do not require you to specnd more time. For some you can earn 2 points in less than 20 seconds as well.

24 Puzzle
Akhiyon Se Goli Maarey
Aerial Attack
adidas megabounce
Alex in Danger
Add like mad
Air Hockey
Word Slider
Babes in the Sun
Chicken Cross
Camera killer
caravan toss

Aby Baby said...

Zapak team has started cheating their users. I won Giftmate vouchers worth 750 in zapak cash league, but they gave bigflix voucher and that too of 100 rupees only..

it was waste of time :(

Anonymous said...

hey can anybody tell me whether 2 different users can use same mobile no. to receive giftmate vouchers???

Anonymous said...


Sorry to say but our zapak database is CRASH.So all users can login till next month.

██▓๑۩۞۩๑$åÑðÊêÞ~ ●~Rockz~●๑۩۞۩๑██▓ said...

Your giftmate vouchers cannot be summed up..You will get individual giftmate vouchers..I would like to recommend you ..There you have exiting offers..You get DVDs starting from rs24 plus free shipping (dnt know how long dat offer lasts) ..
And about itz cash card,you can go to .You may use your giftmate vouchers to purchase )though i dont know whether they accept it or not).
And someone asked that they dont ask for mobile number..For that I would like to inform that they should update their profile by going to 'My Zapak' collum..