May 12, 2008

Win Giftmate Vouchers by Answering a Question in C2W

Contests2win is currently offering free Giftmate vouchers for those who answer their “The smartest question of the day” everyday till May 31, 2008. There are four Giftmate vouchers to be won every day each worth Rs. 250. You need to answer the question in the form of an Hangman at C2W. It is named as “Smartest Contest” at

Contests2win as you know is a specialist site dedicated exclusively for contests of different kinds and rewarding its users those who attend these contests. They have been around for quite a while and they recently revamped their site by introducing new layouts and differently new contests than before. They are currently in beta.

Here in this offer, there will be a question put up on the contest page and you need to try to answer it. It will be in the form of hangman. You will need to answer a general knowledge question. If you would be able to answer the question correctly, you will be eligible to win the free gift voucher worth Rs. 250 from Giftmate. Just remember that you will get the Giftmate Gift Voucher only if are lucky on that particular day as it is decided by the Contests2win that who the winner is on that day.

There are currently four Gitmate vouchers to be won daily per person, so the chances of winning at least one on any day will be good from C2W. This is an exclusive offer given by Constests2win and not by Giftmate.

You need to enter a valid mobile number and email id in your C2W profile to get your voucher correctly. The Giftmate gift voucher that you win here will be valid for one month. And even the existing members of Giftmate are eligible to win this free gift voucher. And all the other Giftmate terms and conditions apply for this too.

You will find more about this offer and the questions to answer at The Smartest Question of the Day page at Contests2win. The terms and conditions of this contest is available at C2W blog. This offer is valid till May 31, 2008 where there will be a new question on each day and hence there is a chance of winning on any given day if you could be able to play daily.

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prateek said...

this contest has expired....

Shiva said...

The page in which they are updating the question changes, it seems. For example today's question is at so do check the C2W to check on which page is that day's contest is located.

Anonymous said...

Seems to be a BOGUS contest.
They don't even announce the names of the winners on daily bases. None of the expired contests mention a winner.

Is this an official contest started by the site, or has it been started by some user, which looks more likely to me.

Ishkaran said...

This site is completely crap .
They sent me a mail saying that iv win a voucher worth 500/-.
When i went through the details it says " voucher for 1st 100 winners only , and that too they have to collect they voucher from they Mumbai Office , lolllzzzzz!!!"
They're fooling everyone , wasting our time !