June 30, 2008

Get Frank Leon Watches for Rs. 399 through ICICI Credit Card

ICICI Bank and Gift360 is currently offering Frank Leon Watches for both gents and ladies for Rs. 399, whereas the original price of this pair of watch is Rs. 1000. Yes, this is a couples watch and is ideal for gifting or even owning a pair and seems much cheaper.  This offer is available only for the ICICI Bank Credit Card holders and for no others. 

You might have remembered about Gift360.in which I have posted about in one of my previous post. They seem to be an exclusive portal dedicated for ICICI Bank Credit Card holders loaded with gifts and electronics with great discount on each product. They are ones who are currently offering this cheaper Frank Leon watches.

To elaborate this offer, this watch Frank Leon comes only in pair, both gents and ladies watch. The original price as claimed by them is Rs. 1000 and in which they are offering it for Rs. 399 which is inclusive of all other charges like delivery, VAT, etc. From the picture shown this is a leather strapped watch with rectangular shaped elongated dial.

If you want to order this watch, you need to call their customer service toll-free number at 1800-425-1120. Or you can even order through SMS by send ‘GIFT’ to 56767. You can even order through email by sending a mail to order@gift360.in. But I don’t see any link or page dedicated for these watches and hence you the only above options to buy it.

This offer is valid till July 31, 2008.

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June 27, 2008

Shop at Half Price Using Giftmate at Futurebazaar

Futurebazaar and Giftmate has once again teamed up to give us another offer. To avail this offer, you need to buy Giftmate Gift vouchers from their site and use it at Future Bazaar site to buy products and hence literally meaning that you are buying products at half price at Futurebazaar. You will be charged only half the amount when you it through the special Future Bazaar and Giftmate offer page given below here and not through the Giftmate's regular top-up or gift voucher buying page.

To go for this offer you need to buy the Giftmate gift voucher only at this page and nowhere else even at Giftmate’s site. Just buy or top-up your Giftmate account from the above link and buy either the Rs. 250 voucher or Rs. 500 voucher by just paying Rs. 125 or Rs. 250 respectively.

Once you have brought or topped up your Giftmate voucher, you can only use this voucher at Futurebazaar and that too you can only use it before June 30, 2008 and not after that.

This offer is valid only for the first 2500 persons who buy it from them and not valid after that. And only one voucher can be brought using this offer and not more than that. And all the other regular Giftmate rules apply for this offer too.

Although this offer looks similar to the 50% cash back offer from Futurebazaar but I would say that this is slightly different than that in which you get double the value of gift voucher by paying only half of the amount and you can buy products at full price though.

I would give a suggestion of buying Rs. 500 gift voucher from Giftmate by paying Rs. 250 and use it to buy Big Bazaar gift voucher worth Rs. 500 from Futurebazaar. Which you can redeem at any of the Big Bazaar outlet in your city for purchases and hence you can avoid shipping charges too and thus you are actually saving Rs. 250 on the whole. And what more that Big Bazaar gift voucher is valid for six months and hence you have ample time to decide and buy what you want. Future Bazaar is also delivering this Rs. 500 voucher without any shipping charges.

As said above this offer is valid from June 25, 2008 to June 30, 2008.

For more details about this offer visit this page. The only place where you need to buy the Giftmate Voucher to avail this offer is this page and no where else.

This offer was shared to me by Rishi Mittal.

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June 26, 2008

Subscribe to Filmfare Magazine Get DVD Player Free

After my initial offer of Filmfare subscription where if you subscribe for one year you will be getting 20 movie DVDs free, actually there is also an existing offer where if you subscribe to Filmfare Magazine for 15 months where you will be getting a 5.1 Mitashi DVD Player for Free. The subscription charges for 15 months of Filmfare Magazine is Rs. 1600. This offer is apart from the already described offer of giving away 20 Hindi DVD Movies when you subscribe for one year. Check out my previous post on this offer here. This DVD offer was not publicized or given detail about at that time and hence I could not write about it then and now since I saw this offer in Sify Shopping and thus sharing it with you all.

Since Filmfare Magazine is a fortnightly you will be getting 32 magazines for 15 months and apart from that you will be getting the Mitashi DVD Player free. Which literally means that you are buying the Mitashi DVD Player for Rs. 1600 and getting the magazines free or either way around.

Though I am not really sure about the quality of the DVD player, Mitashi and they are giving only six months warranty as against the regular warranty which other electronic companies like Philips give of one year. They have also not mentioned more details about this DVD player and what will it play, etc. I guess it would be of the least model, not sure though. They should have mentioned more details about the DVD player that they are going to give away for free too.

Anyone else who have Mitashi DVD player can share their experiences here, whether it is really worth buying for Rs. 1600! here. As myself was planning to try this offer and would do so this weekend, probably if someone can advice on the DVD player, I can confidently go ahead with my plan!

If you are planning to buy a DVD player and don’t mind going for some least model or a model like Mitashi, you can go for this offer as it is worth it with that way.

Coming back to the subscription, you will be getting this offer only if you live in India, obviously. The subscription will start within four to six weeks of your order. Even those who are already subscribed to Filmfare Magazine can avail this offer by renewing their subscription.

You can actually subscribe to Filmfare Magazine through Sify Shopping. You can find more about the subscription and subscribe at Sify Shopping.

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June 25, 2008

Assured 10% Cash Back from eBay through ICICI Bank

When you purchase anything from Ebay.in and use your ICICI Bank Netbanking to pay for the purchases you will be getting 10% cash back into your account. This offer is applicable only at eBay India and only for those who have ICICI Bank Account and have ICICI Bank Internet Banking through which you can pay or transact. And is valid only if you reside in India to buy from them.

With this offer you can buy anything and everything from eBay India and get the cash back of the total purchase value, no matter how much you buy. The cash back amount will be credited to your bank account within 30 days from the date of transaction.

And also do remember that this offer is not applicable or valid if you use your ICICI Bank Credit Card to buy from eBay India.

They also claim that there around one lakh products to choose from to buy. I personally don’t use eBay to buy products especially the electronics since they are sold mainly by the small retailers who are none other than our regular roadside electronic shops owners. Hence even if I buy from eBay I prefer to look for reputable sellers and only then I proceed with my buying at eBay India, by the way which was formerly known as Baazee.

This offer is valid from June 20 2008 to July 19 2008 both dates inclusive.

You can find more about this offer here and here.

This offer was shared to me by Rohit Vasudeva.

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June 23, 2008

Buy Lee Jeans & Get 3 Lee T-Shirts Free at Indiatimes Shopping

First of all, I would like to thank all those who commented here and sent me numerous mails regarding my coming back to start posting here after a brief hiatus. And here I am, started to blog again here, which I have been enjoying so much all these months. And this time I will try my best to continue to post on a regular basis henceforth.

Now, coming back to this offer, Indiatimes Shopping is giving away free Lee T-shirts if you purchase a Lee Jeans from them. This is an exclusive offer from Indiatimes and Lee Lounge.

The minimum price for the Lee jeans I found from their website is Rs. 1399 and the range starts from and goes above. If you buy just one pair of Jeans you will be getting three Lee T-shirt which is said to be worth Rs. 699 for free or for just Rs. 1.

You will have the option of choosing the colour range of the T-shirt you want from the range given when you select a particular jeans. All are round-neck T-shirts. You can also pay through EMIs for select credit cards (ICICI and Citibank) too.

Also remember that there is a courier charge of Rs. 201 or around it for each order. Although it is not much warranted but still it is a worthwhile offer since at least you get free T-shirt for the jeans which otherwise cost the same price with Lee.

This offer is valid only for the select models given and only from Indiatimes Shopping, I suppose.

You can find more about this offer here.

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June 14, 2008

Taking a Mini Break From Posting Here

Due to personal reason I could not update my blog for the past one week and will not be able to do so for the next week too. This is just a mini but unavoidable break. I can assure you all that I will be back after this mini break to continue to write here which I have been enjoying all these months since I started this blog about offers and more.

I will be back sooner than later with more offers and deals and freebies for sure. I hope that I will get the same support that you have been offering all these days. But I promise I will be back within around a week from now.

June 9, 2008

Steal-A-Deal Offer at Sifymall From SBI Card

SBI Card and Sify Mall has come together to come up a new offer namely Steal-A-Deal. In which you will be getting some well known branded products at more than 50% discounted price. This is not the first time that SBI and Sify has come together with such similar offers. They had done it previously with good success too. And also SBI Card is known for some cool offers and deals every month, like their price-less offer, worldspace offer, etc. In this offer, Steal-A-Deal, there are only four products are sold at a steeply discounted price. No idea why only four products are sold, but it will be known only to SBI Card and Sify Mall, I suppose.

Now in this Steal A Deal offer you will get top notch branded products like Provogue, Reebok, Adidas in a very discounted price of around or more than 50%, as claimed by them.

Firstly product is a Provogue Sunglass which is originally priced at Rs. 1500 but as a special offer to SBI Card holders, you will get it for Rs. 575 which adds up to a discount of around 35-40%.

Next is a Reebok Bag which comes at a discounted price of Rs. 475 while the original price is Rs. 1049. The discount offered here is around 45%/ This is actually a travel bag.

The other product is a Classic Century Lustrous Pen set, the original price of which is Rs. 1395 but the discounted price is Rs. 799. It is actually more than 50% offer price.

Finally, the Adidas Perfume as well as the Deo combo pack was sold at Rs. 525 with the original price being Rs. 1295.

As said above, this offer is valid only for the SBI Card holders only.

This offer is valid from May 15, 2008 to August 15, 2008.

You can either order these products online through Sifymall or you can also call their customer service number at 011-45541777 to order.

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June 7, 2008

Get Oracle Unbreakable Linux DVD for Free

Other than Ubuntu, which I wrote about it day before, and Sun Solaris there is a new kid on the block and that is none other than the giant named Oracle. Which in fact has started offering their own version of Linux namely Oracle Unbreakable Linux. And what more you too get the free version in a CD for free. Here you will be getting free DVD of Linux, which you can order it to get it delivered anywhere across the world and especially in India too for free. This is a new offer exclusively from Oracle and can be requested from them as a DVD instead of CDs. Although Linux was considered as not too easy to use when compared to Windows but I feel that these new versions of Linux has completely changed it. Now it could be more easier to use than Windows. And moreover it is much safer than Windows too!

The interface and other features have become more attractive and easy to use. Instead of using the every buggy Windows, it is time that we move to a new operating system which is far secure than Windows. I too was planning for a shift from Windows to Linux and this Oracle Unbreakable Linux could be the perfect reason to jump.

Coming back to this offer Just like Ubuntu Linux you need to register here too with your email ID and giving your home address to get it delivered promptly for free. The advantage here would be that you will also get live support for this from Oracle itself. You will be getting free DVD within three to four weeks. I have indeed ordered it and waiting for the DVD to be delivered soon.

Do remember to give your correct and accurate address since it is an international delivery, your order might get lost due to shipping issues, especially with country like India, where there were too numerous and complicated addressing system.

You can order your free Oracle Unbreakable Linux CDs here and/or here.

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June 5, 2008

Get Ubuntu Linux CDs Delivered for Free

After my previous post on free Solaris Operating System CD, where there were few debates whether that CD was actually for layman or for high end techies. I also felt that that Sun Solaris CD was indeed for advanced users and not for home users. But this offer on free Linux CDs are indeed for home users and non-techie guys.

As most of you might be already knowing that Ubuntu has been offering free Linux CDs which they ship across the world wherever you want it to be delivered and especially they do send the free Ubuntu Linux CDs to India free of cost without even charging for shipping charges. This I am writing for those who don't know much about it.

This giving away of free Linux Operating System CD is indeed a great way to tackle that giant named Microsoft to break their monopoly on desktop operating system.

Although you can order free Linux CDs through Ubuntu, you can also actually download the image directly onto your system rather than ordering the CD too, if you indeed have a high speed internet, which most of us enjoy right now thanks to BSNL and other ISPs which has started to offer. But if you don’t want to download but want CD/CDs to be delivered to your home, you can also do that too. But at the moment it will take at least take 6-10 weeks for them to deliver it, it seems.

They have both desktop edition as well as server edition of the Ubuntu Linux which you can request for free. For that you need to register at their site and give your shipping address and other details and you will get a confirmation on the same and you too can get to know when you will actually be delivered on checking status every now and then at their site.

You can actually request any number of CDs to even giveaway to your friends and relatives. But I would request you to order only the number of CDs that you actually need rather than ordering in excess and wasting their resource as well as ours without any purpose, since they are actually doing a great service by offering it for free.

Apart from this there is a new entrant namely Oracle Unbreakable Linux, which I explain more in my next post.

You can find more about this Ubuntu Linux and order your free CD/CDs, here.

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June 4, 2008

Some of the Random Offers found Across

Here are some of the offers which I came across or shared by fellow readers of this blog.

Fame Cinemas has a separate exclusive page dedicated for offers. They have some offers like 50% off when you book your ticket through NGpay. And discount offers during specific time period of the day and cash back offers chosen randomly. And an exclusive offer for Axis bank customers of getting one ticket free when you buy one on Friday and getting 30% off tickets everyday, apart from Friday.

You can get to know more about this offer here.

ICICI Bank’s Money2India is currently giving away free 80 minutes India Calling Card for free when you refer your friends or relatives to join Money2India to transfer money. If the person whom you referred has transferred or transacted for $500 within 45 days, both you and your friend will be getting 80 minutes worth of India calling card free which is actually an ISD calling card which you can actually use to talk to your friends and relatives from abroad.

You can get more information on this offer here.

HSBC Bank is currently offering free calling card worth up to 98 minutes when an NRI (your friends or relatives) opens up a India Fixed Deposit account from HSBC. If he/she opens a HSBC India Fixed Deposit online, he/she will be getting calling card worth 98 which can be used to call from USA to India. If a person lives in UK the free talktime is worth 45 minutes and similarly 17 minutes of free talk time will be given if residing at UAE.

You can find out more on this offer here.

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June 2, 2008

Get Great Offers at Gift360 from ICICI Credit Card

Gift 360 Degrees has some exclusive offers for ICICI Bank Credit Card holders. This is an exclusive offer only for the ICICI Bank Credit Card holders and others cannot avail these offers. They are selling online a wide range of electronics and jewellery stuffs which they are offering at a very discounted price and some along with some free gifts too. Apart from selling products at discounted price they are also offering freebies along with some products too.

Gift360 (Degrees) is a new online shopping portal which showcases products at great offers only for the ICICI Bank Credit Card holders. It seems they had even got an ISO 9001-2000 certificate within this short span of opening up. I guess their service and prices should reasonably good.

To explain this offer, they are selling some electronic stuffs like Philips USB Drive DVD Player for Rs. 3690 against the original price of Rs. 4490 and you will be getting a Provogue sun glasses free too. They are also selling other Philips products like 5.1 channel home theatre and 1 GB MP3 player at good discounted price.

They are also selling Q13 branded 1 GB MP4 Video Player for Rs. 2950 against the original price of Rs. 5950. Likewise they are selling the Sempre Pearl Necklace and Earrings set for Rs. 1450 whereas the original price is Rs. 2950 and they are giving away Foce his and her watch set which is supposedly worth Rs. 1995 for free too!!

Apart from this they are also selling American Tourister luggage, Bang Stainless Steel 50 pieces dinner set and Nokia mobile phones at a reasonably discounted price and a lot more products too. Check their website for more products.

ICICI Credit Card holders can also buy these products and get paid back at 0% interest free six monthly EMIs too. You need to call ICICI customer service to convert it into EMIs.

You can find more on this offer at Gift360.

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