June 23, 2008

Buy Lee Jeans & Get 3 Lee T-Shirts Free at Indiatimes Shopping

First of all, I would like to thank all those who commented here and sent me numerous mails regarding my coming back to start posting here after a brief hiatus. And here I am, started to blog again here, which I have been enjoying so much all these months. And this time I will try my best to continue to post on a regular basis henceforth.

Now, coming back to this offer, Indiatimes Shopping is giving away free Lee T-shirts if you purchase a Lee Jeans from them. This is an exclusive offer from Indiatimes and Lee Lounge.

The minimum price for the Lee jeans I found from their website is Rs. 1399 and the range starts from and goes above. If you buy just one pair of Jeans you will be getting three Lee T-shirt which is said to be worth Rs. 699 for free or for just Rs. 1.

You will have the option of choosing the colour range of the T-shirt you want from the range given when you select a particular jeans. All are round-neck T-shirts. You can also pay through EMIs for select credit cards (ICICI and Citibank) too.

Also remember that there is a courier charge of Rs. 201 or around it for each order. Although it is not much warranted but still it is a worthwhile offer since at least you get free T-shirt for the jeans which otherwise cost the same price with Lee.

This offer is valid only for the select models given and only from Indiatimes Shopping, I suppose.

You can find more about this offer here.

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