June 7, 2008

Get Oracle Unbreakable Linux DVD for Free

Other than Ubuntu, which I wrote about it day before, and Sun Solaris there is a new kid on the block and that is none other than the giant named Oracle. Which in fact has started offering their own version of Linux namely Oracle Unbreakable Linux. And what more you too get the free version in a CD for free. Here you will be getting free DVD of Linux, which you can order it to get it delivered anywhere across the world and especially in India too for free. This is a new offer exclusively from Oracle and can be requested from them as a DVD instead of CDs. Although Linux was considered as not too easy to use when compared to Windows but I feel that these new versions of Linux has completely changed it. Now it could be more easier to use than Windows. And moreover it is much safer than Windows too!

The interface and other features have become more attractive and easy to use. Instead of using the every buggy Windows, it is time that we move to a new operating system which is far secure than Windows. I too was planning for a shift from Windows to Linux and this Oracle Unbreakable Linux could be the perfect reason to jump.

Coming back to this offer Just like Ubuntu Linux you need to register here too with your email ID and giving your home address to get it delivered promptly for free. The advantage here would be that you will also get live support for this from Oracle itself. You will be getting free DVD within three to four weeks. I have indeed ordered it and waiting for the DVD to be delivered soon.

Do remember to give your correct and accurate address since it is an international delivery, your order might get lost due to shipping issues, especially with country like India, where there were too numerous and complicated addressing system.

You can order your free Oracle Unbreakable Linux CDs here and/or here.

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