June 5, 2008

Get Ubuntu Linux CDs Delivered for Free

After my previous post on free Solaris Operating System CD, where there were few debates whether that CD was actually for layman or for high end techies. I also felt that that Sun Solaris CD was indeed for advanced users and not for home users. But this offer on free Linux CDs are indeed for home users and non-techie guys.

As most of you might be already knowing that Ubuntu has been offering free Linux CDs which they ship across the world wherever you want it to be delivered and especially they do send the free Ubuntu Linux CDs to India free of cost without even charging for shipping charges. This I am writing for those who don't know much about it.

This giving away of free Linux Operating System CD is indeed a great way to tackle that giant named Microsoft to break their monopoly on desktop operating system.

Although you can order free Linux CDs through Ubuntu, you can also actually download the image directly onto your system rather than ordering the CD too, if you indeed have a high speed internet, which most of us enjoy right now thanks to BSNL and other ISPs which has started to offer. But if you don’t want to download but want CD/CDs to be delivered to your home, you can also do that too. But at the moment it will take at least take 6-10 weeks for them to deliver it, it seems.

They have both desktop edition as well as server edition of the Ubuntu Linux which you can request for free. For that you need to register at their site and give your shipping address and other details and you will get a confirmation on the same and you too can get to know when you will actually be delivered on checking status every now and then at their site.

You can actually request any number of CDs to even giveaway to your friends and relatives. But I would request you to order only the number of CDs that you actually need rather than ordering in excess and wasting their resource as well as ours without any purpose, since they are actually doing a great service by offering it for free.

Apart from this there is a new entrant namely Oracle Unbreakable Linux, which I explain more in my next post.

You can find more about this Ubuntu Linux and order your free CD/CDs, here.

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1 comment:

Shivam said...

check this out people: http://www.whylinuxisbetter.net/

this is gr8 link 2 no y 2 out linux in ur comp. Even i've ordered a CD, will be geting it soon. & for people who want d DVD edition can buy any of d tech magzine u get in d market. it has d DVD editon for free with d magzine.

I also use linux & it is gr8, fast, reliable & virus free!!!!