June 26, 2008

Subscribe to Filmfare Magazine Get DVD Player Free

After my initial offer of Filmfare subscription where if you subscribe for one year you will be getting 20 movie DVDs free, actually there is also an existing offer where if you subscribe to Filmfare Magazine for 15 months where you will be getting a 5.1 Mitashi DVD Player for Free. The subscription charges for 15 months of Filmfare Magazine is Rs. 1600. This offer is apart from the already described offer of giving away 20 Hindi DVD Movies when you subscribe for one year. Check out my previous post on this offer here. This DVD offer was not publicized or given detail about at that time and hence I could not write about it then and now since I saw this offer in Sify Shopping and thus sharing it with you all.

Since Filmfare Magazine is a fortnightly you will be getting 32 magazines for 15 months and apart from that you will be getting the Mitashi DVD Player free. Which literally means that you are buying the Mitashi DVD Player for Rs. 1600 and getting the magazines free or either way around.

Though I am not really sure about the quality of the DVD player, Mitashi and they are giving only six months warranty as against the regular warranty which other electronic companies like Philips give of one year. They have also not mentioned more details about this DVD player and what will it play, etc. I guess it would be of the least model, not sure though. They should have mentioned more details about the DVD player that they are going to give away for free too.

Anyone else who have Mitashi DVD player can share their experiences here, whether it is really worth buying for Rs. 1600! here. As myself was planning to try this offer and would do so this weekend, probably if someone can advice on the DVD player, I can confidently go ahead with my plan!

If you are planning to buy a DVD player and don’t mind going for some least model or a model like Mitashi, you can go for this offer as it is worth it with that way.

Coming back to the subscription, you will be getting this offer only if you live in India, obviously. The subscription will start within four to six weeks of your order. Even those who are already subscribed to Filmfare Magazine can avail this offer by renewing their subscription.

You can actually subscribe to Filmfare Magazine through Sify Shopping. You can find more about the subscription and subscribe at Sify Shopping.

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Abhishek said...

Hey Shiva remove the above comment..
Cant you know its a trap..
Anyone can fall for it..
Please remove the above comment!

Shiva said...

Hi Abhishek, you are right, I have removed it. Thanx.