July 31, 2008

Big Savings Bazaar with FutureBazaar and ICICI Credit Card

ICICI Bank Credit Card and Future Bazaar in collaboration is currently offering huge range of products with very great discounts in price from the original price. This is an ICICI Bank Credit Card only offer and is available only if you use your ICICI Credit Card to make the purchase. Remember also it is not available online but only through their call center. You can also buy all these products through interest free EMI for six months.

Some of the products that they are selling through this offer are given below. The number in brackets represent the original price and the number in square bracket tells the EMI for six months.

  • 001 Fujezone iTour Mini Speaker - Rs. 599 (Rs. 749) [100]
  • 002 Flash Light Tool Box – Rs. 249 (Rs. 399) [42]
  • 003 Set of Three Travel Bags – Rs. 1899 (Rs. 2950) [317]
  • 005 LG Home Theater System – Rs. 6690 (Rs. 7490) [1115]
  • 006 Nikon Cool Pix L18 – Rs. 9100 (Rs 9950) [1517]
  • 008 Citizen BP Monitor with Free Thermometer - Rs. 1499 (Rs. 1700) [250]
  • 009 Transcend 8 GB Pen Drive – Rs 1499 (Rs. 2500) [250]

Apart from the above they are offering some freebies and combo products along with the original product as given below,

  • 004 Nirlep products which has gas stove pressure cooker, Tawa, Fry Pan, fry pan with lid, kadai Rs. 4995. You seem to get freebies worth Rs. 3245 with it as mentioned above. The EMI for this is Rs. 833.
  • 007 Kitchen Utility offer which has 17 products in it like Polpal Belan, sandwich cutter, meduwada maker, super slicer, tomato slicer, oil container, chili cutter, coconut scraper, cheese grater, coffee strainer, peeler, fruit basket, tea strainer, and cylinder trolley. The price is Rs. 1499 as against the original price of Rs. 2179. EMI 917.
Futurebazaar is also offering raksha bandhan products with this exclusive offer.

You get Surat diamonds jeweler gift hamper which has 2 diamond and gold pendants, gold plated necklace, earring set with pearls, pearl necklace, rice pearl beads necklace etc for Rs. 5500 as against the original price of Rs. 8500. And an exclusive gift hamper which actually comes with a silver purse for free. This gift hamper has one watch and 14 changeable straps and rings in it. And three shades of lip gloss. The price for this product is Rs. 999 (original price Rs. 1299) with EMI 167.

Also remember there is an additional shipping charge of Rs. 200 with all the above products. They are supposed to deliver it in three weeks at the maximum it seems.

You need to call the FutureBazaar customer service number at 1800 2090 410 (toll free) or 022-4049 0410 to order these products using your ICICI Credit Card. This offer is valid only till August 31, 2008.

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July 29, 2008

Open an Account at Arthamoney and Get a Free Silver Coin

Artha Money which is a new specialized finance management portal from The Times Group. It offers various financial products like trading stocks/shares, mutual funds, insurance, commodities, and even loans. It was started with a tagline “Make Friends with Money”. To encourage more people to an account in their site, they are now giving away free silver coin to all those who open an account for free. Moreover you can also have a chance to win free gold coin daily when you open an account and write a slogan.

As said above, Arthamoney which is a new personal finance management portal from The Times of India. This is said to be first financial supermarket in India which is said to deal with all the financial products from stocks to insurance, income tax to loans. But I wonder I have seen many sites offering these too! But after analyzing I found that they offer even services than a regular financial portal do offer like credit cards, foreign exchange, tax filing and even bill payment. Now, I am convinced that this is the first of its kind financial management portal which deals with all your personal financial needs.

Okay, coming back to this offer. For a limited period they are, to let more people to join them, offering to open an account, whereas the annual fees of Rs. 299 for a silver account and Rs. 899 for a gold account has been waived off. This I have even confirmed with them personally by calling them. And what more you will get a free silver coin if you open an account before August 15, 2008. They have not mentioned about the weight of the silver coin that they are giving for free. But the gold coin is of 8 g weight and 22 carat gold.

To open account, you cannot actually register at their site, instead you need to call them through their customer service number at 46 000 000 and they will send a money manager to your place to help out in opening an account. You will need to submit your PAN Card photocopy and address proof photocopy and two photographs to facilitate account opening, just call and confirm it with them what else you actually need to open an account, I am exactly not sure entirely. As soon as you give these and fill out the form to open the account, he will immediately hand you over the free silver coin. And also a contest form where you need fill out the slogan and the best slogan will be chosen to win the gold coin for the day.

I saw this in ad in the news paper in Chennai, where I live, but I am not entirely sure whether this offer is valid across India. Though when I asked the person (the money manager) who called me book an appointment to open the account, he said it is available across India. So you can give it a try by calling this number 4600 0000. Or you can SMS ARTHA to 58888. Or even email them your queries at customer@arthamoney.com.

You can visit Artha Money here.

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July 26, 2008

Get Good Subscription Deal and a Free DVD with Digit

Digit as a special subscription offer is giving away free Digit CD, Digit DVD and past 60 issues of Digit in a PDF along with the Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Express Edition for free for their six months subscription which is said to be worth Rs. 900 but they are giving it at a special offer price of Rs. 540 and you get these freebies too along with the six Digit magazines.

Digit and Microsoft is currently conducting a new series of competitions for engineering students called Imagine Cup. With this Imagine Cup they are conducting various quizzes and competitions and contests for engineering college students. They have various other offers too with this Imagine Cup.

To commemorate this special event by both Digit Magazine and Microsoft, Digit is offering a special subscription offer for Engineering Students. You can actually subscribe to Digit for six months at a price of Rs. 540 as against the original price of Rs. 900. If you choose this subscription offer, you will be getting Digit Magazine along with their supplement Fast Track, Digit DVD, CD, past 60 issues of Digit in PDF format (good collections to own), as well as Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Express Edition for free.

Apart from this they are also giving away free Digit Imagine Cup DVD. To get this all you need to do is to give your personal details and what and where you study, etc. They will be sending the free Digit Imaginecup DVD. To avail this free DVD you don’t have to subscribe to the Digit but instead only need to give your details here in this page. There are only 10,000 DVDs to give away it seems, so hurry before it runs out of stock.

You can also have a chance to win XBOX 360. All you have to do is to refer five or more of your friends or relatives who are engineering students. They will be choosing the winner and give away XBOX 360 for free. You can also win past three issues of Digit in PDF format.

You can also get the past three issues of Digit here for March, April, May.

To know more about this offer and subscribe as well as get the free Imagine Cup DVD just visit this page.

This offer was shared to me by Divyansh Agarwal.

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July 24, 2008

Again Shop at Half Price at FutureBazaar with Giftmate

As you might all have know that there was an offer of getting a Giftmate gift voucher by paying only half the amount and utilizing it fully at Future Bazaar. This offer was available in June end and they closed it then once the required number of users that was reached. Which I have blogged about it here. Now that Giftmate and Futurebazaar have introduced this offer again. Through which you can purchase Gift Mate Gift Voucher at half the price and redeem it for the full value at Future Bazaar only.

You can read the details of how to use this offer in my previous post about it in this page which is all the same.

Since the offer details is all the same from that of their previous same offer you can read it from the above link.

Only changes from that offer is that once when you have used up that offer in June, you cannot avail it again! This is a major drawback of this offer and hence makes it useless for those who have availed it. Although this could be a golden chance for those who have missed it to use it at that time and hence can try it this time though. But should be brought before July 31, 2008 which actually is the last date for this offer. This offer is also valid only for the first 2500 people who buy the Giftmate voucher using credit card or netbanking and use it to buy anything from Futurebazaar.

This gift voucher should be redeemed before July 31, 2008 itself and should be hold for future use. And as said above only those who have not availed it previously in June can avail it this time.

I personally feel that this is an excellent offer considering you can get a good gain of 50% fully in Futurebazaar as there is no hidden charges like shipping cost or other charges applicable for many products there. You can as said in my previous post try redeeming it for Big Bazaar gift voucher and can use it there to get full benefit from this offer.

This offer was shared to me by Senthil Kumar and Rishi Mittal. You too can share any of the offers you have or seen elsewhere to me so that I will blog about it here for the benefit of all. Just mail it across to me.

This offer is only valid if you buy the Giftmate gift voucher through this page.

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Answer 3 Questions & Win Ugly Aur Pagli Audio CD

Bigflix is currently promoting the movie Ugly Aur Pagli and is conducting a contest wherein you will audio CDs of the movie Ugly Aur Pagli by answering three simple questions. If you answer all the three questions right you could win a free audio CD of the movie. This although looks like a promo for the movie through BigFlix, which has been growing from online movie site to a hub for movie promos and video promos.

All the three questions looks really simple and seems just for a formality, though and it means that they will choose the winner perhaps through the draw of lot and winner will be contacted by email that you give while submitting your answers for the quiz. You need to enter your name, city, country and email ID while submitting your answer.

Although this is a contest of chance and hence it cannot be guaranteed that all those who submit will but still there is no harm in trying it out!

You can find the details and take part in the Ugly Aur Pagli quiz here.

July 23, 2008

Get an Assured 50% Cash Back at Indiatimes Shopping

Indiatimes Shopping is currently offering 50% cash back in the form of gift vouchers if you shop for a minimum of Rs. 2500. This is a new offer from Indiatimes Shopping and applicable on any purchase you make at Indiatimes Shopping during the offer period as long as it is above Rs. 2500. This offer is valid from July 22, 2008 to August 5, 2008. The cash back will be in the form of gift vouchers from Indiatimes which can be redeemed there itself.

The free gift vouchers will be in the denomination of Rs. 150 each and not as a single GC. Hence for the cash back of Rs. 2500 you will get the gift voucher worth Rs. 1350. You can avail up to the maximum of Rs. 5000 as gift voucher or cash back through this offer in a single user ID that you use at Indiatimes Shopping.

If you purchase any products using gift vouchers yourself, you will not be eligible for this offer. The issued gift voucher can be used for up 30 days from the date of issue. And it will be sent to you within 10 days of your purchase of Rs. 2500 and above.

The only drawback I can find in this offer is that all these gift voucher of Rs. 150 each cannot be combined together to buy any product of higher value. You can use only one voucher at a time for any purchase. So to get maximum benefit from this offer you need to buy for products for Rs. 150 and around exactly else you will have to pay extra money for each purchases you make! If you are not prepared for this, it is better not to go for this offer. Or if can search and research the products at Indiatimes Shopping for the price of Rs. 150 and around you can go for this offer without any double mind.

The terms and conditions of this offer can be found here.

Indiatimes Shopping is also currently offering Rs. 500 as cash back if you buy Casio watch at Indiatimes Shopping worth Rs. 5000 and above. And also you will get 10% cash back if your total order crosses Rs. 7500 and above in buying Casio Watches. You can find more about this offer on Casio Watches here.

This cash back offer on Indiatimes Shopping was shared to me by Sarfraz Vanoo in the comments section in another post. But I would like to reiterate that if you want to share any offers with me to share it with fellow readers, kindly send it to the email ID of mine at offersgalore@gmail.com rather than posting about in the comments here.

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July 21, 2008

Sharing Some Prominent Offers Found Across Online

Here I am sharing some prominent and notable offers found across online. Since instead of blogging about individual offers, you can actually get benefited from some offers that I found or some shared by the fellow readers of this blog. Thus all get to know what’s the latest on most of the offers quickly and easily. I am planning do such posts every now and then You can share your views about this plan in the comments here so that I will decide about whether to continue it or discontinue it.

Indiaplaza is currently having buy 1 and take 1 for free offer which has some wide range of products from umbrella to thermometer, laptop light to ipod speaker and more. You can check about this buy one get one for free offer in this page.

Indiatimes Shopping is currently giving away free watch for every Rakhi gifts purchased through them. These rakhi gifts range from the actual rakhis, chocolates, rakhi combos, watches, ipods and even gift vouchers from Big Bazaar, Shoppers Stop etc. If you buy any of these products to gift to your brother or sister for rakhi, you will be getting a free wrist watch. You can check out more about this offer here.

Future Bazaar is currently having some offers like if you buy a branded shirt or T-shirt from them, you will be getting a free watch. It is valid only for the select branded shirts and T-shirts which was exclusively separated here in this page. They are also having the Fastrack offer of up to 25% off on the watches the details of which can be found here. And of course my favorite on their site, the 99 online store, don’t forget to visit it as they have updated some new products there.

The offers were also shared to me by Ankur Agarwal and Prashant Agrawal.

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July 19, 2008

Get a Free Sample of Colgate Total 12 (New Offer)

After their previous offer of free sample of Colgate Total, they have done it again now, as they are again offering free sample of their new Colgate Total 12. To avail it, all you need to do is to give your name, address, and other details to get it free delivered to your home. You also need to give your phone number and email id to share with them to get this offer. This offer is a new one, as previously they were offering free sample for Colgate Total and now it is for Colgate Total 12.

To get the free sample just visit this page and submit your details and within days you will be getting your free sample delivered for free too. But also remember that it is available only in select cities (but most cities are covered here). Do check it and then ask for the free sample. Only one sample will be sent per household and hence request it wisely.

Also not sure what is the size of the free sample of Colgate Total 12 they are offering. Must be around 50 g and above, I suppose. But still a free sample is a free sample, right? As we all love free samples and freebies to try it out no matter how small or how useful they are. ;-)

Last time when I ordered I did not get it though, but some who have asked for it had got it though.

They are also offering the free sample of their other variety Colgate Maxfresh Peppermint Ice still and you can try that too if you have not done so in the past. This is for the new readers of this blog who have not tried this free offer still. You can read about this free offer on Maxfresh Peppermint Ice in my previous post here. And can request for the free sample of Colgate Maxfresh Peppermint Ice, here.

Colgate is also having an exclusive page dedicated explaining some of their existing offers right now, you can check them out here.

To order your free sample just visit this page here.

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July 18, 2008

New Price-Less Offer From SBI Card Again

After their previous Price Less Offer mentioned here, SBI card has updated the same price-less offer with new products. This is in association with Deals4all which has become synonymous with SBI Card Offers. This time they are offering cameras, handycam and mobile phones only unlike last time where there were some wide range of products like MP3 player, etc to choose from.

As said, these offers are only for those who own SBI Card and makes a purchase through SBI Card.

But still in this offer, you tend to get a TCL Handycam which has an estimated market price of Rs. 9500 but being sold exclusively at Priceless-Offers for Rs. 2999. You also get a Polaroid 8 MP Camera for Rs. 4500 whereas the original market price is Rs. 13,500. They are also selling the new i-Mate Windows mobile for Rs. 7990 as against the estimate original price of Rs. 14500. Likewise they are also selling Hyundai mobile phones at more than 50% of the original price.

There is also an unique and never heard before in India, a watch mobile phone which is also available here. It is from Hyundai Mobiles. It has almost all the features with that of a regular mobile phones but only difference is it is worn as a watch. If you buy through this offer you also get a Bluetooth headset which is said to be worth Rs. 2500. The price of this watch mobile phone from Hyundai is said to be Rs. 17,500 but they are giving it for Rs. 8990 exclusively for SBI Card holders.

They are also selling VK Touchscreen PDA Phone with the market price of Rs. 10,500 but sold at Deals4all for Rs. 3999.

You can also convert these purchases made here into easy EMI with little interest. You need to call the SBI Card customer service and convert it into easy EMIs.

You can order these products by calling 1800 22 4700 or 1800 22 8200 to place the order. More info on this offer can be had from this page at deals4all or www.priceless-offers.com.

This offer is valid from July 6 to September 30, 2008.

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July 17, 2008

Book Tickets at Kingfisher Airlines Get 2 GB MP3 Player Free

Kingfisher Airlines along with Paymate is currently giving away free 2 GB MP3 Player for free if you book two or more tickets using FLYBUYSMS, i.e. booking your flight tickets using SMS. You should have booked the tickets during July 15 to August 15, 2008 and must have traveled during this offer period to avail this offer.

They had a similar offer some time back where they offered the same freebie offer which can be found here in this page.

FLYBUYSMS is a new feature with Kingfisher Airlines where you can actually book Kingfisher flight tickets through SMS itself rather than visiting your travel agents or even online to book your tickets. To encourage more members to use this service Kingfisher is currently offering this freebie offer. This is an assured offer and hence you will be getting the free 2 GB MP3 player if you book the ticket using the above option, i.e., through SMS. If you book your Kingfisher tickets through any other means, like through online or through travel agents, you will not be getting this free offer.

Only one free MP3 player will be given to one person regardless of how many times they use this service during this offer period or even if booked through different mobile phones. Kingfisher will send the MP3 player within 25 days of the end of the promotion.

They have not mentioned the brand name of the MP3 player here but

To start this Fly Buy SMS service with Kingfisher and start booking tickets, just SMS “KING” to 5667711 and follow the instructions.

This offer was shared to me by Mukesh Verma. More details of this offer can be found here

As said above, this offer is valid from July 15 to August 15, 2008 or till the stocks last.

July 15, 2008

Vote and Win Rs. 100 Gift Voucher from Indiaplaza

Indiaplaza is currently giving away free gift voucher worth Rs. 100 for every one who votes for their favourite book which is supposed to win the Indiaplaza Golden Quill Book Award 2008. Regardless of your voted book wins the coveted award or not you will end up getting the free gift voucher worth Rs. 100 from Indiaplaza which can actually be redeemed at their books section only (or is it not?).

As Indiaplaza Bookstore is claimed to be the India’s largest bookstore (not sure whether offline or online). Indiaplaza Golden Quill Awards is an annual award which is aimed at encouraging Indian writers. They give this award to the best book chosen by the special jury appointed by them. The winner will be chosen and awarded a cash prize of Rs. 1 lakh.

Now win the free Rs. 100 gift voucher all you need to do is to visit this page and vote for your favourite book among the five books given. They are A Girl And a River, Above Average, If God Was A Banker, Naked In The Wind, and The Sugar Baron's Daughter. Choose any one and give your details like name, email ID and phone number and submit your vote.

You will be sent the gift voucher within two days. This can be redeemed and Indiaplaza Bookstore only and for a minimum purchase of Rs. 200 only. Only one vote should be rendered per person.

Also if the book which was chosen by you wins the award you will get Rs. 500 worth gift certificate and a membership worth Rs. 500 for free in Indiaplaza Book Club. And what more 25 lucky voters will be invited specially by Indiaplaza to attend the award ceremony and can in fact meet the jury members. And also one person will be chosen to be in the panel of jury for the Indiaplaza Golden Quill Book Award 2009.

You can actually cast your vote and win that gift voucher here.

This offer was shared to me by Prashant Agrawal.

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July 14, 2008

Wireless for Less Offer From SBI Card

SBI Card and TCL in alliance has currently come up with an offer in which you get a wireless headphone at the price of Rs. 599 as against the original price of Rs. 3050. This is a TCL branded Wireless Headphone. This is an exclusive offer only for the SBI Card users and no one else can avail it through this offer.

TCL Wireless Headphone’s original price was supposed to be Rs. 3050 but with this offer you get it at a whopping discounted price of Rs. 599.

With this TCL Wireless headphone, you can use it anywhere like your TV, VCD player, DVD player, computer, FM radio, and even can be used for wireless net chat. There is also an additional feature namely wireless monitoring. With this you can watch your favorite cricket match or movies on television without any disturbance caused to your family or others.

I have not enquired about the original price of this TCL wireless headphone whether it was indeed priced at Rs. 3050 or what. But the price of Rs. 599 sounds like a good deal considering its functionality and usefulness.

To place your order you need to call their helpline numbers at 1800-22-8200 or 1800-22-4700. Or alternatively you can visit www.headphoneoffer.com to place your order. It was supposed to be delivered within four weeks of placing your order.

This offer is valid from July 6 to September 30, 2008.

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July 13, 2008

Steal A Deal Offer with SBI Credit Card

After their previous Steal-A-Deal offer with Sifymall in which SBI Card offered some cool discounts on some branded items, they have now launched another new offer with the same name Steal-A-Deal, but this time there are two more products added in from RBK (Reebok).  To know what was their previous offer on Steal A Deal was just go to this page.

Now to add in, the new products were a Reebok Rain Jacket whose original price is said to be Rs. 1499 but they are offering at a discounted price of Rs. 899, which is said to be a discount of 40%. It is a waterproof rain jacket with adjustable draw cord and is of free size.

The other one is the Reebok Shoes. It is Reebok Swift LP Shoes. The original price of this RBK Shoes is Rs. 2690 but you get at a discount of 50% for Rs. 1345 from SBI Card through Sify Mall.

All the other products are all the same as their previous offer.

To order these products, you can visit Sifymall or can order through phone by calling the number 011-45541777. (This is surprising, instead of giving a toll-free number, they have given the regular number with STD code to order across India).

This offer is valid till August 15, 2008.

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July 11, 2008

Get Gift Voucher worth Rs 150 for Free from Indiaplaza

Indiaplaza is currently offering Rs. 150 worth gift voucher free for the new users who join Indiaplaza. To avail this offer all you need to give is your details like Name, Mobile Number and your email ID by visiting this page.  This is also only for the new members who join Indiaplaza for using this gift voucher.  You can avail only one gift voucher per person only. 

This is just like a discount voucher because this is valid only for a minimum purchase of Rs. 300, which literally means you are getting at least 50% discount if you go for the product priced at Rs. 300.

This offer was actually advertised in the BHG Magazine, as claimed by Prashant Agrawal who actually shared this offer to me long back. Since I tried it at that time itself, I got the voucher only yesterday. Since I did not want to disappoint you all if you did not get the voucher, I waited for myself getting the gift voucher before blogging about it.

There have been complaints going on about myself writing about the offers quite late of late but I must confess that it is just coincidence or due to misuse by some people they tend to stop the offer, etc. There is nothing that I did it intentionally. All I just wanted is to share those offers. With regard to the previous Zapak quiz offer, it was not working (due to some technical issues from their side) when the offer was shared to me initially and when it started working, I blogged about it and as soon as I blogged about it, on the same day the offer was stopped not sure it is coincidence or intentional, I have nothing to do about it. Anyway I will try to get all the offers as quick as possible so that you benefit from it in the future.

Even if this offers gets closed soon, don't blame it on me, I just wanted to share only the working offers rather than those which don't work at all.

Anyway coming back to this offer you need to visit this page of Indiaplaza to claim your free gift voucher worth Rs. 150. Remember that only new members can avail this gift voucher and the existing members of Indiaplaza cannot avail it though.

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July 10, 2008

Get Assured Gift and Win Lottery Tickets with Zapak

Zapak has introduced a new quiz series in their site where there will be five questions asked related to cricket. If you could answer all the five questions right you could end up winning an assured prize of Rs. 250 gift voucher and a chance to win lottery tickets which is worth Rs. 4999. It is named as Luck Ka Toss. This is not a game to play but a cricket quiz to answer on Zapak, which is rather surprising considering it is a gaming portal!

To promote their new site on cricket, namely Zapak Cricket, the gaming portal Zapak has introduced a new series of contest or quiz based on cricket. All you need to do to enter this quiz and win prize is to just visit this page and click on “enter now” and login using your Zapak ID and as soon as you login you will be shown a series of questions based on cricket in a page by page manner. For each question there will be a hint too.

The hint will actually ask you to visit their new portal on cricket Zapak Cricket to look for answers and hence this way they are promoting their portal as well. After answering all questions right, you will be getting a confirmation page stating that you will get your Rs. 250 gift voucher soon and a lottery ticket number will be displayed which could be worth Rs. 4999. You need copy that number and keep it for reference in the future in case if you have indeed won it, you need to show it to them.

They have actually not mentioned it clearly on how we will be getting the free gift voucher worth Rs. 250, whether it is by way of Giftmate or by any other mean. I too really don’t know how and what means they are going to give us this gift voucher. I logged into my Giftmate account and found no new gift voucher being sent by them. Hence will need to wait for a few more days or until this contest gets over to see how they are going to send us the free gift voucher worth Rs. 250.

I have a very serious doubt on us getting this Rs. 250 gift voucher, as every time I attend the quiz, I have been prompted and shown a message that I have won a gift voucher worth Rs. 250. But I hope they do reward us in someway for attending their cricket quiz correctly.

The lottery ticket winner of Rs. 4999 will be selected in a draw of lot though. But they have mentioned that

The winners will each be entitled to ONE out of the gifts mentioned on the contest page, subject to applicable terms and conditions.
and hence I guess you either win a gift voucher worth Rs. 250 and/or Rs. 4999 lottery ticket.

I guess they will send you gift voucher only once or one each day that you attend the quiz. Will need to confirm this too, will do it and update the same in the comments section here or someone who had indeed got the gift voucher can confirm this too.

You can know more about this Zapak Cricket Quiz here in this page.

This offer was shared to me by Sandeep Babber and Prashant Jaiswal.

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July 9, 2008

Shop at Indiaplaza & Get Return Air Ticket Free

After their previous offer on assured gift on purchase of Rs. 10,000 and above, Indiaplaza has launched another offer, where you will be getting a free return air ticket to a destination you choose. This is an assured gift and not a contest or gifts chosen from draw of lot. As long as you shop for Rs. 5000 and above during this offer period of July 5th to September 10th 2008 you will be getting this assured gift of free return air ticket.

From the details given there, you don’t have to purchase in one full go for Rs. 5000, instead you can buy anything less and add up your total to Rs. 5000 within that offer period to qualify for this offer.

You should be claiming the free gift of return air ticket is May 1, 2009 but the travel can be done before June 30, 2009.

If you use gift certificates or any other additional means to buy products during this promotional period, you will not be eligible for this offer. If you cancel or claim refund of any products or purchases you will not be eligible for this offer too.

The Indiaplaza people have not mentioned whether the return air ticket is for domestic or even for international destinations or not. They have mentioned in their terms and conditions that there will be a list of destination which their third party travel agent will give it to you to choose among them and can travel to that destination for free. Also remember that the other expenses arising from this free air tickets like tax, service charges, etc should be borne by the winner.

All the other terms and conditions on this Indiaplaza offer can found in this page. You can read and know more about this offer, here.

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July 7, 2008

Get 14-Days Free Trial of Seventymm Rental Service

Seventymm in collaboration with Pizza Hut has come up with a special offer in which you can register at Seventy MM and rent out movies from them for free for 14 days. This offer is valid only if you register at Seventymm.com through the special link given by Pizza Hut for its VIP members which I am sharing it with you. This is also a very limited period offer and valid only for the first 1000 members who join their site.

You might all be knowing that Seventymm is one of the pioneers in India and probably the first online portal to offer movie rental service in India. Although many other sites have cropped up now, but Seventymm are the market leaders in terms of customers and reach. Actually Seventymm has various rental plans which would suit your need. And moreover they are offering free delivery and pick-up but only on select cities though.

To avail this offer, you need to visit this page and register there at Seventymm and login to your account and choose up to 20 movies in queue for getting those movies for rental. And there is an option of getting it delivered and if you click on it, you will be delivered the choice of the movies in order that you have added in your account. Since this is a special promotional offer from Pizza Hut, you will be delivered free of cost either DVD or VCD of the movies of your choice. Moreover you will not be even charged for the DVD/VCD you rent for, the first 14 days of your registration.

After the trial period you can opt for any of the rental options available and continue with their service or can stop renting of movies, its up to you to decide.

Since they deliver one movie per day, you can actually watch 14 movies for free (assuming they deliver promptly daily). This offer is valid only at Chennai, Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Mumbai.

I actually tried this offer and found them to promptly deliver for the first two days and in third day I could not request for more movies (i.e., today). And I hope it will be alright and try to rent out more movies within that 14 days free trial period.

You can find out more about this offer here and even register at Seventymm for free to avail this 14 days free trial of renting movies.

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July 5, 2008

Van Heusen's One Day Affair or Offer!

Van Heusen has come with an one day offer or affair as they claim. That is when you buy any menwear clothing from their exclusive stores on July 5th, you will be getting the same priced womenswear totally free. This is an one day offer only and hence need to be availed today itself (i.e., July 5, 2008). This is also only available at their exclusive stores.

They have named it as Van Heusen One Day Affair and even got themselves booked a domain name onedayaffair.com and hence I guess they might be planning to come up more such one day affairs more in the future too! But now, as said above, it is valid only on July 5, 2008.

You can actually buy any product of menswear, either it be suits, shirts, ties, trousers or even shoes or innerwear. You can actually get the same rated womenswear for free and it can be anything and not necesarily the same type that of the menswear, you can buy anything you want in womenswear but the amount should be equal or less than that of the menswear you brought on the offer day. The menswear should be purchased on July 5th, but you can buy the womenswear before July 13th and hence giving us ample time to choose it at least.

This offer is valid only Delhi, Mumbai, Chandigarh, Pune, Bangalore and Hyderabad. You can find the exact addresses of their stores at their website given below. Remember this is an offline offer and not available online though.

You can find more about this offer at their website.

July 3, 2008

Gift Someone Giftmate Voucher Worth Rs. 250 for Free

Giftmate has done it again, as they have come up with that free gift voucher offer which is worth Rs. 250. All you need to avail or gift is to answer some five questions and get it absolutely free. But actually through this offer you cannot avail it yourself but can only gift it to someone. Unfortunately this offer is not for those who live in India but for the NRIs who are living elsewhere other than India. Hence it is a great disappointment for all of us for sure.

This is just another great offer from Giftmate who tend to come up with every now and then. But this time they are targeting the NRIs who are living abroad or those who are working abroad, with their new site named Mygiftmate.com. They are targeting them so as to the NRIs can send the gifts as a Giftmate voucher instead of sending it as an actual gift itself through various gifting portals across. This way they are giving the freedom for those who they are actually gifting to choose whatever they want to buy here in India. Through this offer they can only gift it to someone and cannot actually avail it themselves though. They can also actually send any amount that Giftmate accepts as maximum amount.

This Giftmate way of sending a gift voucher is really most convenient and easy to handle option for those living abroad. No need to worry about shipping delays, security issues, and/or customs issues. All they have to do to send their money or gift as a Giftmate voucher is to just logon to Giftmate and choose the amount they want to gift someone in India and use either their credit card or bank account to pay for it and that’s all. As easy as that. It is surely a great way to gift someone you love in India.

Coming back to this offer, since this offer is not available for us who live in India, you can actually ask someone who know, friends or relatives, who live abroad to visit Giftmate and can ask them to actually gift you the free Giftmate voucher worth Rs. 250. As only they can see a small box which says Send Rs. 250 for free just like the banner given below not those who live in India, although in some rare cases it could be visible for those in India too, just luck that's all. Don’t click it here, it won’t work though ;-)

All they need to do is to give their name, email id, and their mobile number and the details of the person, like name, email id and their mobile number, whom they are going gift it and answer some five simple questions in the form of a questionnaire on their gifting preferences, that’s all. Immediately they will get the confirmation stating that the giftvoucher has been sent which they can confirm later.

This gifted gift voucher can be used at any online portals which accepts Giftmate to purchase anything they want. They can even top it up with more money and use it. And all other terms and conditions of Giftmate is applicable for this offer too.

To actually gift someone with Free Giftmate gift voucher worth Rs. 250 just visit this page and follow the instructions.

Not sure how long this offer is valid but as long as that banner is there and whoever can see it can actually send the Giftmate voucher to anyone they love across India. But remember only one gift voucher is allowed per person (either for sending or even for receiving it). If someone with an unique mobile number has sent or received the gift voucher then they cannot do either afterwards in this particular offer.

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July 1, 2008

The Latest Offer from India Today Book Club

After their previous offer of giving away free Adidas Bag and Free holiday voucher India Today Book Club has come up with a latest new offer right now along with the existing offer of Adidas Bag and Free Holiday voucher. You can actually read about their old offers here and here. Now they are giving away free Tupperware Box and free diamond voucher worth Rs. 5000 when you buy three multimedia CD-ROMs from them.

The three multimedia CD-ROMs that you buy from them are Encyclopedia Britannica: Student Library whose original price is Rs. 695, Encyclopedia Britannica Nature worth Rs. 399, and Encyclopedia Britannica Space worth Rs. 399. So the total worth of these three CD-ROMs is Rs. 1493. But you can buy all these three CD-ROMs for Rs. 499 only thus saving Rs. 994. And apart from this you will be getting freebies like Tupperware box which is said to be worth Rs. 330 and a Diamond Jewellery Voucher worth Rs. 5000. Apart from these whopping discount and freebies you too will be getting a free complimentary membership to their Booksbuddy membership, which is nothing but India Today Book Club membership. Which I personally feel that is truly good offer to go for.

Although there were lots of complaints on their previous offer where they offered free Adidas bag and free holiday voucher, with poor customer service and bad quality products delivered (both CD-ROMs and Adidas bag) and unable to redeem holiday voucher, etc. I feel that it is high time that India Today wake up and stop treating the customers like this and try to be more responsible with us and try offer good quality products and good service, else there is no point in giving such offers.

Coming back to this offer, you get the Tupperware Lunch Box which is really worthy and high-quality box (which I don’t think they can get away by offering some inferior quality product though).

Regarding the diamond voucher you can know more details about how to redeem it and other terms and conditions on redeeming it, here. You have to redeem this gift voucher only at Surat Diamond. The price range of the diamond here starts from Rs. 8000 and hence remember that you will have to shell out additional Rs. 3000 at least to redeem this gift voucher. Surat Diamond seems to guarantee that the diamond we get from this offer is of high quality which is worth Rs. 5000 and above. Since there is a hassle of shelling out additional money to redeem the voucher, I would advise you to think before going for the above offer if you don’t want to shell out additional money on diamond voucher.

Booksbuddy is India Today’s book club under which you will get up to 50% discount on books if you become member (here you will get one year membership free if you buy the above CD-ROMs). Read more details about Booksbuddy before joining them as it seems they send you offers and books without you ever being ordered and it seems there is an option of returning the offer without paying for them. This happens during your India Today Book Club membership. They also send you three CD-ROMs similar to the above at least four times of the year to you with such discounts and freebies too automatically if you become member of Booksbuddy.

You can know more details about the above offer and even order the CD-ROMs here.

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