July 7, 2008

Get 14-Days Free Trial of Seventymm Rental Service

Seventymm in collaboration with Pizza Hut has come up with a special offer in which you can register at Seventy MM and rent out movies from them for free for 14 days. This offer is valid only if you register at Seventymm.com through the special link given by Pizza Hut for its VIP members which I am sharing it with you. This is also a very limited period offer and valid only for the first 1000 members who join their site.

You might all be knowing that Seventymm is one of the pioneers in India and probably the first online portal to offer movie rental service in India. Although many other sites have cropped up now, but Seventymm are the market leaders in terms of customers and reach. Actually Seventymm has various rental plans which would suit your need. And moreover they are offering free delivery and pick-up but only on select cities though.

To avail this offer, you need to visit this page and register there at Seventymm and login to your account and choose up to 20 movies in queue for getting those movies for rental. And there is an option of getting it delivered and if you click on it, you will be delivered the choice of the movies in order that you have added in your account. Since this is a special promotional offer from Pizza Hut, you will be delivered free of cost either DVD or VCD of the movies of your choice. Moreover you will not be even charged for the DVD/VCD you rent for, the first 14 days of your registration.

After the trial period you can opt for any of the rental options available and continue with their service or can stop renting of movies, its up to you to decide.

Since they deliver one movie per day, you can actually watch 14 movies for free (assuming they deliver promptly daily). This offer is valid only at Chennai, Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Mumbai.

I actually tried this offer and found them to promptly deliver for the first two days and in third day I could not request for more movies (i.e., today). And I hope it will be alright and try to rent out more movies within that 14 days free trial period.

You can find out more about this offer here and even register at Seventymm for free to avail this 14 days free trial of renting movies.

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Anonymous said...

nice offer but i had already found it on another blog quite time back!!
u got bit late

Prashant Jaiswal said...

Goof offer
well here is a new offer to answer just 5 simple questions on cricket and get 250 Rs Gift Voucher and a change to wil 5000 cash
again by zapak ;-)

for more details visit zapak cricket portal link:

Shiva u can also make a new post for it.

mavihs said...

i tried this & registered but after regitration its asking me for a plan.

wat 2 do????

Anonymous said...

dude this offer is over.this offer came way back but it was posted here yesterday only.

Shiva said...

@vivek Bansal, absolutely not. I dont copy blog posts from any other blogs. If fact many of them are copyings posts from my blogs and posting it on their blogs. If I was copying from other blogs, I wont be having this much readers and i dont really believe in copying posts. I do it in my way and i dont care whoever copies from my blog too, eventually the truth will come out soon.

Vivek Bansal said...

well!! i was just pulling ur leg dude!! u doing awesome job!!!

and i believe earning a lot too!!!

Anonymous said...

i feel tht shiva is much dependent on the offer suggested by other ppl n he is not updating on his side thts the reason offers r being posted late.N these days he has also stopped to acknowledge those who suggest offer.

Anonymous said...

Hey about zapak offer, which gift voucher they are goiving of Rs 250.

Anonymous said...

If we take the quiz everyday, will we get the gift voucher everyday or only once?