July 26, 2008

Get Good Subscription Deal and a Free DVD with Digit

Digit as a special subscription offer is giving away free Digit CD, Digit DVD and past 60 issues of Digit in a PDF along with the Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Express Edition for free for their six months subscription which is said to be worth Rs. 900 but they are giving it at a special offer price of Rs. 540 and you get these freebies too along with the six Digit magazines.

Digit and Microsoft is currently conducting a new series of competitions for engineering students called Imagine Cup. With this Imagine Cup they are conducting various quizzes and competitions and contests for engineering college students. They have various other offers too with this Imagine Cup.

To commemorate this special event by both Digit Magazine and Microsoft, Digit is offering a special subscription offer for Engineering Students. You can actually subscribe to Digit for six months at a price of Rs. 540 as against the original price of Rs. 900. If you choose this subscription offer, you will be getting Digit Magazine along with their supplement Fast Track, Digit DVD, CD, past 60 issues of Digit in PDF format (good collections to own), as well as Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Express Edition for free.

Apart from this they are also giving away free Digit Imagine Cup DVD. To get this all you need to do is to give your personal details and what and where you study, etc. They will be sending the free Digit Imaginecup DVD. To avail this free DVD you don’t have to subscribe to the Digit but instead only need to give your details here in this page. There are only 10,000 DVDs to give away it seems, so hurry before it runs out of stock.

You can also have a chance to win XBOX 360. All you have to do is to refer five or more of your friends or relatives who are engineering students. They will be choosing the winner and give away XBOX 360 for free. You can also win past three issues of Digit in PDF format.

You can also get the past three issues of Digit here for March, April, May.

To know more about this offer and subscribe as well as get the free Imagine Cup DVD just visit this page.

This offer was shared to me by Divyansh Agarwal.

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Prashant Jaiswal said...

April pdf file issue of ur given link on "You can also get the past three issues of Digit here for March, April, May." is corrupted. after download its not opening.

Shiva said...

It worked fine for me. Although it took some time to download the whole file. Let it download and leave and check after some time.