July 1, 2008

The Latest Offer from India Today Book Club

After their previous offer of giving away free Adidas Bag and Free holiday voucher India Today Book Club has come up with a latest new offer right now along with the existing offer of Adidas Bag and Free Holiday voucher. You can actually read about their old offers here and here. Now they are giving away free Tupperware Box and free diamond voucher worth Rs. 5000 when you buy three multimedia CD-ROMs from them.

The three multimedia CD-ROMs that you buy from them are Encyclopedia Britannica: Student Library whose original price is Rs. 695, Encyclopedia Britannica Nature worth Rs. 399, and Encyclopedia Britannica Space worth Rs. 399. So the total worth of these three CD-ROMs is Rs. 1493. But you can buy all these three CD-ROMs for Rs. 499 only thus saving Rs. 994. And apart from this you will be getting freebies like Tupperware box which is said to be worth Rs. 330 and a Diamond Jewellery Voucher worth Rs. 5000. Apart from these whopping discount and freebies you too will be getting a free complimentary membership to their Booksbuddy membership, which is nothing but India Today Book Club membership. Which I personally feel that is truly good offer to go for.

Although there were lots of complaints on their previous offer where they offered free Adidas bag and free holiday voucher, with poor customer service and bad quality products delivered (both CD-ROMs and Adidas bag) and unable to redeem holiday voucher, etc. I feel that it is high time that India Today wake up and stop treating the customers like this and try to be more responsible with us and try offer good quality products and good service, else there is no point in giving such offers.

Coming back to this offer, you get the Tupperware Lunch Box which is really worthy and high-quality box (which I don’t think they can get away by offering some inferior quality product though).

Regarding the diamond voucher you can know more details about how to redeem it and other terms and conditions on redeeming it, here. You have to redeem this gift voucher only at Surat Diamond. The price range of the diamond here starts from Rs. 8000 and hence remember that you will have to shell out additional Rs. 3000 at least to redeem this gift voucher. Surat Diamond seems to guarantee that the diamond we get from this offer is of high quality which is worth Rs. 5000 and above. Since there is a hassle of shelling out additional money to redeem the voucher, I would advise you to think before going for the above offer if you don’t want to shell out additional money on diamond voucher.

Booksbuddy is India Today’s book club under which you will get up to 50% discount on books if you become member (here you will get one year membership free if you buy the above CD-ROMs). Read more details about Booksbuddy before joining them as it seems they send you offers and books without you ever being ordered and it seems there is an option of returning the offer without paying for them. This happens during your India Today Book Club membership. They also send you three CD-ROMs similar to the above at least four times of the year to you with such discounts and freebies too automatically if you become member of Booksbuddy.

You can know more details about the above offer and even order the CD-ROMs here.

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Anonymous said...

Try reading complaints on India Today Book Club in the web before promoting such clubs. They include
nondelivery of ordered books, missing free gifts inside parcels, inaccessibility of the website used to claim free gifts, Double payment demands, unordered VPPs sent etc. (mouthshut.com and complaints.com for example)

monika said...

I always like to do online shopping with India Today Book Club because of its great deals on online purchases that I can’t find in the shops.This site really has a great collection of products. Here, prices are reasonable, good customer service and fast delivery. Overall, Superb website!