July 21, 2008

Sharing Some Prominent Offers Found Across Online

Here I am sharing some prominent and notable offers found across online. Since instead of blogging about individual offers, you can actually get benefited from some offers that I found or some shared by the fellow readers of this blog. Thus all get to know what’s the latest on most of the offers quickly and easily. I am planning do such posts every now and then You can share your views about this plan in the comments here so that I will decide about whether to continue it or discontinue it.

Indiaplaza is currently having buy 1 and take 1 for free offer which has some wide range of products from umbrella to thermometer, laptop light to ipod speaker and more. You can check about this buy one get one for free offer in this page.

Indiatimes Shopping is currently giving away free watch for every Rakhi gifts purchased through them. These rakhi gifts range from the actual rakhis, chocolates, rakhi combos, watches, ipods and even gift vouchers from Big Bazaar, Shoppers Stop etc. If you buy any of these products to gift to your brother or sister for rakhi, you will be getting a free wrist watch. You can check out more about this offer here.

Future Bazaar is currently having some offers like if you buy a branded shirt or T-shirt from them, you will be getting a free watch. It is valid only for the select branded shirts and T-shirts which was exclusively separated here in this page. They are also having the Fastrack offer of up to 25% off on the watches the details of which can be found here. And of course my favorite on their site, the 99 online store, don’t forget to visit it as they have updated some new products there.

The offers were also shared to me by Ankur Agarwal and Prashant Agrawal.

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██▓๑۩۞۩๑$åÑðÊêÞ~ ●~Rockz~●๑۩۞۩๑██▓ said...

Gud trick played by indiaplaza. They have doubled the price on most of the products and thats why the are giving 1 for free. For example you can get IBP Digital thermometer for Rs 99 on Futurebazaar Here whereas Indiaplaza is giving at Rs 199 Check it here

Sarfraz Vanoo said...

Very good offer on Indiatimes shopping. 50% Cash back upto 5th Aug. Cash back will be in the form of Indiatimes GC
For details http://shopping.indiatimes.com/media/misc/50offterm/terms.html?utm_source=ShpHmpg&utm_medium=flash&utm_content=50backban&utm_campaign=50back

Virender said...

In addition to doubling the prices, India plaza has quartered the quality. Let me share my story.

I purchased these 3 items under this offer from India Plaza:

a. Travel Iron - List Price Rs. 295 IndiaPlaza price Rs. 199
b. USB laptop light - List Price Rs. 1295 IndiaPlaza price Rs. 299
c. Portable Speakers - List Price Rs. 695 IndiaPlaza price Rs. 299

Day before yesterday I received the shipment. However, I was surprised to see that all the items are extremely low quality Chinese stuff, the one you get from the pavement vendors.
The travel iron is so small, that it can only be used to iron handkerchiefs. The Portable speakers are so poor that I am never gonna use them. Strangely, even at the lowest volume, the voice is not clear.
Finally, the portable light - it is so small that it is able to spread light only on half of the laptop keyboard.

I have checked back with IndiaPlaza. One good thing is that they a 7 day full refund policy. I have couriered back the goods today. Let us see when do I get back the money.