July 13, 2008

Steal A Deal Offer with SBI Credit Card

After their previous Steal-A-Deal offer with Sifymall in which SBI Card offered some cool discounts on some branded items, they have now launched another new offer with the same name Steal-A-Deal, but this time there are two more products added in from RBK (Reebok).  To know what was their previous offer on Steal A Deal was just go to this page.

Now to add in, the new products were a Reebok Rain Jacket whose original price is said to be Rs. 1499 but they are offering at a discounted price of Rs. 899, which is said to be a discount of 40%. It is a waterproof rain jacket with adjustable draw cord and is of free size.

The other one is the Reebok Shoes. It is Reebok Swift LP Shoes. The original price of this RBK Shoes is Rs. 2690 but you get at a discount of 50% for Rs. 1345 from SBI Card through Sify Mall.

All the other products are all the same as their previous offer.

To order these products, you can visit Sifymall or can order through phone by calling the number 011-45541777. (This is surprising, instead of giving a toll-free number, they have given the regular number with STD code to order across India).

This offer is valid till August 15, 2008.

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Anonymous said...

crap. Please don't post about SBI deals. All deals are shit.

Anonymous said...

ya such offers by sbi r useless

Anonymous said...

Shiva, we r ok if you dont have offers daily. Such offers are waste of your efforts too.

Anonymous said...

I am using sbi credit card, while the time of applying they said life insurance is free along with SBI credit card , but when i received 1st month bill 50 rupees added to my account, when i asked that they said it's bcz. of you choosed option life insurance. Since then I am asking to cancel this option they are not cancelling , but asking for to made paymeny against this, So bloody are they....