August 28, 2008

Get English Fluency Thru Self-Study Handbook for Free

Fluentzy which is one of the oldest and famous English language teaching guide has been giving away a free handbook on “How to pick up fluency in English through self-study”. This is from the house of Adult Faculties which is headquartered in Kerala. They have been in this field of teaching English since 1971 and have a great experience and knowledge on teaching English fluency.

Fluentzy is claimed to be the English fluency encyclopedia and the world’s first system for fluency building. Their main aim in this course material that they sell is to improve your fluency through self-study materials which they will send it across to you as soon as you pay for them. These study materials have been prepared by Prof. Kev Nair who I guess has been around for a while teaching fluency and other English skills among a whole lot of people. It seems this English fluency course of Fluentzy has been brought from even other countries other than India, around 66 of them, which even includes U.S., U.K, Australia, etc. They also claim that you could have a great English fluency within three months if you read their course.

Apart from selling their Fleuntzy course to improve fluency they also sell various dictionaries to improve your vocabulary, like dictionary on complete fluency words, fluency phrases, thesaurus, etc.

Now, they are giving away a free handbook of around 40 pages “How to pick up fluency in English through self-study” just for free, no questions asked. All you need to do is to send them your name and full address through various means like phone, email, SMS, fax, etc and you could get them delivered to your address for free (but along with the promotional material for the Fluentzy course though!).

To get this free handbook on fluency, you need to send your name address through any of the modes given here, send an email to You can also call Adult Faculties at 0484-2538449, 2408361 to give your details to get the handbook for free. You can also SMS your name and address to 98471-73284 to claim it. Or you can fax your details to 2408361.

Your can visit their site and order an ebook of the same handbook to be delivered to your email ID as well as gift the same ebook to your friends or relatives for free here.

You can also know more about this handbook and how to get it and their course materials on English Fluency and other details here.

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August 26, 2008

Get Cash Back of Rs. 50 on IRCTC with ICICI Debit Card

After my previous posting about offers on ICICI Debit Card. There has been another offer which is currently going on with ICICI Debit Card where you will be getting Rs. 50 as cash back if you use your ICICI Bank Debit Card to pay at IRCTC to book your train tickets. For this offer the minimum amount you need to transact is Rs. 500 to get this cash back offer. It is valid only for ICICI Debit Card or ICICI Bank Accounts users who have debit cards.

To avail this offer, you need to login to IRCTC and select your travel details and choose the option of ICICI Bank PG at the credit cards section and pay accordingly using your debit card. Remember that you should be having the ICICI Bank internet banking user ID and password in order to transact to use this offer. If you don’t have one you can always get one from easily within minutes and then try this offer.

If you are actually planning use IRCTC to buy train tickets anyway you can utilize this offer to get the cash back. If you are planning to buy up and down tickets you can do it twice and get the cash back of Rs. 50 each time. You can actually book tickets for the festive season now itself or a little later as there has been a provision that you can book it three months in advance and hence you can avoid the rush which prevails during the holiday season and hence avoiding disappointment of not getting the tickets for your holiday in India elsewhere. This offer would also be a boon for those regular travelers who travel across India for business or official purposes and hence can maximum benefit from it.

This offer is valid from July 15, 2008 to January 15, 2009.

You can find more details about this offer here. You can read the terms and conditions on this offer here.

This offer was shared to me by Anshuman Goyal.

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August 22, 2008

Get Free Blue Planet Run Ebook For Free (Must Download)

Blue Planet Run is an amazing book on conserving water and so about. It has some cool collection of photographs on water and life around water. The same book (hard cover) is being sold at $32.85 at Amazon right now. But they are right now giving away the online version of the same book in an ebook (PDF) format for free which you can download it now. This is being done to let the message reach to more people on conserving water which is of late being becoming a hard to get stuff everywhere.

You can help them even by buying them the hardcover version of the ebook and help in their noble cause, else you can always download the PDF version for free and save $32.85 and spread it across to let everyone know how precious water is. As it is said that in another around 20-25 years or lesser drinking water will become scarce for most of us in this world.

This book also has lots of photos from India too where it is being shown how we use water on our daily basis in different aspects of life like rituals at Ganges, fighting to get the water from tanker lorries, crowd gathered around the water pump to get a pot of water, and so on. It also features our very own Anna Hazare and Medha Patkar depicting them as water heroes.

After going through this book, it really made a dent on me on how we waste water here and how people across even find hard to get even a pot of water to drink. It really is an excellent book to get the message across and a must download, I should say.

I downloaded it and found that most of the photos in the book to be of high quality and really good to get the message across on saving water. It also explains us how people waste or use or save or fight or toil hard for water.

You can download the PDF version of the Blue Planet Run Ebook at Amazon here. Or you can download it directly here.

Just wanted to do my bit on this noble cause and hence sharing it here. As well as you get the $32.85 worth book for free! ;-) Thanks Amit.

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August 21, 2008

Free "Boost Your Vocabulary" Book from Reader’s Digest

If you have a huge gang of friends, you can actually capitalize on that by giving their names and address details to Reader’s Digest and get yourself a free copy of “Boost Your Vocabulary” book. You need to refer them 14 of them, it can be your friends or relatives or anyone whom you know as long as they don’t live at the same house you reside. You will also be entered in a draw conducted by Reader’s Digest India where you will have a chance to win prizes like gold or cash, etc. This offer is only available in India though. Those who already have been subscribed to Reader's Digest might be knowing this as they advertise this regularly on Reader's Digest every month.

To get this Boost Your Vocabulary booklet free just visit this page and you need to just enter the details of yourself and your friends; like their name, address, phone number, age and occupation and enter 14 of them and submit and get yourself this free book with some days. Which they will send it across to you soon to the address that you have mentioned. There is also an option of choosing whether you want to be entered into the draw of lot for the grand prizes as said above.

But remember that all these friends you refer will be sent the Reader’s Digest promotional material to subscribe to their magazine with your name on it and hence be aware of this fact and refer only those friends or others who won’t mind this. They will also be frequently contacted through mailers by Reader’s Digest for every promotion they come up with. But they send only the promotions and nothing to worry about it as there is no compulsion or pressure to buy anything from them, everything is voluntary.

There is also another offer going on at Reader’s Digest and that is of getting Reader’s Digest Joy, an exclusive magazine for women, as a free trial. All you need to do to get this free trial of this magazine is to register there for free. For more details, you can actually read about this free trial offer from Reader’s Digest Joy here.

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Deccan Chronicle (DC) Deal of the Day Offers

I found this site which is actually from house of Deccan Chronicle, which is offering a new deal every day which ranges from MP3 player to Pendrive, to electric kettle, etc. It is being updated daily and being advertised on DC Newspaper on a daily basis, almost.

They offer discounts and deals even up 50% sometimes and it all depends on the day. Today’s deal is an electric kettle which is being sold at Rs. 475 as against the original price of Rs. 1299. And some offers that are still currently running are a Creative Zen Stone Plus 2 GB MP3 Player being sold at Rs. 2295 as against the original price of Rs. 3199. Another day I saw Sony 4 GB Walkman MP3 Player being sold at Rs. 4499 as against the original price of Rs. 6990 with free key chain.

And similarly Sandisk pendrives are also being currently offered with around 50% discount on the site, do check them out.

Although some offers are not worth because you tend to get the same price elsewhere too or even lesser. But sometimes you might end up with good deals, and it is better to check them regularly, but if you read the Deccan Chronicle daily then you can look there for daily deals rather than visiting the site itself. You can also actually add this site to your favorites to check out the deals every now and then and grab any of the deals which is really worth it to go for.

Some of the previous day's deals are still active at the DC Deal of the day under different dates as active deals which you can check and buy if you feel you have missed out on some of the previous days' deals due to various reasons. But you can find at the maximum only back to a month's deal there. Although as mentioned not all the deals advertised on the Deccan Chronicle News Paper for this offer is worth it to buy, but some are. All you have to do is to look for them at the DC News Paper whenever you could lay a hand on it. Do check for other shopping websites and/or your nearest store before buying any product to makes sure that you are indeed making a wise purchase and getting a good deal.

You can read the terms and conditions before proceeding to buy using this deal at If you have any feedback or queries regarding this deal of the day offer, you can contact Deccan Chronicle through this link.

You can check out their site, DC Deal of the Day, for daily deals.

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August 18, 2008

Some Notable Offers on Your ICICI Bank Debit Card

You will be getting assured cash back of Rs. 100 if you use your ICICI Debit Card for three times to total Rs. 3000 between July 10, 2008 and September 30, 2008. The total value for the whole shopping should cross Rs. 3000 to be eligible for this offer. Although the cash back amount can be less but just think that instead of using cash to purchase for your regular shopping, use your ICICI Bank Debit Card and get that cash back of Rs. 100, which would be at least some saving for you!

To explain more, if you use for Rs. 1000 in each transaction in your ICICI Debit Card and spend Rs. 3000 within the offer period of September 30, 2008 you will be getting the cash back of Rs. 100 just for using your debit card, that’s all. Just try to use your debit card instead of cash or credit card to pay for your shopping during this offer period.

Also another offer is that if you use your ICICI Debit Card to pay your bills online through Visabillpay you will be getting an assured cash back of Rs. 50. This includes all your mobile, landline, insurance, electricity bills, etc. Check Visa Bill Pay Just use your ICICI Debit Card at Visa Bill Pay India and get this cash back.

Just imagine that instead of going over to your service provider’s place to pay your bills, just use your debit card to pay the bills and get the cash back of Rs. 50! Just a small saving anyway. And also you might be saving on your petrol charges and time too! Also a convenient way to pay your bills too.

Also I want to share a nice free option which ICICI bank offers to the customers. That is Click2Call facility.

To explain this option of Click 2 Call, if you are looking for information on any ICICI Bank product like home loans, car loans, business loans, credit cards, fixed deposit, and savings account and current account instead of you calling them you can just visit this page on and give your details there to get a call back from ICICI rather than us waiting for hours at their customer service helpline or searching to get information for the same.

And if you want to apply for their products, they will be sending you the representative at your place to get it done and all this done at the convenience of your home or office!

Just give your contact details and the convenient time for you to get the call, that’s all. Also there is an option of getting back the call immediately from them if you need the information urgently. To avail this offer you don’t have to be an ICICI Bank customer.

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August 15, 2008

Get Assured Gifts Worth Rs. 10,000 at The Mobile Store

After their previous offer of assured gifts worth Rs. 5,000, now The Mobile Store has come up with another offer of gifts worth Rs. 10,000 with every mobile you purchase from MobileStore. The gifts that you get with this offer are a holiday package either at a domestic destination or at an international destination or Kodak EasyShare M10731S Digital Camera or Apple iPod 8 GB or even a cash back of Rs. 10,000. This offer is also applicable if you buy any of the Philips MP3 players from Mobile Store. This offer is available both at their stores across India as well as online at their site.

To explain this offer, all you need to do is to buy any mobile. They have not mentioned what is the minimum purchase needed to avail this offer, though. But I feel that it can be any amount from the brands that they have mentioned. You can buy from brands like Sony Ericsson, LG, Motorola, Samsung, Fly, Micromax, HTC, Spice, and Virgin Mobile. You can also buy Philips GoGear (MP3 and MP4 Players) to avail this offer. This offer is though not applicable if you buy a Nokia mobile phone.

The assured gifts can be won by using a scratch card that they give after your purchase and will get any of the gifts as mentioned above. Although they claim that any of these gifts worth Rs. 10,000 is guaranteed I mostly have a feeling that the gift that they are going to give away mostly will be the free holiday package either at domestic or international destination of your choice more rather than the other gifts like free Kodak digital camera, Apple iPod, and cash back of Rs. 10,000 which will be in lesser number only to give away.

To explain the holiday package elaborately, the international package consists of four days/three nights stay for two adults. The domestic package comes with four days/three nights for two adults and two kids below six years! Also remember that for the free holiday package you need to pay a processing fee of Rs. 999 and Rs. 2999 for the domestic and international destination respectively.

As said above, you can avail this offer even if you buy online at Mobile Store. Or you can even order through Mobile Store Customer Care Number 6000 6363.

Apart from this they even offer discount of up to 65% for the accessories and have even more exchange offers for all the products including mobile phones and memory cards at their stores.

You can find more about this offer and buy online at Mobile Store. To read the terms and conditions about this offer visit this page.

To find your nearest The MobileStore just SMS "TMS with the location or pin code" to 53456.

I also take this opportunity to wish you all a very Happy Independence Day.

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August 14, 2008

Get Free Life Insurance Worth Rs. 15,000 at Big Bazaar

After the post about Big Bazaar’s Sale yesterday, where I have mentioned about free insurance coverage worth Rs. 15,000 with every purchase you make at Big Bazaar. To add it up, this is actually a life insurance policy in which they are giving it away for free. If you could pay Rs. 50 extra, you will get the policy worth Rs. 30,000 rather than Rs. 15,000 policy. This is brought in association with the Future Generali Insurance which is actually part of Future Group which owns the Big Bazaar. This is an actual life insurance policy and not the regular accidental policy which makes it special, while many insurance companies give away free accidental insurance policy only not the life insurance policy.

Future Generali Insurance is a total insurance solution brought in collaboration between Future Group India and Generali Group of Italy. As you might be knowing that Future Group owns Big Bazaar, Future Bazaar, and Pantaloon and other retail groups. They have ventured into the insurance sector recently with a joint venture from Generali Group and have come up with this Future Generali Insurance in India.

Hence to promote Future Generali Insurance, they have come up with this offer of giving away free insurance policies for those who make purchases at Big Bazaar. Here the purchase means anything, it can be just a 5 Rupees chocolate or anything higher. They just needed the bill number to enter in your policy details to get this insurance policy for free. But remember that since they are doing it to collect data of yours, you might get calls from them in the future to buy their other insurance products which you can actually deny if you are not interested though. If you are okay with this, then go for this offer.

To avail this offer, just make a purchase at Big Bazaar during their offer period of August 13 to August 17 and they will give you the forms across the Big Bazaar to fill it out and submit at the exit along with your bill number. After getting the filled form they will immediately give you your insurance certificate without any further documentation and other processes and this is the specialty of this offer.

This process of giving away insurance certificate seem to be known as Insta Insurance and I guess it is first of its kind offered by Future Generali. Here you will be getting the insurance certificate worth Rs. 15,000 which can be utilized upon the unfortunate death of the insured person regardless of how. Even natural death is covered in this process. Although this sum assured is low, I know, but who cares as it is given free anyway. The same can be claimed at any of the Big Bazaar outlets. If you want to purchase the Future Generali insurance in the future, you can actually get it done at the Future Money outlets at all Big Bazaar Stores.

I would suggest that you buy from different sections and get different bills at Big Bazaar and get yourself more bills and get separate free insurance for each bill that you use for more members of your family.

Just pay Rs. 50 extra and convert that Rs. 15,000 insurance to Rs. 30,000 insurance. This offer is only valid from August 13 to August 17, 2008.

You can know more about Future Generali Insurance, here.

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August 13, 2008

Five Days Mahabachat Offer From Big Bazaar & Future Bazaar

This is last year's (2008) offer, to find the latest and this year's (2009) Mahabachat offer at Big Bazaar check these 2 links here and here.

Big Bazaar and Future Bazaar have come up with their special Independence Day offer of Mahabachat for Five days from August 13 to August 17, 2008. This offer is available both at Big Bazaar and their online portal Future Bazaar. The offers is applicable for on books, movies, toys, home linen, stationery, kitchenware, bags and luggage, electronics, apparels, mobiles, etc. There are huge discounts for most of the products during this offer period of five days. They also claim that they have brought the inflation down with these huge discounts!!!

Big Bazaar has the usual buy one get one offer on men’s jeans chinos and ladies salwar kameez. Even with formal shirts they are offering buy two shirts for Rs. 749. For kidswear you get buy two get one for free. During this offer you also get a flat 50% off on branded shoes like Nike, Reebok, Puma, Lotto, Redtape, Fila, Lee Cooper, etc.

If you buy a Nirlon non-stick fry pan worth Rs. 589 you will be getting non-stick tawa, non-stick kadai, non-stick gas toaster, as well as non-stick tadka pan worth around Rs. 1224 for free and hence you get to buy one but get four items mentioned above for free.

Similarly you get to buy the 40 pieces melamine dinner set worth Rs. 825 for Rs. 499 and double bedsheet set with pillow for Rs. 649 and if you buy four set of them you can get it for Rs. 1095.

There are similar offers available in luggage and furniture.

The Sanyo 32 inch LCD is sold for Rs. 29990 and the Passion DVD Player which is 5.1 Channel is available for Rs. 1199 (it was priced at Rs. 1399 two to three days back).

If you buy Sony Ericsson W200i from Big Bazaar during this special independence day offer period for Rs. 4599 you will Big Bazaar Gift Voucher worth Rs. 500, Laptop bag worth Rs. 400, and 512 MB memory card worth Rs. 200 for free.

Similarly, there are various offers of buy one take one and huge cash discount in store for the food products and groceries exclusively at Big Bazaar and not available at Future Bazaar. Do check the store for more details.

As said above most of the offers discussed for Big Bazaar are available at Future Bazaar. You can check the 5 Din Mahabachat offer at Future Bazaar in this page. If you hate to venture into the huge crowd that you can expect at Big Bazaar you can try the same products at Future Bazaar and get it delivered at the comfort of your home.

Big Bazaar have put up the tagline of “Big Bazaar halts rising prices” at the respective regional languages and have advertised heavily of this offer. I could see banners everywhere I go about this offer displayed with this tagline.

Apart from the above offers you get a free Life Insurance Policy worth Rs. 15000 if you shop at Big Bazaar during this offer period. And if you can pay Rs. 50 extra you can actually double this amount of policy amount to Rs. 30000. They have not mentioned how much minimum you need to purchase to avail this free life insurance offer. This insurance policy is brought to you by Future Generali which is actually a joint venture from Future Group of India (Big Bazaar Group) and Generali Group of Italy.

For all your queries and questions just call the Big Bazaar customer helpline No. 1800-22-3050 or 6000 2255. Also during this offer period the store will be open at 9 a.m. as against the regular timing of 10 a.m.

Just check out the Future Bazaar Offer of Mahabachat here. For the Big Bazaar's Mahabachat Offer (i.e., Special Independence Day Offer) just visit your nearest Big Bazaar Store. I would suggest you to try the Big Bazaar Store rather than opting for Future Bazaar as you might have more surprises there! Try Future Bazaar only if you don't have time or don't have Big Bazaar at your place. I will try to post more offers when I actually visit the store soon and will update it in the comments section here. So, do keep tab of this page regularly during these five days for updates on these offers.

Do also read my review about the new store of Big Bazaar at Pondy Bazaar here.

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August 12, 2008

Answer 3 Questions and Win Mummy 3 Merchandise

Aol India is currently conducting a contest whereas if you would be able to answer three simple questions you could walk away with a free laptop bag and/or other cool merchandise from the movie Mummy 3 (Tomb of the Dragon Emperor) promoted by AOL Contest. This is an exclusive contest from Aol India which is conducting this contest to promote this movie Mummy Tomb of the Dragon Emperor. It has been named as Mummy Mummified Contest.

They even have a separate page dedicated on the movie Mummy 3 with trailers, synopsis, galleries, wallpapers, games, etc. You can find this here.

To enter the contest all you need to do is to visit this page and answer the three questions given there and although the questions are simple if you had watched the movie you can find the hints for the questions there itself. After answering the three questions, just fill up your details and that’s it, if you are lucky enough you could be walking away with any of the prizes mentioned.

All the terms and conditions for the contest can be found in the contest page itself.

There is no last date mentioned for this contest. Just try this contest, as it takes just seconds to finish it and if you are lucky you could win some of the prizes given away by them, there is nothing wrong in trying it out, isnt? I just love contests like these, as there is no fuss or sweat to try it out and if luck follows you, you might end up with any of the free stuff even though not the grand stuff!

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Get Yourself a Free Sample of Surf Excel Matic

Surf Excel joined hands with Brandpower to promote their detergent exclusively used for washing machines is at present giving away free sample of 1 kg Surf Excel Matic absolutely free. All you need to do is to give your name and your details about yourselves and your washing machine, which brand you use and what type, etc. You will be delivered 1 kg of Surf Excel Matic Detergent absolutely free.
You will need to enter the details like your name, date of birth, whether working or not, your washing machine usage if you own any and your address to claim the free 1 kg Surf Excel Matic for Free.

This offer is valid only for the first 10,000 entrants who submit the necessary details to claim the free sample. It is otherwise valid till August 30, 2008. Hence you should hurry before it runs out of stock or the offer ends due to reaching the required amount of entrants.

This offer was brought to us through Brand Power which is an unique portal which helps us to choose the right brand through research.

Just visit this page of Brand Power and click on the banner which says Free Samples now available and proceed to claim the free sample. Since this is a limited period offer and only limited to 10,000 people there is absolutely no guarantee that all those who submitted will get this sample but just try it out to see whether you are lucky enough to get it or not. As said above this offer is valid only till August 30, 2008.

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August 11, 2008

Review on New Big Bazaar Store at Pondy Bazaar in Chennai

Just to move away slightly from posting offers, I just thought to review the new Big Bazaar Store which recently opened its new branch in Chennai that I visited recently. This is just to break the monotony I have been going through all these months and hope to more such reviews on new or existing stores and/or online stores or shopping portals every now and then, probably something else useful related to shopping and offers in India in the future.

This Sunday I visited the newly opened and much advertised and publicized Big Bazaar which recently opened its new branch at Pondy Bazaar which is located at T. Nagar which is one of the busiest shopping place in Chennai and much crowded too. This is just the second store in Chennai after their previous store at Saligramam near Vadapalani which I felt was one of the bigger store in Chennai. I also heard that they are also planning to open nearly 10 more stores in Chennai.

Big Bazar was actually opened in Pondy Bazaar on August 6, 2008. But as said above I visited the store on August 10, 2008, Sunday. As usual as, one would expect with Big Bazaar, the store inside was crowded for a Sunday morning visit.

The store actually has five floors including the basement. The basement consists of all the groceries, vegetables and fruits, commonly referred to as Food Bazaar. The beauty products and mobile phones (MBazaar) is located at the ground floor. The first floor has the menswear and men’s accessories, shoes, etc. The second floor has womenswear and kidswear as well as books and toys for kids. The third floor is dedicated to crockery and other kitchenware. The fourth floor has the electronics shops and the furniture shops.

This is an entirely different setup than their previous store here in Chennai which actually has just one floor (i.e., the ground floor) and all the sections mentioned above are displayed in that whole floor. This new setup at this new store looks easier to look for products that you want, although not all of them are arranged in proper manner (probably because they are just trying to fit in all the stuffs only now).

I did not try their parking lot, as I managed to park outside their store at Pondy Bazaar and hence could not comment on it, but I felt there were enough space for exclusive parking for them. I also found it extremely hard to enter the store due to many confusing entry points (most of them are closed or either guarded and entry and exit were restricted!). Finally, I was guided through a staircase for entry which led to the first floor directly to the store instead of ground floor or basement which both had entry points but was restricted to enter, although there were pointers showing them as the entry points to the store!

I guess they have opened the shop very urgently, at least from the outset on how the shop looks and managed and arranged gave me this impression. Almost most of the pathways leading to various sections were blocked with carton boxes and stuffs like that. This was also was evident on the entry point which was rather confusing for anyone who first visits their store (in this case almost all). Probably they are just setting it right and will hopefully be clear in the near future. I also saw almost all the lifts (elevators) inside the store are not fitted at all and saw scores of men working on them to get it fitted inside the store among the shoppers.

I don’t know why there were so much hurry in opening this shop without getting it ready full before opening it for the general public!!

Otherwise of the products were displayed in a neat and efficient manner in the whole store. The staffs were courteous mostly and ready to help, although tough to find the crowd. But I too saw some staff themselves finding it hard to locate stuff that was being inquired!

I could not find the staff when I needed them at many places and had to wade through sections to find the staff to get help! Eventually I managed to finish up my shopping after visiting all the sections of the store. And surprisingly billing was done in a jiffy because each section had its own billing counters unlike their other store in Chennai where all the billings have to be done at a single point although with many cash tills.

I also had a feeling that they had stuffed up almost everything that you would need to run your home. Although most of them in very small quantities. I even saw books being displayed in just a single shelf and nowhere else in the store! I also noticed that most of the products being sold at Future Bazaar being sold at Big Bazaar at the same rates mentioned at Future Bazaar(minus shipping charges).

As usual there were way too many offers as one would associate with Big Bazaar these days, like buy one and take one free, buy two and take two free and so on. The special offer for the weekend to mention was that if you buy stuff from Big Bazaar for Rs. 1999 and above you would be getting 5 kg of rice and 2 kg of Sugar! I inquired about Big Bazaar's famous Independence Day offer but got a reply that it will be known only on that day or a day before and most offers would be very similar to the existing offers on Independence Day.

Overall I felt neither too impressed nor too bad about this new Big Bazaar Store which I will be frequenting in the days to come for sure for regular shopping or at least for the window shopping ;-).

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Some Prominent Online Offers Exclusively for Rakhi

I am sharing some prominent offers that I found for Raksha Bandhan (Rakhi) online from various shopping portals and others. It seems like Raksha Bandhan is one of the important festival for all these shopping portals in India as they seem to have lined up more offers than before for Rakhi and have even dedicated separate sections for Rakhi Gifts. They surely are targeting those living abroad for living and NRIs who have their brothers or sisters in India and/or vice versa who have to choose this option of exchanging Rakhi and gifts online which, I too feel is safe and secure rather than going for offline route of buying it offline and sending it through regular post ourselves!

First offer which caught my eyes is on Indiatimes Shopping, which is currently selling rakhi gifts in India and abroad at 50% discounted price and they are also giving away free watch for every Rakhi shopping made through them. They have a wide range of Rakhi hampers to choose from for both sisters and brothers.

You can find Indiatimes Rakhi Offer here.

This is a surprise here, MobileNxt, the latest portal exclusively dedicated only for mobiles and accessories and more is from the house of Network 18. They are actually launching at least a site or TV channel it seems and this is another portal from them which offers wide range of mobile phones at cheaper price (where else we heard this!). MobileNxt have come up with an exclusive Rakhi offer of delivering mobile phones across India to around 1200 cities for just Rs. 2. Apart from this, I feel most of the mobile phones are sold at reasonable price and I could find almost all brands and models here in one place for the first time in India.

You can find more about MobileNxt Offer on Rakhi here.

Indiaplaza has an exclusive hamper which contains a Ganpati as well as kaju and kesar katli (250 gms each). It also has the rakhi card and tikka, chawal, gold plated coin and of course some rakhis. It is priced at Rs. 249 and there are no shipping charges too.

Sify Shopping is offering free Pearl Pendant on every Rakhi purchase made at their exclusive Rahki Store. They have gift hampers starting from Rs. 350 and more. If your purchase value is above Rs. 1000 and more you will get free Provogue Sunglass which is said to be worth Rs. 1500.

You can get to know more about Sify Offer here.

Rediff Shopping at this time is only offering free shipping and money back guarantee for the rakhi gifts that you send. And they are offering all stuffs you look for gifting someone during rakhi.

Since there are hardly only 6 days from now for Rakhi, and if you cannot actually make up to send the gifts across to your brother or sister you can always send the Rakhi ecards on the day of rakhi and you will be forgiven even if your gifts are sent late.

Pic courtesy Indiaplaza and Rediff.

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August 9, 2008

Get Windows Home Server DVD For Free

Microsoft is currently giving away free Windows Home Server DVD to try out for 120 days. This is said to be the world’s first stay-at-home server from Microsoft and they are giving it for free for 120 days to try it and experience how it works, etc. This is shipped across the world in most countries and especially in India too, you can get it delivered for free without even needing to pay the shipping charges, which otherwise they normally charge for all other trials of their products.

You can visit this page on what exactly is Windows Home Server and how it works for you. You can know more about its features here. And more tips and tricks on Windows Home Server is given here.

You will getting these three DVD and CDs along with your free trial of Windows Home Server order:

• Windows Home Server Installation DVD
• Windows Home Server Connector CD
• Home Computer Restore CD

To order this free trial DVD you need to visit this page and select the country in which you want Microsoft to ship it, for us obviously choose India and fill in your email ID, name, and address and phone number and submit.

You have the option of receiving it in standard postal mail which will take around two to four weeks to get delivered or you can choose the International Courier which will take about one to three weeks to deliver internationally. And the notable point is that both these delivery option is free and no shipping charges and hence I would suggest you to go for the international courier option which is more safer and quicker to receive.

Also remember that since this is only a 120 day trial DVD, you cannot use it as soon as your trial expires from the day you start using it. And will most probably need to buy it to continue using it and will be rendered useless after that unless you buy it.

Just visit this page to start ordering your Free Trial DVD of Windows Home Server.

This offer was shared to me by Dharmesh Kalwanis

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August 8, 2008

Get Johnson’s Baby Top-to-Toe Wash Sample Free

This offer is for all those out there who have a baby or going to conceive a baby soon. Johnson and Johnson which runs a portal on baby care called Baby Center is currently giving away free samples of their new product (or not so new product) called Johnson’s Baby Top-to-Toe Wash. This is an unique product used to bathe your baby without the need for those harsh soaps. They are giving away the free sample of this product, Top To Toe Wash, to promote it more. This is also a limited period offer and valid only till stocks last and you can find this offer here.

Johnson and Johnson who has and sells one of the largest baby care products in India actually runs a specialized baby care portal namely Babycenter which has all the necessary info you ever need on baby care. I have blogged about them giving away free calendar which have posted here and now they have come up this free sample of Johnson’s Baby tip to toe wash.

This Johnson’s Baby Top-to-Toe wash is an unique product and is claimed to be as mild as the pure water to bathe your baby.

If you cannot avail this offer, you can actually share this offer with someone who is having a baby or at least going to conceive soon. This will be beneficial for them.

You need to fill out a small form with details about yourself and your baby and submit it to avail the free sample.

This offer is valid only till stocks last and hence you need to hurry and submit the info quickly to get this offer.

You can actually avail this offer here.

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August 5, 2008

25% Cash Back at Futurebazaar with Deutsche Bank Credit Card

Just use your Deutsche Bank Credit Card to Shop at Futurebazaar and get a flat 25% cash back. You can shop for anything and everything at Future Bazaar to avail this offer. There is no specified limit set for the purchase at all. You can shop for any amount and get the cash back. This is the first time that such huge cash back being offered from a credit card company, at least as far as I know! And yes this offer is valid only if you used your Deutsche bank Credit card to make the purchase and others cannot avail this.

But there is a catch here too and that is the cash back is limited to the maximum of Rs. 500 only and this is per order. And this offer is also valid only for the first 2500 customers who buy using their Duetsche Bank Credit Card at Future Bazaar. The cash back amount will be credit back to your account in the following month’s statement.

You can also avail the regular discounts and offers currently given by Future Bazar currently and you can combine any other offers along with this offer.

I personally feel that it is one good offer that I have seen after a long time that too from a credit card company. But sadly I don’t have the Deutsche Bank Credit Card to avail it. Probably any of you who had used up this offer can share their experience here and how useful this offer is here at the comments.

You can find more info about this offer here.

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August 4, 2008

Get DVD Movie Titles for Rs. 1 at Futurebazaar

Futurebazaar is currently running an offer where you can buy DVD movie titles for Rs. 1 Each. There are around five movie titles only which you can buy through this offer. You have to shell out Rs. 45 as shipping cost for each DVD though. This is a limited period offer from Futurebazaar and are applicable on the movie titles that is being sold at the moment which I have given it below.

The DVD movies titles in which they are currently offering are given below with the original price in parenthesis,

Jab We Met (Rs. 49)
Shaurya (Rs. 49)
Rang De Basanti (Rs. 69)
Unleashed (Rs. 149)
The Myth (Rs. 149)

You can buy any one or all the movie titles listed above but you will need to pay Rs. 45 as shipping charges for each movie titles you buy. This is what perplexing me! Why do we need to pay shipping charges separately while they send it all in one pack and that too Rs. 45 as shipping charges is a bit high though for each title.

This offer is very similar to the offer or auction in which eBay used to sell products at Rs. 1 and they will make up with original price as shipping cost alone. Suppose if a product’s original price is Rs. 500 and they will sell it for Rs. 1 and they will charge you a whopping shipping charge as Rs. 499!!! This looks similar to that but somewhat reasonable though.

Although Futurebazaar is a new kid on the block when it comes to online shopping sites but they have got huge fan following with regard to the offers they have come up with including me. I like them also because of their no or low shipping charges. But with offers like this they too are behaving just like other online shopping portals!

If you are the kind of guy who buy the DVD movie titles online or offline and that too original DVDs rather than the pirated ones which are available for much cheaper price in local market or won’t even like to watch the movies through movie rental services (I guess only a few will fall into this category though!), then you can utilize this offer. Consider it this way that you are paying for the movie Rs. 46 and getting it without paying the shipping charges which almost all online shopping portals charge you to deliver it. You can go for the higher priced DVD, i.e., the English titles namely Unleashed and The Myth too to get maximum benefit out of this offer.

Else this is not a worthy offer to go for it. Just wanted to share it that’s all.

You can know more about this offer here.

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Get 10% Cash Back at eBay with ICICI Credit Cards

After their previous offer of 10% cash back for ICICI Netbanking users which was discussed in one of my previous post, now eBay has introduced same or similar offer previously which is now extended to the ICICI Bank Credit Card Holders. This time this offer is only for the ICICI Credit Card holders and not for others. This offer was also brought to you buy eBay India and not the ICICI Bank.

Just like their previous offer, you get 10% flat cash back on the total amount you pay for the product which includes that of the delivery charges that you pay. This offer is also applicable for any product you buy from eBay India. The cash back amount will be credited back to your credit card account within 21 days of the purchase.

Now, there is also an option of paying back in easy installments if you buy through your ICICI Bank Credit Card and you still get the cash back. You can pay back in three or six monthly EMIs. There is no interest amount charged for this EMI. No approval required and can be processed instantly and will get the cash back too. But for this EMI scheme you need to visit their exclusive page dedicated for EMI and you can shop only from those pages, which is given here.

No two offers presently available in eBay can be combined with this cash back offer. If you cancel any of your order after purchase then obviously this offer is not valid.

This offer is valid from July 31, 2008 to September 30, 2008.

You can find more details about this offer here.

This offer was shared to me by Ashish Batra and Sanjay Chhabra.

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August 1, 2008

Get a Euro D’sign Watch Free from Future Bazaar

To add to my post of yesterday about Futurebazaar and ICICI Bank Credit Card Offer, here is another offer where Futurebazaar is giving away an Euro D’sign watch absolutely free for all the ICICI Bank Credit Card Customers. It is said to be worth Rs. 1200. All you need to avail this offer is to call them and order the same by paying shipping and handling charges of Rs. 399!

There is no catch in this offer if you hold a ICICI Bank Credit Card except that you need to pay the shipping and handling charge or Rs. 399. All you need to do is to call Futurebazaar customer care number 1800-2090-410 or 022-4049 0410 and ask them the free gift! This is not available online, as far as I have researched about it.

This Euro D’sign watch comes with IPS plating and also leather strap and Japanese movment along with the original Japanese Battery. The Australian alloy case comes with a two year replacement warranty. I guess this is a gents watch, from the look of it.

But I doubt why they are charging Rs. 399 for shipping and handling charges! After it is a small watch and why you need that much for shipping. But if this watch, Euro Dsign Quartz, is really worth Rs. 1200 then I would feel that you are buying it for Rs. 399 and hence getting good discount that’s all. Else this is not a worthy offer that ICICI has to offer as this is just another offer which many offer with so many hidden conditions and charges.

If someone has already brought this watch, can tell its worthiness here, so that others can decide to go for it or not.

Futurebazaar is also offering 15 days unconditional return if you are not satisfied with product. Hence ask about it when order the products for both yesterday's offer posted here and for this free watch offer.

Anyway if you are planning to buy a watch to gift someone this is an ideal choice for just Rs. 399 and even get it delivered at the place you wanted them to.

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