August 5, 2008

25% Cash Back at Futurebazaar with Deutsche Bank Credit Card

Just use your Deutsche Bank Credit Card to Shop at Futurebazaar and get a flat 25% cash back. You can shop for anything and everything at Future Bazaar to avail this offer. There is no specified limit set for the purchase at all. You can shop for any amount and get the cash back. This is the first time that such huge cash back being offered from a credit card company, at least as far as I know! And yes this offer is valid only if you used your Deutsche bank Credit card to make the purchase and others cannot avail this.

But there is a catch here too and that is the cash back is limited to the maximum of Rs. 500 only and this is per order. And this offer is also valid only for the first 2500 customers who buy using their Duetsche Bank Credit Card at Future Bazaar. The cash back amount will be credit back to your account in the following month’s statement.

You can also avail the regular discounts and offers currently given by Future Bazar currently and you can combine any other offers along with this offer.

I personally feel that it is one good offer that I have seen after a long time that too from a credit card company. But sadly I don’t have the Deutsche Bank Credit Card to avail it. Probably any of you who had used up this offer can share their experience here and how useful this offer is here at the comments.

You can find more info about this offer here.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Has anyone got this Deutsche bank cashback? I made a purchase worth Rs. 2750 with my Deutsche Bank credit card from futurebazaar on the second day(of the 60 day offer) and I wasn't given any cashback. They told me that 2500 orders were recieved before that, which is a blatant lie as the total number of orders received by futurebazaar is far less than 2500. In my view this was a fraud scheme. Beware of Deutsche bank in the future.