August 12, 2008

Answer 3 Questions and Win Mummy 3 Merchandise

Aol India is currently conducting a contest whereas if you would be able to answer three simple questions you could walk away with a free laptop bag and/or other cool merchandise from the movie Mummy 3 (Tomb of the Dragon Emperor) promoted by AOL Contest. This is an exclusive contest from Aol India which is conducting this contest to promote this movie Mummy Tomb of the Dragon Emperor. It has been named as Mummy Mummified Contest.

They even have a separate page dedicated on the movie Mummy 3 with trailers, synopsis, galleries, wallpapers, games, etc. You can find this here.

To enter the contest all you need to do is to visit this page and answer the three questions given there and although the questions are simple if you had watched the movie you can find the hints for the questions there itself. After answering the three questions, just fill up your details and that’s it, if you are lucky enough you could be walking away with any of the prizes mentioned.

All the terms and conditions for the contest can be found in the contest page itself.

There is no last date mentioned for this contest. Just try this contest, as it takes just seconds to finish it and if you are lucky you could win some of the prizes given away by them, there is nothing wrong in trying it out, isnt? I just love contests like these, as there is no fuss or sweat to try it out and if luck follows you, you might end up with any of the free stuff even though not the grand stuff!

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Anonymous said...

plz answer
1) Who plays the resurrected Dragon Emperor?

3)Who breaks the curse and awakens the Dragon Emperor from his eternal slumber?

Rajesh said...

1) Jet Li
3) Alex O'Connell (Luke Ford)