August 21, 2008

Deccan Chronicle (DC) Deal of the Day Offers

I found this site which is actually from house of Deccan Chronicle, which is offering a new deal every day which ranges from MP3 player to Pendrive, to electric kettle, etc. It is being updated daily and being advertised on DC Newspaper on a daily basis, almost.

They offer discounts and deals even up 50% sometimes and it all depends on the day. Today’s deal is an electric kettle which is being sold at Rs. 475 as against the original price of Rs. 1299. And some offers that are still currently running are a Creative Zen Stone Plus 2 GB MP3 Player being sold at Rs. 2295 as against the original price of Rs. 3199. Another day I saw Sony 4 GB Walkman MP3 Player being sold at Rs. 4499 as against the original price of Rs. 6990 with free key chain.

And similarly Sandisk pendrives are also being currently offered with around 50% discount on the site, do check them out.

Although some offers are not worth because you tend to get the same price elsewhere too or even lesser. But sometimes you might end up with good deals, and it is better to check them regularly, but if you read the Deccan Chronicle daily then you can look there for daily deals rather than visiting the site itself. You can also actually add this site to your favorites to check out the deals every now and then and grab any of the deals which is really worth it to go for.

Some of the previous day's deals are still active at the DC Deal of the day under different dates as active deals which you can check and buy if you feel you have missed out on some of the previous days' deals due to various reasons. But you can find at the maximum only back to a month's deal there. Although as mentioned not all the deals advertised on the Deccan Chronicle News Paper for this offer is worth it to buy, but some are. All you have to do is to look for them at the DC News Paper whenever you could lay a hand on it. Do check for other shopping websites and/or your nearest store before buying any product to makes sure that you are indeed making a wise purchase and getting a good deal.

You can read the terms and conditions before proceeding to buy using this deal at If you have any feedback or queries regarding this deal of the day offer, you can contact Deccan Chronicle through this link.

You can check out their site, DC Deal of the Day, for daily deals.

If you wish to receive more such offers and deals daily delivered in your email, you can actually subscribe to this blog via email or through a blog reader.


Anonymous said...

they have mentioned samsung c170 rs 2299 but the actual market price in univercell listed as 2019 only

Shiva said...

If you are planning to buy using this offer from DC Deal of the day, it is advisable to verify the product price elsewhere and see whether indeed it is worth the price mentioned after the discounts and deals. Since there have been reports which suggested to me that we can buy the same products sold here through deal of the day, being sold at lesser price.

It is worth it to give it a try by researching on the product that you buy. This would be applicable for all offers and deals that you see online.

But if you find the offers genuine, you can go ahead and avail this offer.