August 21, 2008

Free "Boost Your Vocabulary" Book from Reader’s Digest

If you have a huge gang of friends, you can actually capitalize on that by giving their names and address details to Reader’s Digest and get yourself a free copy of “Boost Your Vocabulary” book. You need to refer them 14 of them, it can be your friends or relatives or anyone whom you know as long as they don’t live at the same house you reside. You will also be entered in a draw conducted by Reader’s Digest India where you will have a chance to win prizes like gold or cash, etc. This offer is only available in India though. Those who already have been subscribed to Reader's Digest might be knowing this as they advertise this regularly on Reader's Digest every month.

To get this Boost Your Vocabulary booklet free just visit this page and you need to just enter the details of yourself and your friends; like their name, address, phone number, age and occupation and enter 14 of them and submit and get yourself this free book with some days. Which they will send it across to you soon to the address that you have mentioned. There is also an option of choosing whether you want to be entered into the draw of lot for the grand prizes as said above.

But remember that all these friends you refer will be sent the Reader’s Digest promotional material to subscribe to their magazine with your name on it and hence be aware of this fact and refer only those friends or others who won’t mind this. They will also be frequently contacted through mailers by Reader’s Digest for every promotion they come up with. But they send only the promotions and nothing to worry about it as there is no compulsion or pressure to buy anything from them, everything is voluntary.

There is also another offer going on at Reader’s Digest and that is of getting Reader’s Digest Joy, an exclusive magazine for women, as a free trial. All you need to do to get this free trial of this magazine is to register there for free. For more details, you can actually read about this free trial offer from Reader’s Digest Joy here.

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Anonymous said...

Oh no, please don't do this to your friends. Reader's Digest is a fine magazine, but their tactics are twisted. I get a heavy mail once a month, claiming to give me some 28,00,0000 or so Rs, if I just reply. If you give the names and addresses, they will surely send the same spam mail to you as well as your friends.

Please spare your friends!

██▓๑۩۞۩๑$åÑðÊêÞ~ ●~Rockz~●๑۩۞۩๑██▓ said...

So what??
Just ignore those msgs.
Will they send you to the prison if you dont give money????

Abhishek said...

Hey I agree with Anonymous,Sandeep!
Spamming is really a hateful thing..
You cant imaging their skills in spamming..

Anonymous said...

They waste so much paper in that spam mail, it is not worth the book. Save some paper (and in effect, trees), don't support spam mails.

Anonymous said...

time waste really....zzzzzzzzzz''''