August 26, 2008

Get Cash Back of Rs. 50 on IRCTC with ICICI Debit Card

After my previous posting about offers on ICICI Debit Card. There has been another offer which is currently going on with ICICI Debit Card where you will be getting Rs. 50 as cash back if you use your ICICI Bank Debit Card to pay at IRCTC to book your train tickets. For this offer the minimum amount you need to transact is Rs. 500 to get this cash back offer. It is valid only for ICICI Debit Card or ICICI Bank Accounts users who have debit cards.

To avail this offer, you need to login to IRCTC and select your travel details and choose the option of ICICI Bank PG at the credit cards section and pay accordingly using your debit card. Remember that you should be having the ICICI Bank internet banking user ID and password in order to transact to use this offer. If you don’t have one you can always get one from easily within minutes and then try this offer.

If you are actually planning use IRCTC to buy train tickets anyway you can utilize this offer to get the cash back. If you are planning to buy up and down tickets you can do it twice and get the cash back of Rs. 50 each time. You can actually book tickets for the festive season now itself or a little later as there has been a provision that you can book it three months in advance and hence you can avoid the rush which prevails during the holiday season and hence avoiding disappointment of not getting the tickets for your holiday in India elsewhere. This offer would also be a boon for those regular travelers who travel across India for business or official purposes and hence can maximum benefit from it.

This offer is valid from July 15, 2008 to January 15, 2009.

You can find more details about this offer here. You can read the terms and conditions on this offer here.

This offer was shared to me by Anshuman Goyal.

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Anonymous said...

Cheating by ICICI. ICICI Offered cash back for railway ticket booking through IRCTC. But they didn't cash back the amount even after one month follow up also. All T&C are met. They are not answering on mail queries too. No way to contact customer care as it always say "due to exceptional number of calls they are not able to handle. Call later.".

ICICI Bank is violating the code of conduct by giving false offers. RBI should action on them.

Anonymous said...

I got cashback of INR 150 for IRCTC/VBP service. It took times but it happened. SO just wait and watch!!!

Anonymous said...

Even I also got a cashback of 50 Rs. today.

sidhant said...


Thanks for posting such a great information on India railways, but I think the main issue with IRCTC is the REFUND.
The refund policy is very bad, it may take more then 3-4 months even after many followups via emails and even send a written complaint to the GM of Indian Railways as directed by the admin of .. This is the only drawback, our Govt. should take some action and improve the refund policy so that customer do not face at least refund problem.