August 28, 2008

Get English Fluency Thru Self-Study Handbook for Free

Fluentzy which is one of the oldest and famous English language teaching guide has been giving away a free handbook on “How to pick up fluency in English through self-study”. This is from the house of Adult Faculties which is headquartered in Kerala. They have been in this field of teaching English since 1971 and have a great experience and knowledge on teaching English fluency.

Fluentzy is claimed to be the English fluency encyclopedia and the world’s first system for fluency building. Their main aim in this course material that they sell is to improve your fluency through self-study materials which they will send it across to you as soon as you pay for them. These study materials have been prepared by Prof. Kev Nair who I guess has been around for a while teaching fluency and other English skills among a whole lot of people. It seems this English fluency course of Fluentzy has been brought from even other countries other than India, around 66 of them, which even includes U.S., U.K, Australia, etc. They also claim that you could have a great English fluency within three months if you read their course.

Apart from selling their Fleuntzy course to improve fluency they also sell various dictionaries to improve your vocabulary, like dictionary on complete fluency words, fluency phrases, thesaurus, etc.

Now, they are giving away a free handbook of around 40 pages “How to pick up fluency in English through self-study” just for free, no questions asked. All you need to do is to send them your name and full address through various means like phone, email, SMS, fax, etc and you could get them delivered to your address for free (but along with the promotional material for the Fluentzy course though!).

To get this free handbook on fluency, you need to send your name address through any of the modes given here, send an email to You can also call Adult Faculties at 0484-2538449, 2408361 to give your details to get the handbook for free. You can also SMS your name and address to 98471-73284 to claim it. Or you can fax your details to 2408361.

Your can visit their site and order an ebook of the same handbook to be delivered to your email ID as well as gift the same ebook to your friends or relatives for free here.

You can also know more about this handbook and how to get it and their course materials on English Fluency and other details here.

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Dheeraj said...

nothing has come as of yet in my e-mail ID. Iregistered two days ago.

Ashish Kaushik said...

No Email, No book and No communication

it has been more than 12 days now..