August 22, 2008

Get Free Blue Planet Run Ebook For Free (Must Download)

Blue Planet Run is an amazing book on conserving water and so about. It has some cool collection of photographs on water and life around water. The same book (hard cover) is being sold at $32.85 at Amazon right now. But they are right now giving away the online version of the same book in an ebook (PDF) format for free which you can download it now. This is being done to let the message reach to more people on conserving water which is of late being becoming a hard to get stuff everywhere.

You can help them even by buying them the hardcover version of the ebook and help in their noble cause, else you can always download the PDF version for free and save $32.85 and spread it across to let everyone know how precious water is. As it is said that in another around 20-25 years or lesser drinking water will become scarce for most of us in this world.

This book also has lots of photos from India too where it is being shown how we use water on our daily basis in different aspects of life like rituals at Ganges, fighting to get the water from tanker lorries, crowd gathered around the water pump to get a pot of water, and so on. It also features our very own Anna Hazare and Medha Patkar depicting them as water heroes.

After going through this book, it really made a dent on me on how we waste water here and how people across even find hard to get even a pot of water to drink. It really is an excellent book to get the message across and a must download, I should say.

I downloaded it and found that most of the photos in the book to be of high quality and really good to get the message across on saving water. It also explains us how people waste or use or save or fight or toil hard for water.

You can download the PDF version of the Blue Planet Run Ebook at Amazon here. Or you can download it directly here.

Just wanted to do my bit on this noble cause and hence sharing it here. As well as you get the $32.85 worth book for free! ;-) Thanks Amit.

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