August 14, 2008

Get Free Life Insurance Worth Rs. 15,000 at Big Bazaar

After the post about Big Bazaar’s Sale yesterday, where I have mentioned about free insurance coverage worth Rs. 15,000 with every purchase you make at Big Bazaar. To add it up, this is actually a life insurance policy in which they are giving it away for free. If you could pay Rs. 50 extra, you will get the policy worth Rs. 30,000 rather than Rs. 15,000 policy. This is brought in association with the Future Generali Insurance which is actually part of Future Group which owns the Big Bazaar. This is an actual life insurance policy and not the regular accidental policy which makes it special, while many insurance companies give away free accidental insurance policy only not the life insurance policy.

Future Generali Insurance is a total insurance solution brought in collaboration between Future Group India and Generali Group of Italy. As you might be knowing that Future Group owns Big Bazaar, Future Bazaar, and Pantaloon and other retail groups. They have ventured into the insurance sector recently with a joint venture from Generali Group and have come up with this Future Generali Insurance in India.

Hence to promote Future Generali Insurance, they have come up with this offer of giving away free insurance policies for those who make purchases at Big Bazaar. Here the purchase means anything, it can be just a 5 Rupees chocolate or anything higher. They just needed the bill number to enter in your policy details to get this insurance policy for free. But remember that since they are doing it to collect data of yours, you might get calls from them in the future to buy their other insurance products which you can actually deny if you are not interested though. If you are okay with this, then go for this offer.

To avail this offer, just make a purchase at Big Bazaar during their offer period of August 13 to August 17 and they will give you the forms across the Big Bazaar to fill it out and submit at the exit along with your bill number. After getting the filled form they will immediately give you your insurance certificate without any further documentation and other processes and this is the specialty of this offer.

This process of giving away insurance certificate seem to be known as Insta Insurance and I guess it is first of its kind offered by Future Generali. Here you will be getting the insurance certificate worth Rs. 15,000 which can be utilized upon the unfortunate death of the insured person regardless of how. Even natural death is covered in this process. Although this sum assured is low, I know, but who cares as it is given free anyway. The same can be claimed at any of the Big Bazaar outlets. If you want to purchase the Future Generali insurance in the future, you can actually get it done at the Future Money outlets at all Big Bazaar Stores.

I would suggest that you buy from different sections and get different bills at Big Bazaar and get yourself more bills and get separate free insurance for each bill that you use for more members of your family.

Just pay Rs. 50 extra and convert that Rs. 15,000 insurance to Rs. 30,000 insurance. This offer is only valid from August 13 to August 17, 2008.

You can know more about Future Generali Insurance, here.

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