August 9, 2008

Get Windows Home Server DVD For Free

Microsoft is currently giving away free Windows Home Server DVD to try out for 120 days. This is said to be the world’s first stay-at-home server from Microsoft and they are giving it for free for 120 days to try it and experience how it works, etc. This is shipped across the world in most countries and especially in India too, you can get it delivered for free without even needing to pay the shipping charges, which otherwise they normally charge for all other trials of their products.

You can visit this page on what exactly is Windows Home Server and how it works for you. You can know more about its features here. And more tips and tricks on Windows Home Server is given here.

You will getting these three DVD and CDs along with your free trial of Windows Home Server order:

• Windows Home Server Installation DVD
• Windows Home Server Connector CD
• Home Computer Restore CD

To order this free trial DVD you need to visit this page and select the country in which you want Microsoft to ship it, for us obviously choose India and fill in your email ID, name, and address and phone number and submit.

You have the option of receiving it in standard postal mail which will take around two to four weeks to get delivered or you can choose the International Courier which will take about one to three weeks to deliver internationally. And the notable point is that both these delivery option is free and no shipping charges and hence I would suggest you to go for the international courier option which is more safer and quicker to receive.

Also remember that since this is only a 120 day trial DVD, you cannot use it as soon as your trial expires from the day you start using it. And will most probably need to buy it to continue using it and will be rendered useless after that unless you buy it.

Just visit this page to start ordering your Free Trial DVD of Windows Home Server.

This offer was shared to me by Dharmesh Kalwanis

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Naveen said...

Your site is providing most informative news. Thanks a lot

Continue your good work.

arif said...

yes i got my windows home server dvd within 5 days of my ordering.
great info man.
i got in fedex courier very proffesional service i got dvd in 5 days.
thanx a lot.
good job
keep it up man.