August 11, 2008

Review on New Big Bazaar Store at Pondy Bazaar in Chennai

Just to move away slightly from posting offers, I just thought to review the new Big Bazaar Store which recently opened its new branch in Chennai that I visited recently. This is just to break the monotony I have been going through all these months and hope to more such reviews on new or existing stores and/or online stores or shopping portals every now and then, probably something else useful related to shopping and offers in India in the future.

This Sunday I visited the newly opened and much advertised and publicized Big Bazaar which recently opened its new branch at Pondy Bazaar which is located at T. Nagar which is one of the busiest shopping place in Chennai and much crowded too. This is just the second store in Chennai after their previous store at Saligramam near Vadapalani which I felt was one of the bigger store in Chennai. I also heard that they are also planning to open nearly 10 more stores in Chennai.

Big Bazar was actually opened in Pondy Bazaar on August 6, 2008. But as said above I visited the store on August 10, 2008, Sunday. As usual as, one would expect with Big Bazaar, the store inside was crowded for a Sunday morning visit.

The store actually has five floors including the basement. The basement consists of all the groceries, vegetables and fruits, commonly referred to as Food Bazaar. The beauty products and mobile phones (MBazaar) is located at the ground floor. The first floor has the menswear and men’s accessories, shoes, etc. The second floor has womenswear and kidswear as well as books and toys for kids. The third floor is dedicated to crockery and other kitchenware. The fourth floor has the electronics shops and the furniture shops.

This is an entirely different setup than their previous store here in Chennai which actually has just one floor (i.e., the ground floor) and all the sections mentioned above are displayed in that whole floor. This new setup at this new store looks easier to look for products that you want, although not all of them are arranged in proper manner (probably because they are just trying to fit in all the stuffs only now).

I did not try their parking lot, as I managed to park outside their store at Pondy Bazaar and hence could not comment on it, but I felt there were enough space for exclusive parking for them. I also found it extremely hard to enter the store due to many confusing entry points (most of them are closed or either guarded and entry and exit were restricted!). Finally, I was guided through a staircase for entry which led to the first floor directly to the store instead of ground floor or basement which both had entry points but was restricted to enter, although there were pointers showing them as the entry points to the store!

I guess they have opened the shop very urgently, at least from the outset on how the shop looks and managed and arranged gave me this impression. Almost most of the pathways leading to various sections were blocked with carton boxes and stuffs like that. This was also was evident on the entry point which was rather confusing for anyone who first visits their store (in this case almost all). Probably they are just setting it right and will hopefully be clear in the near future. I also saw almost all the lifts (elevators) inside the store are not fitted at all and saw scores of men working on them to get it fitted inside the store among the shoppers.

I don’t know why there were so much hurry in opening this shop without getting it ready full before opening it for the general public!!

Otherwise of the products were displayed in a neat and efficient manner in the whole store. The staffs were courteous mostly and ready to help, although tough to find the crowd. But I too saw some staff themselves finding it hard to locate stuff that was being inquired!

I could not find the staff when I needed them at many places and had to wade through sections to find the staff to get help! Eventually I managed to finish up my shopping after visiting all the sections of the store. And surprisingly billing was done in a jiffy because each section had its own billing counters unlike their other store in Chennai where all the billings have to be done at a single point although with many cash tills.

I also had a feeling that they had stuffed up almost everything that you would need to run your home. Although most of them in very small quantities. I even saw books being displayed in just a single shelf and nowhere else in the store! I also noticed that most of the products being sold at Future Bazaar being sold at Big Bazaar at the same rates mentioned at Future Bazaar(minus shipping charges).

As usual there were way too many offers as one would associate with Big Bazaar these days, like buy one and take one free, buy two and take two free and so on. The special offer for the weekend to mention was that if you buy stuff from Big Bazaar for Rs. 1999 and above you would be getting 5 kg of rice and 2 kg of Sugar! I inquired about Big Bazaar's famous Independence Day offer but got a reply that it will be known only on that day or a day before and most offers would be very similar to the existing offers on Independence Day.

Overall I felt neither too impressed nor too bad about this new Big Bazaar Store which I will be frequenting in the days to come for sure for regular shopping or at least for the window shopping ;-).

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Anonymous said...

I went to pondy Bazaar branch on Sunday, could not get trousers of size 36 in any of the section. I guess stocks are less here compared to branch in Vadapalani.

Shiva said...

That could also be because they wanted to stuff most of the products in minimal amount of space...

Anonymous said...

Hey Big bazaar Mahabachat (ie independence day) offer starts from 13th august till 17th August,I saw ad in TV yest...So happy independence day and happy shopping in advance to all for this weekend :)

bkiran63 said...

they opened early to compete with the Saravanna stores which is opening its stores in vadapalani soon. So the competition starts from now onwards

Shiva said...

@bkiran63, you are absolutely right, big bazaar can be compared with our very own Saravana Stores in Chennai which sells anything and everything that we need to run our life, but but Big Bazaar's products are a bit coslier than saravana stores though!

bkiran63 said...

Saravanna stores is cheaper but the quality is not there, but in big bazaar we can expect the quality and also the service is very good in Big Bazaar when compared to saravanna stores.

Shiva said...

Guys, do also check out my blog post on the big bazaar independence day offer here,

Kunal said...

Love to be a member of ur blogpost, all offers that u post are great. Learned about the new big bazaar store through this blog only, will be going to T nagar this weekend for some shopping, thanks for the Info, Products are already on my shpopping list.

ANyways, can i have ur email id, cos some times it so happens that i see a blogpost after the offer is complete. Or please add my email to ur immediate offer notification list.

Peaople u can also check out how i utilised offers from Giftmate here:

Also If u need any feedback on TataSky as a service, checkout my blog..


Anonymous said...

If you really look Saravana Stores offers wide range of goods both branded one and unbranded , and also prices are attractive , but I do not find anything that is attractive in Big Bazzar except AC and in interiors .

Swaminathan said...

Yesterday I went to BigBazaar Pondy Bazaar Chennai to enquire abour 4 burner gas stove. First I went to fourth Floor, where home applicance were kept, I saw four sales representatives standing near the billing counter and chatting. No one had any intention to as for my requirement. I saw all the products kept on the display, either there is no price tag or the model numbers in the products. I went to the billing counter were the sales representatives standing and asked about the 4 burner gas stove price and any modles available to see. They looked at each other and started their conversation again without responding to my queries.

Is there any customer care in Big Bazaar. Its a big question.

maran said...

15 days before i order the sofa cum bed funiture after 20th i got it and to fit the sofa man after 3 days that sofa cum bed slider and srews or not fit in warehouse how they checking and send it to costumer still am not satified support. am not still get so for.

maran said...

10 days before order sofa cum bed in t.nagar branch but i get after 20 days they send person to fit after 4th day the person came to fit funiture but all size of slider and screws are different how they sending product without checking it in warehouse this unhappy with as of big store