August 18, 2008

Some Notable Offers on Your ICICI Bank Debit Card

You will be getting assured cash back of Rs. 100 if you use your ICICI Debit Card for three times to total Rs. 3000 between July 10, 2008 and September 30, 2008. The total value for the whole shopping should cross Rs. 3000 to be eligible for this offer. Although the cash back amount can be less but just think that instead of using cash to purchase for your regular shopping, use your ICICI Bank Debit Card and get that cash back of Rs. 100, which would be at least some saving for you!

To explain more, if you use for Rs. 1000 in each transaction in your ICICI Debit Card and spend Rs. 3000 within the offer period of September 30, 2008 you will be getting the cash back of Rs. 100 just for using your debit card, that’s all. Just try to use your debit card instead of cash or credit card to pay for your shopping during this offer period.

Also another offer is that if you use your ICICI Debit Card to pay your bills online through Visabillpay you will be getting an assured cash back of Rs. 50. This includes all your mobile, landline, insurance, electricity bills, etc. Check Visa Bill Pay Just use your ICICI Debit Card at Visa Bill Pay India and get this cash back.

Just imagine that instead of going over to your service provider’s place to pay your bills, just use your debit card to pay the bills and get the cash back of Rs. 50! Just a small saving anyway. And also you might be saving on your petrol charges and time too! Also a convenient way to pay your bills too.

Also I want to share a nice free option which ICICI bank offers to the customers. That is Click2Call facility.

To explain this option of Click 2 Call, if you are looking for information on any ICICI Bank product like home loans, car loans, business loans, credit cards, fixed deposit, and savings account and current account instead of you calling them you can just visit this page on and give your details there to get a call back from ICICI rather than us waiting for hours at their customer service helpline or searching to get information for the same.

And if you want to apply for their products, they will be sending you the representative at your place to get it done and all this done at the convenience of your home or office!

Just give your contact details and the convenient time for you to get the call, that’s all. Also there is an option of getting back the call immediately from them if you need the information urgently. To avail this offer you don’t have to be an ICICI Bank customer.

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Anonymous said...

I did not find any advt. on regarding cashback of rs.100 on 3 transactions totalling 3000. The only offer is 50 cashback for online bill payment and booking of tickets. If somebody finds rs.100 cashback offer then please tell me.