September 29, 2008

Lowest Price Challenge with 60% Cash Back at Indiatimes Shopping

As you might have seen this offer about 60% cash back from Indiatimes Shopping which I have shared it here. This was an exclusive Navratri offer from Indiatimes Shopping. There are several products listed which comes under this flat 60% cash back or gift voucher back scheme from Indiatimes. The cash back will be in the form of gift vouchers from Indiatimes Shopping. I have found some prominent products which are sold with this offer and which I found worth sharing it here.

LG DVD Divx Player was being sold at Rs. 2499 and apart from that you will also get Rs. 1500 back as Indiatimes Gift Voucher which you can later redeem at Indiatimes Shopping according to its terms and conditions which I have shared it here.

The i2 Dual Sim Touch Screen Mobile is being sold at Rs. 5999 as against the original price of Rs. 15,000. Apart from this you will also get 1 GB MP3 player with the headphone, Chromo watch which is said to be worth Rs. 8000, USB SIM card backup, 1 GB Micro SD Card and also an holiday voucher for free. This is apart from the 60% cash back which you will get it in the form of gift vouchers.

Uniden Cordless Caller ID phone plus a corded phone worth Rs. 3999 being sold at an offer price of Rs. 1999. With this you also get the 60% cash back as gift vouchers.

If you buy five freshwater natural pearl set you can get seven freshwater natural pearl sets for free. It is said to be worth Rs. 14,000 but being sold at Rs. 3999. Apart from the 60% cash back offer.

There is also one Jupiter DVD Player (5.1 channel) being sold Rs. 1899 along with you get free two speakers and nine DVD movies and one lens cleaner. You also get Rs. 1500 cash back with this offer. Although this is not a known brand but could be worth it with the freebies you get along with this DVD player.

If you use your credit card to buy any of the products displayed in this offer, you can also get a free lunch box worth Rs. 160. This is only for those who use credit card to make the purchases and no valid for those who use debit card or other modes to buy them.

To know more about the 60% cash back offer visit this post of mine.

You can find more about the above offers and more at Indiatimes Shopping. There is no separate category or section given for these offer products. You can either browse according to the product you are looking for or if you are planning to buy any of the products mentioned above then you can search using the name at their site.

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Shop and Get a Gift Voucher Free at Indiatimes Shopping

Buy any product from Indiatimes Shopping and you can walk away with a free Gift Voucher worth Rs. 500 from Indiatimes Shopping. You can buy anything from the sections mentioned in their terms and conditions and for any amount, then you can avail this offer. But the gift voucher can only be redeemed at their Special Diamond section.

You should also be making your initial purchase at the following sections only;

Health & Fitness, Books, Magazines, Movies, Music, CD-Roms, Beauty & Personal Care & Jewellery.

The availed gift voucher will be valid for 30 days from the day of issuance. The same will be issued within one week of the shopping. It will sent to your email ID that you have registered with Indiatimes Shopping.

As said above you can buy anything and for any amount from the above sections to get this gift voucher to use at Surat Diamonds at Indiatimes Shopping. I saw Surat diamond being sold at Rs. 1000 and above and hence this can be availed to get 50% discount if it can be taken that way or can be used to purchase high end diamond sets too.

This offer is valid till October 23, 2008.

You can check out more details about this offer here and can read the terms and conditions here.

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September 26, 2008

Get a Free Sample of Olay Total Effects

Olay Total Effects, the anti-ageing cream, is currently giving away a sample of the product for free. To get it, all you need to do is to register here for free by submitting your personal details and get it delivered to your address through courier for free. Those who reside at Mumbai and Bangalooru have the option of getting the coupon through mobile, otherwise called Mcoupon, and get it from the list of places or malls at your respective cities for free.

To promote their new anti-ageing cream Olay, Proctor and Gamble is currently giving away a free sample of 8 g. To get it for free you need to visit and register for free, here and give your personal details like name, address etc. You will be given the option of receiving more such offers from Proctor and Gamble either through SMS or email and if you want to receive more such offers then choose that option, and register for free. You will be receiving the free sample of Olay at major cities in India through courier. The whole list of cities where this offer is applicable is given in the registration page itself.

For the Mumbai and Bangalore residents you have the option of getting a mobile coupon by submitting your mobile number and you can take that mobile coupon to most of the major malls in your city to get the free sample. You can see the list of malls where you can get the free sample of Olay using your mobile coupon, MCoupon, at the registration page itself.

After registering you will be getting the option of sharing the offer with your friends by entering their email ID, which you can do or ignore.

Since this is a reputed brand and company, you don’t have to worry about your personal info being shared, etc., as they have mentioned in their privacy statement that it will not be shared and will be completely safe and hence you can go ahead and try this offer.

This offer is valid from September 1, 2008 to December 1, 2008. For more details visit Olay.

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September 24, 2008

Upto 60% discount at AVA with your HDFC Credit Card

HDFC Bank Credit Card along with AVA Merchandising is currently offer various products at up to 60% discount. These products range from Swatch watch to Girotti Servingware. You also get a free Princess pearl set worth Rs. 3990 free with every ordre you make at AVA Merchandising through your HDFC Bank Credit Card. This is an exclusive offer only for HDFC Bank Credit Card holders during this festive season.

What more you also can convert all your purchases made at AVA Merchandising into EMIs and can pay conveniently if you find it hard to pay at one time.

With this offer you get Swatch watch worth Rs. 5750 for Rs. 2990. This watch comes with an international warranty for two years.

You get the Smart Wheel Strolley Bag worth Rs. 3990 for Rs. 1900. This too comes with a manufacturing defect warranty.

Sony Digital Camera of 7.2 mega pixels (MP) worth Rs. 11,960 can be brought with this offer for Rs. 8990. Along with this you get free rechargeable batteries and recharger along with the camera pouch and the memory card.

You also get a microwave and vacuum cleaner combo worth Rs. 15,500 for Rs. 6450. These come with a one year warranty.

You can also buy Charismatique water fall angels, sort of smaller fountain setup, for Rs. 1000 but the original price is Rs. 2990.

Valen Polo Bag, leather wallet and the belt combo can be brought for Rs. 1990 with the original price being Rs. 3990.

The special Puja Thali set can be purchased at Rs. 1250 with the original price being Rs. 3500 and also Girotti serving ware worth Rs. 3999 for Rs. 1090.

Apart from these discounts you also get a free Princess Pearl set containing a necklace and earrings worth Rs. 3990 for free with each purchase. One set will be given for free per card though.

To order these you need to call AVA at their toll free numbers: 1800-1800-300 or 1800-11-4344 or even call their regular numbers at 0124-4697999/09910899480-89. You can also place your order by sending an SMS AVA SALES and send to 55050 or can even email them at

This offer is valid till November 2008.

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Get Rs. 1500 Cash Back on HDFC Bank Credit Card

If you use your HDFC Bank Gold Credit Card from September 15, 2008 to November 15, 2008 for purchases of Rs. 1,50,000 and above you will get a cash back of Rs. 1500. The total transactions done during this festive period should reach or cross Rs. 1,50,000. This is a festive cash back offer for Diwali from HDFC Bank Credit Card.

The total transaction made on your credit card should be above Rs. 1,50,000 during this offer period and not from a single transaction hence makes this a somewhat reachable target for some. And this is valid only for the Gold Credit Card from the info I got from HDFC Bank.

Unlike last time where most of the credit card companies offered cash back on any purchases now the HDFC Bank has set the limit a bit high for most of us to reach. Anyway this is the offer from them. If you are planning for any high end purchases like plasma TV, PC, or laptop, etc during this Diwali season you can utilize this opportunity to get the cash back.

September 22, 2008

Get Free Silver Coins with Diwali Shopping at Futurebazaar

The Diwali shopping fever has already been started and this time it is started off by none other than Futurebazaar. That is if you buy the specially categorized Diwali Gifts from Future Bazaar you can actually get 5 gm and 10 gm silver coins for free. This is actually a pre-order offer. The actual delivery starts from October 1, 2008. This could just be to avoid last time rush and delay in getting it delivered. This will actually avoid from us being forgetting to gift someone or even sending the gifts right after Diwali which make its purpose worthless.

As always India’s festive season or should I say shopping season starts around Dussera and goes on through Diwali and ends just before New Year Eve. As we all know that Diwali or Deepavali (as it is known in south) is the biggest festival of them all. To those non-Indian readers Diwali is just like what Christmas is to the West. This is known as Festival of Lights. And this is also the time where almost all the shopping portals and other major shopping outlets (offline) will woo the customers with some good offers which I hope will be done this year too.

And I hope to share most of them this year with you. I would also request you to share the offers that you come across by sending it across to my email ID given here on the right side.

Coming back to this offer, Future Bazaar has started off its Diwali Shopping and Diwali Offers by starting off early with Diwali Dhamaka. Thus you can actually pre-order those Diwali Gifts for yourself or gift it for someone now itself. They have opened or create a separate section called Diwali Specials where they have listed Diwali Mithai, dry fruits, chocolates, thalis, hampers, gift vouchers, idols and even silver and gold coins along with the exclusive gifts for Diwali.

If you buy the gifts worth Rs. 500 to Rs. 1000 here you will be getting a free 5 gm silver coin. And if you buy the Diwali Gifts for Rs. 1000 and above you will be getting a free 10 gm silver coin. This offer is applicable only on Diwali Specials and not elsewhere at Future Bazaar. This offer is also not valid if you buy gift vouchers and gold or silver coins from Diwali Specials.

This offer is valid till stocks last. You can actually utilize this offer if you are indeed planning for Diwali Gifts you can utilize this offer and get those free silver coins early or you can always wait for more or better offers which I hope will soon start to come by soon. Or you can always resort to Diwali greetings with Diwali Cards which is available both online and offline ;-) which is cheap or free.

You can know more about this offer or actually start off your special Diwali Shopping here.

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September 19, 2008

Get Rs. 250 Cash Back Applying for Citibank Credit Card

After HSBC it is the time for Citibank Credit Card to offer a cash back of Rs. 250 when apply for it online. There is no need to submit any of the documents, and the application can be submitted online to get the Citibank Credit Card totally free along with the cash back. Just remember that this offer of cash back is applicable only if you apply for the credit card through online and cannot be availed elsewhere. The cash back will be credited to your account after your first purchase.

Very similar to HSBC Cash back offer on credit cards, Citibank too jumped into that category by offering Rs. 250 cash back only when you apply for their credit card online. This Citibank Credit Card comes with lifetime free offer and no joining fees too. Hence completely free too apply.

As soon as you apply and get confirmation that your credit card has been booked, you will need to use your Citibank Credit Card within 30 days of booking for purchase of at least Rs. 500 in a single swipe to get the cash back of Rs. 250. It is extremely important that you make the purchase within 30 days of booking of credit card, else this offer will be deemed invalid. The cash back will be credited back to your account within 90 days of purchase.

You will need to submit your personal details and professional details along with your PAN card details, which has become mandatory to apply for credit cards, and any of your previous credit card details to get it approved faster and thus availing this offer of cash back of Rs. 250 from Citibank.

Although all these will depend on whether you get approved or not. That also depends on which card you choose. There are various different cards to choose from with Citibank, like Gold cash back card, Citibank Gold Card, Citibank silver card, Citibank Womans Credit Card, CRY Citibank Credit card, Jet Airways Credit Card, MTV Credit Card, WWF Citibank Credit and so on. Choose the credit card according to your earning or salary to get it approved. They even have a Citibank Cash Back Gold Credit card in which you get cash back on usage starting from 1%.

To know which credit card is ideal for you, you can visit Citibank Credit Cards here.

This is an excellent offer to utilize and those who are planning to apply for a credit card, as credit cards have become a must in this fast paced lifestyle of ours. I would recommend at least to have one credit card for emergencies rather than as a lifestyle statement of having numerous credit cards.

To know more about this cash back offer when applying for Citibank Credit Card, just visit this page. And to apply for the same just visit here.

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September 18, 2008

Get up to 60% cash back with Indiatimes Shopping

Indiatimes Shopping is currently running a campaign where they are offering up to 60% as cash back on purchases made at Indiatimes during the offer period, i.e., September 10, 2008 to September 30, 2008. The cash back will be in the form of Indiatimes Gift Vouchers worth Rs. 250 each and these gift vouchers cannot be combined for purchases at Indiatimes Shopping. Just refer to the terms and conditions on this offer here and it is given below.

Terms & Conditions
1) Lowest Price Challenge refers to the selling price of the product minus the highest limit of 60% back i.e 1500
2) 60% assured cash back through Indiatimes Gift Certificate on purchase of products with total order(s) value per USER ID of Rs. 1000/- or above.
3) Promotion applicable from 10th September, 2008 to 30th September, 2008.
4) Gift Certificate will be issued in the multiple of 250 & cumulative GC value cannot exceed Rs. 1500 per USER ID.
5) Only registered Indiatimes users are entitled for this offer.
6) Gift Certificate will be non-mergeable & will be sent to the enrolled email ids..
7) Order(s) placed through GC/Net Carrots mode of payment, completely or partially will not be eligible for this offer.
8) This scheme is not valid on purchase of Book Club , Art and Auctions.
9) Promotion valid on all categories of product available at Indiatimes shopping site.
10) Gift certificate will be valid for 30 days from the date of issuance; issuance will be staggered till December.
11) Gift Certificate will be issued after 10 days from the end of scheme.
12) Gift Certificate is applicable for shipped orders only.
13) Incase of cancellations if the Gift Certificate/s has been issued then cash back amount will be adjusted against the refund.
14) TIL reserves the rights to stop the promotion at any given time and/or change, modify, withdraw, partially withdraw or extend the said promotion, at its sole discretion.
15) Any disputes arising out of this Program shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of competent courts of Delhi.
Thanks to Suaid Constantine for sharing this offer.

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Make My Trip Gift Vouchers Worth 10K & 25K

Satish Vijaykumar of Bombay Lives is giving Makemytrip gift vouchers worth Rs. 10,000 and Rs. 25,000 for a great deal. Just check it out from here. It is meant only for the international holiday it seems. Contact him directly ( for a great bargain on these gift vouchers. And remember he is not giving it for free but for a great deal price, which I thought would benefit someone who might be in need of it or might be planning for an international holiday and hence this offer. Thanks Satish for sharing it to me.

September 16, 2008

Answer 3 Questions and Win Saas Bahu Aur Sensex Goodies

AOL India is again conducting a quiz contest to promote the movie Saas Bahu Aur Sensex. This is one among similar and many movies that they promote through such quiz contests. They always give just three questions to answer, mostly very easy to answer to choose the winner. Even this time with this contest it is the same type of questions.

This time, Saas Bahu Aur Sensex contest has three questions namely

1) Saas Bahu Aur Sensex is all about
2) Which famous comedian makes a comeback to Bollywood with this movie
3) Who is the director of SBS?

The clues for the answers have been given here itself and hence you don’t have to search and research about it.

The answer for first question is obvious from the title itself. The answer for the other two questions can be found from the clues give above.

AOL Movies is giving away free movie tickets and audio CDs for the winners.

You can find the quiz contest for Saas Bahu Aur Sensex here and the clues here.

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September 14, 2008

Get 250 GB of Premium File Hosting For Free

Filesavr is a new file hosting site which seems been started only recently, I guess, or am I wrong. It is very similar to Rapidshare, Megaupload, and 4shared or other similar file hosting sites but relatively new. Since they want to make it popular, they are currently giving away their premium file hosting for free. This would otherwise be worth $10 per month. And 250 GB of data can be stored on your account at a time and can be shared and downloaded anytime, anywhere. You can link your images directly on File Savr and can use it to upload them on your blogs or sites too.

I don’t normally post such offers here, but I read about this offer elsewhere and just cannot resist to grab it and share it here, as the similar file host will cost us a great deal if hosted using Rapidshare, etc. And what more File Savr does not come with those irritating captcha and other unwanted ads with it and it is fast too, I personally tried it myself. Also let me know in the comments here, if you want me to continue to post or share such or similar offers too in the future.

This would extremely useful for all regardless of your usage. You can actually store all your important data, movies, music, and anything you wanted to share with someone or want to access it elsewhere, then Filesavr is for you and what more it is free too but for a limited period.

Remember this offer is valid only till September 15, 2008 and after that you cannot get it but will need to shell out $10 to get that premium account from File Savr. Otherwise there were different plans (mostly paid) to try it. They also offer a 7-day free trial of up to 50 GB.

What more this free account if signed up before September 15, 2008 will be a lifetime membership and don’t need to pay a single penny after that you can enjoy this 250 GB upload and download service for free in your lifetime or till this site exists!

To get yourself a free premium account from FileSavr you need to visit this page only and sign up using an user name, Email ID and password and that’s it, very simple too. After you will be prompted to a page to login and can start uploading your files as easy as that. You can actually upload up to 10 GB of file or data at a time.

Since it seems there is a huge demand to get this offer, you need to hurry before it gets expired or closed due to the demand. If you want to help them, you can also make a small donation for them, if you wish. If this service is long-term and continues to offer free to those who signed up before September 15, 2008, then absolutely it is indeed a great deal to grab with both hands without fail. If you register now and login to your account you will see the info "Paid Until: Jan 18th, 2038" in your account info, which makes this offer even sweet!

To register for this premium account of file hosting for free, visit here.

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September 13, 2008

Apply For HSBC Gold Credit Card Get Cash Back of Rs. 250/-

When you apply for an HSBC Gold Credit Card online here you will be getting cash back of Rs. 250/- on your next statement on the minimum purchase of at least Rs. 250/- as soon as you get the card. The amount will be refunded on the next statement that you receive. But just remember to use your card within the first month of your receiving the card, else you will not be getting that cash back.

The eligibility for HSBC Gold Credit Card is that if you are salaried your annual income should be at least Rs. 1,75,000 p.a. and the same amount if you are even a self-employed person.

This offer is applicable only when you apply for the same online only and not applicable when you apply it through bank or any other medium.

I can compare the current credit card situation with the free web based email. Remember that we had 4 mb or around that as the maximum storage being offered by various providers like yahoo and hotmail, etc. Then came Gmail, and offered an unbelievable 1 GB storage at that time and everyone followed suit and started giving same storage and even come to the point of offering unlimited storage. Similarly, some time back we had needed to pay a joining fee while applying for the credit card and annual fee every year. Then came ICICI with the offer of lifetime free credit cards. And this has forced other players to follow similar route and this has come to the point of giving us cash back for applying for a credit card, like the one above described. What next, they will start paying the bills for us every month for the one whole year? What will be the Credit Card companys' next move will be, can you guess it?

By the way, this offer is applicable only if you apply for the HSBC gold credit online. Even if you already have HSBC Classic Credit Cards which is at least six months old, you can still apply for this card to avail this offer.

You can find more about this offer here. The important terms and conditions of this offer can be found here. This offer is valid till December 31, 2008.

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September 10, 2008

Special Lifestyle Plus Offer From SBI Card

SBI Card has introduced a special offer called Lifestyle Plus Offer for this festive season in advance. With this exclusive offer for SBI Card holders you get to choose some products at an offer price. This is, as said, available only for those who have SBI Card. As always, SBI Card this year too have come up with offers even before the actual festive period. Life style plus offer was again brought to you in association with Deals4all.

With this offer you get the products listed below with discount price. The original or the estimated market price is mentioned in brackets.

  • Carrera Perfume Set – Rs. 1399 (Rs. 3950)
  • American IDOL Women & Men Perfume Set – Rs. 699 (Rs. 2599)
  • Celine Dion Spring in Paris – Rs. 899 (Rs. 2890)

Apart from the perfumes mentioned above you can also get offers for some electronics like MP3 player, mobile phone, digital picture frame, and Bluetooth headset.

The MP3 player is a TCL MP3 Player (1 GB), this plays WMA and WAV formats too. The original market price of this TCL MP3 player was supposed to be Rs. 2450 but with this offer you get it for Rs. 799.

Also you can buy the Aqua dual SIM mobile phone for Rs. 3150 as against the original market price of Rs. 8500. As the name suggests, you can use two SIM cards on this mobile phone (I wonder why!).

You can also try the Pandigital’s 6.0-inch Digital picture frame for Rs. 2999 but the original price is Rs. 8000 (but I doubt it would this costlier, the regular digital photo frames)!

The Bluetooth you can buy here is the TCL Universal Bluetooth headset which was sold at an offer price of Rs. 799. The estimated price of this Bluetooth headset is claimed to be Rs. 2550.

You can actually place the order the product/products mentioned above at the special site online. As well as you can place an order by calling any of these numbers 1800 22 8200, 1800 22 4700, 022 - 26329 212. You will supposedly get the product within four weeks of ordering the same.

This offer is valid till November 30, 2008. You can know more about this offer here.

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September 8, 2008

How to Find Genuine Offers and Deals Online

Nowadays almost everyone is coming up with offers which are too hard to resist. But in reality most of these so-called offers or deals are in fact comes with hidden charges and other charges. Thus it is for us to find out which of these deals are genuine and which are not. Many online shopping portals offer these days huge discount on products or at least claim that way, but in reality most of these huge discounts come with a hidden shipping costs, which most of these sites don’t show or display but will add it only while you are shopping and checking out. What is more surprising is that the shipping costs sometimes will be very high on these huge discounted products which would not even cost you half or even less for shipping the same product. Thus they try to get from you the maximum amount which they have waived off in the name of huge discounts.

Thus you should be wary of such plus and minus strategy that these online shopping sites adapt. You should always look for shipping costs on anything regardless of whether it is discounted or not as this is how they mostly profit from selling online.

I could state example from eBay where they sell some products for Rs. 1 as against the original price of Rs. 250 (for example) but when you checkout you could actually be surprised to see that you would have been charged around Rs. 250 where the additional charge would have been added in the name of shipping charges! This is really disgusting to see such tactics adapted by such popular sites like eBay. So, watch out for these.

Another way to find a genuine offer online is to look for the price of the same product offline if you have time to do this. You will actually be surprised to know that the same product would be sold a lot less than what was claimed as huge discount in these online shopping portals. Although there is a convenience of getting it delivered at home with these shopping portals but we should be wary of such tactics taken up by these sites in the name of discounts. We should know which one to buy and which one to skip.

With regard to freebies, some are really genuine but some sites use a strategy of increasing the price of the original product and give you a freebie and hence adjusting the price of the freebie and sell you in the guise of giving away a free gift to you for the purchase. You can make a research and find out the price of the same product elsewhere, online, and see how genuine is that particular freebies offer is.

Some offers comes with “conditions apply” tag attached to it and will be applicable only if those conditions are met. Reading those terms and conditions is a good habit to avoid future disappointments and frustrations due to these hidden conditions. There is nothing wrong in spending time on reading and researching these offers, after it is your hard earned money that is being wasted in the name of offers and deals.

If you could differentiate between a genuine offer and fake ones you surely can make your shopping online a pleasant experience and a profitable one too.

Thanx eplus for the image.

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September 4, 2008

Get Crazy Kart Gaming CD for Free from Zapak

Zapak, the leading online gaming portal in India, has introduced a new online game called Crazy Kart. It is actually a racing game, obviously, with many twists and turns and even action with blowing off the other carts using the controls, etc. It is claimed to be one of the leading online racing gaming and it is brought to India for the first time by Zapak Games. I suppose you can play this only online and not offline.

To promote this game they are actually giving it away for free either through direct download or by requesting a free CD of the game. If you do really have a fast broadband connection and an unlimited package, you can download the entire game, which is about 230 MB size, here. But if you don’t want to download it due to various reasons, you can actually claim a free game CD from Zapak. They will send this free Crazy Kart Game CD to you without any hidden charges or postal charges.

To avail this, all you need to do is to visit this page and click on Request a free CD and you will be prompted to login to your Zapak account. If you already have a Zapak account, login and give the necessary details like name, address, phone number, etc to receive the free CD. If you don’t have an account with Zapak, you can register for free and then request for the free game CD from the above link.

This game on the looks, seems a decent racing game. But I have not played it yet, but going to give it a try this weekend and see how it is and will post an update here in the comments. But anyway you are actually getting a free gaming CD, who is going to complain whether it is good or bad! ;-)

But if you want to try it out before ordering a free CD, you can visit this page and try it out for yourself and decide.

You can get this free Crazy Kart Game CD here at Zapak.

But I am always skeptical and against Zapak with the way they treat their users. Myself and most of them (who still send me a mail about not getting it) have still not received the prize which we won from their previous Zapak Cricket Quiz. I have posted about this contest here. They just sent a mail very long back stating that we have won the prize and to update our address, etc to claim the prize but till now I have not received it yet. I want to know whether someone has indeed received the prize money from Zapak for that cricket quiz that they won? Kindly update it here in the comments. Zapak should rectify these major issues that they have, else they will continue to disappoint us with such bad examples set by them.

This offer was shared to me by Prashant Jaiswal.

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September 3, 2008

Photos Prints at 1 Paise and Collage Mug for Rs 99 at Snapfish

Snapfish is one of the leading online photo printing sites in India from HP. It was launched only last year and has become one of the market leader in this niche in a short span with their cheap photo printing and other offers which they come up every now and then. This time they are currently offering photo prints for one paise each and a special collage mug for Rs. 99 which actually includes the shipping charges.

With this offer of one paise per print you get 30 prints at the rate of just 1 paise per print. You will get only 4”x6” prints only for this offer. You will need to enter the coupon code “30PRINTS” when you check out with your prints. This offer is valid only for the 30 prints you get printed at Snapfish and for the rest of the prints you will be charged the regular price. This is a special offer to get start the festival season this year from Snapfish India.

Also remember that there is a courier and handling charges of around Rs. 45 for each order. So as a whole you will get 30 prints for Rs. 45 which actually is a great deal considering you will need to shell out Rs. 150 for getting the 30 photos get printed otherwise even at your nearby photo studio or photo printing shop. This offer is valid only till September 4, 2008 and hence try to avail it immediately if you are planning to avail it. Else you might miss it. Visit Snapfish and proceed accordingly to avail this offer.

Also recently Snapfish has tied up with Indiplaza to sell their photo prints and other products like calendar, mugs, etc. As a special launch offer Snapfish is currently giving away a special collage mug worth Rs. 349 for just Rs. 99 which actually includes the shipping charges too.

Also remember this special collage mug offer is available only if you book this through Indiaplaza at Snapfish and not through Snapfish site directly. But the one paise photo printing is available through Snapfish Site directly.

To avail this offer, just visit Indiaplaza here and click on the offer banner which says a collage mug worth Rs. 349, order now for Rs. 99 and add the pictures you want to add to the collage mug and proceed to checkout. During the checkout add the coupon code “IPOFFER” in the appropriate form and pay accordingly to get it delivered for Rs. 99.

This Collage Mug offer is valid only till September 5. 2008.

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September 2, 2008

Some Cool Offers and Free Gifts with Future Card

Future Card is the new credit card on the block from Future Group, which actually owns Big Bazaar, Pantaloon, Future Bazaar, etc. They used to tie-up with ICICI Bank credit cards to offer a co-branded credit card under the name ICICI. But now they have come up with their own branded credit card namely, Future Card. But again they still say that this Future Card is powered by ICICI Bank Credit Cards. The previous users of ICICI Bank Big Bazaar Card were also switched to this Future Card recently. Since this is a relatively new credit card on the already saturated credit card scene in India, Future Card has introduced various new offers and free gifts if you apply for the Future Card now.

To promote this, their new, Future Card, they have come up with various offers and free gifts if you apply for Future Card now. There are various offers and gifts offered at Future Group’s and other branded outlets, especially at Big Bazaar, Future Bazaar and Pantaloons.

To start with, if you apply for Future Card now, you will get various gift coupons and free gifts along with it now. After applying and approval of the card, you will get 1 kg of sugar free per month every month at Big Bazaar, no matter whether you purchase stuff from them or not, you will be getting this 1 kg sugar coupons delivered along with your credit card which you can take it to your nearest Big Bazaar store and get the free 1 kg sugar every month for one year. You also get 3% discount on foods at Foods Bazaar at Big Bazaar for the first three months. You will also get 15% off on fashions and 10% of on general merchandise for the first three months of your card usage.

At Pantaloons, if you use your future card, you will get Rs. 100 off when you purchase merchandise worth Rs. 500 every month. And also Rs. 200 discount if you purchase shirts or T-Shirts worth Rs. 1000.

You also get Airtel Live VAS Cards worth Rs. 500 at mport or genm. At Planet Sports you get a Spalding or converse cap worth Rs. 249 if you purchase for a minimum of Rs. 111.

At Depot, the exclusive book store, you get Rs. 50 worth of book free every month. You also get Rs. 250 worth gift when you purchase for Rs. 1000 at HomeTown or Furniture Bazaar. And also get gift voucher worth 7.5% of purchase value if it is above Rs. 10,000.

You also get 1 game free and 1 snack free every month at the outlets mentioned in the brochure that you get along with the credit card.

You also get one time foot massage free per month at Star & Sitara. You also get a dietician’s advice and one day exercise free at Fit & Active once every six months.

At E Zone if you purchase using your Future Card you will get a headphone worth Rs. 199 for free.

At Future Bazaar you get a mug worth Rs. 50 on the first purchase every month.

You also get 10% discount on the total bill value at Crème Center, Bombay Blue, Copper Chimney, Spaghetti, Noodle Bar, penne, Spoon restaurants.

Apart from these you also get various discount offers at The Apollo Clinic, Lilliput, VLCC, TravelPort if you use your Future Card at these places.

You also get a surcharge waiver of 2.5% at select HP Outlets.

But remember that you will need to use your Future Card at all the places discussed above to avail these offers.

You will get most of these gift and discount coupons along with the Card you apply. To apply for the Future Card just SMS “KAMAI” to 58888.

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