September 14, 2008

Get 250 GB of Premium File Hosting For Free

Filesavr is a new file hosting site which seems been started only recently, I guess, or am I wrong. It is very similar to Rapidshare, Megaupload, and 4shared or other similar file hosting sites but relatively new. Since they want to make it popular, they are currently giving away their premium file hosting for free. This would otherwise be worth $10 per month. And 250 GB of data can be stored on your account at a time and can be shared and downloaded anytime, anywhere. You can link your images directly on File Savr and can use it to upload them on your blogs or sites too.

I don’t normally post such offers here, but I read about this offer elsewhere and just cannot resist to grab it and share it here, as the similar file host will cost us a great deal if hosted using Rapidshare, etc. And what more File Savr does not come with those irritating captcha and other unwanted ads with it and it is fast too, I personally tried it myself. Also let me know in the comments here, if you want me to continue to post or share such or similar offers too in the future.

This would extremely useful for all regardless of your usage. You can actually store all your important data, movies, music, and anything you wanted to share with someone or want to access it elsewhere, then Filesavr is for you and what more it is free too but for a limited period.

Remember this offer is valid only till September 15, 2008 and after that you cannot get it but will need to shell out $10 to get that premium account from File Savr. Otherwise there were different plans (mostly paid) to try it. They also offer a 7-day free trial of up to 50 GB.

What more this free account if signed up before September 15, 2008 will be a lifetime membership and don’t need to pay a single penny after that you can enjoy this 250 GB upload and download service for free in your lifetime or till this site exists!

To get yourself a free premium account from FileSavr you need to visit this page only and sign up using an user name, Email ID and password and that’s it, very simple too. After you will be prompted to a page to login and can start uploading your files as easy as that. You can actually upload up to 10 GB of file or data at a time.

Since it seems there is a huge demand to get this offer, you need to hurry before it gets expired or closed due to the demand. If you want to help them, you can also make a small donation for them, if you wish. If this service is long-term and continues to offer free to those who signed up before September 15, 2008, then absolutely it is indeed a great deal to grab with both hands without fail. If you register now and login to your account you will see the info "Paid Until: Jan 18th, 2038" in your account info, which makes this offer even sweet!

To register for this premium account of file hosting for free, visit here.

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Nikhil said...

No need of such offers. It has been a really long time since you came up with a good offer. Whats happeninggggggg

mavihs said...

nice offer!!! i hav registered for it!! but d hosting site is takeing 2 long 2 open & its slow. havn't tried uploading anything yet.

Sure, u should put this offer!!!!
i really like these!!
keep it up!!

Shiva said...

@Nikhil, yes this is because there is actually no such good offers at the moment. It is because this is sort of like a off-season period before the actual the festival period which would start from next month onwards and you can expect some real good offers which i can share it here, i hope.

shankar said...

AWsome site.....u Rock......luv ur work.......keep it up.....i recommended u to all my firends....

wecaz said...

Nice offer. Upload is slow at the moment. Hope it will improve soon. Thanks for sharing the offer.

amitch said...

Nice offer...
250 GB web space for free .. it is good. Keep posting.