September 19, 2008

Get Rs. 250 Cash Back Applying for Citibank Credit Card

After HSBC it is the time for Citibank Credit Card to offer a cash back of Rs. 250 when apply for it online. There is no need to submit any of the documents, and the application can be submitted online to get the Citibank Credit Card totally free along with the cash back. Just remember that this offer of cash back is applicable only if you apply for the credit card through online and cannot be availed elsewhere. The cash back will be credited to your account after your first purchase.

Very similar to HSBC Cash back offer on credit cards, Citibank too jumped into that category by offering Rs. 250 cash back only when you apply for their credit card online. This Citibank Credit Card comes with lifetime free offer and no joining fees too. Hence completely free too apply.

As soon as you apply and get confirmation that your credit card has been booked, you will need to use your Citibank Credit Card within 30 days of booking for purchase of at least Rs. 500 in a single swipe to get the cash back of Rs. 250. It is extremely important that you make the purchase within 30 days of booking of credit card, else this offer will be deemed invalid. The cash back will be credited back to your account within 90 days of purchase.

You will need to submit your personal details and professional details along with your PAN card details, which has become mandatory to apply for credit cards, and any of your previous credit card details to get it approved faster and thus availing this offer of cash back of Rs. 250 from Citibank.

Although all these will depend on whether you get approved or not. That also depends on which card you choose. There are various different cards to choose from with Citibank, like Gold cash back card, Citibank Gold Card, Citibank silver card, Citibank Womans Credit Card, CRY Citibank Credit card, Jet Airways Credit Card, MTV Credit Card, WWF Citibank Credit and so on. Choose the credit card according to your earning or salary to get it approved. They even have a Citibank Cash Back Gold Credit card in which you get cash back on usage starting from 1%.

To know which credit card is ideal for you, you can visit Citibank Credit Cards here.

This is an excellent offer to utilize and those who are planning to apply for a credit card, as credit cards have become a must in this fast paced lifestyle of ours. I would recommend at least to have one credit card for emergencies rather than as a lifestyle statement of having numerous credit cards.

To know more about this cash back offer when applying for Citibank Credit Card, just visit this page. And to apply for the same just visit here.

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Very old offer.. running for the last 3 months..