September 8, 2008

How to Find Genuine Offers and Deals Online

Nowadays almost everyone is coming up with offers which are too hard to resist. But in reality most of these so-called offers or deals are in fact comes with hidden charges and other charges. Thus it is for us to find out which of these deals are genuine and which are not. Many online shopping portals offer these days huge discount on products or at least claim that way, but in reality most of these huge discounts come with a hidden shipping costs, which most of these sites don’t show or display but will add it only while you are shopping and checking out. What is more surprising is that the shipping costs sometimes will be very high on these huge discounted products which would not even cost you half or even less for shipping the same product. Thus they try to get from you the maximum amount which they have waived off in the name of huge discounts.

Thus you should be wary of such plus and minus strategy that these online shopping sites adapt. You should always look for shipping costs on anything regardless of whether it is discounted or not as this is how they mostly profit from selling online.

I could state example from eBay where they sell some products for Rs. 1 as against the original price of Rs. 250 (for example) but when you checkout you could actually be surprised to see that you would have been charged around Rs. 250 where the additional charge would have been added in the name of shipping charges! This is really disgusting to see such tactics adapted by such popular sites like eBay. So, watch out for these.

Another way to find a genuine offer online is to look for the price of the same product offline if you have time to do this. You will actually be surprised to know that the same product would be sold a lot less than what was claimed as huge discount in these online shopping portals. Although there is a convenience of getting it delivered at home with these shopping portals but we should be wary of such tactics taken up by these sites in the name of discounts. We should know which one to buy and which one to skip.

With regard to freebies, some are really genuine but some sites use a strategy of increasing the price of the original product and give you a freebie and hence adjusting the price of the freebie and sell you in the guise of giving away a free gift to you for the purchase. You can make a research and find out the price of the same product elsewhere, online, and see how genuine is that particular freebies offer is.

Some offers comes with “conditions apply” tag attached to it and will be applicable only if those conditions are met. Reading those terms and conditions is a good habit to avoid future disappointments and frustrations due to these hidden conditions. There is nothing wrong in spending time on reading and researching these offers, after it is your hard earned money that is being wasted in the name of offers and deals.

If you could differentiate between a genuine offer and fake ones you surely can make your shopping online a pleasant experience and a profitable one too.

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dhruv said...

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Oz Free Classifieds said...

Nice article.

if you see a discount sign, don't jump for joy yet. You might want to check out the hidden or additional charges to see if its worth your money!

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