September 2, 2008

Some Cool Offers and Free Gifts with Future Card

Future Card is the new credit card on the block from Future Group, which actually owns Big Bazaar, Pantaloon, Future Bazaar, etc. They used to tie-up with ICICI Bank credit cards to offer a co-branded credit card under the name ICICI. But now they have come up with their own branded credit card namely, Future Card. But again they still say that this Future Card is powered by ICICI Bank Credit Cards. The previous users of ICICI Bank Big Bazaar Card were also switched to this Future Card recently. Since this is a relatively new credit card on the already saturated credit card scene in India, Future Card has introduced various new offers and free gifts if you apply for the Future Card now.

To promote this, their new, Future Card, they have come up with various offers and free gifts if you apply for Future Card now. There are various offers and gifts offered at Future Group’s and other branded outlets, especially at Big Bazaar, Future Bazaar and Pantaloons.

To start with, if you apply for Future Card now, you will get various gift coupons and free gifts along with it now. After applying and approval of the card, you will get 1 kg of sugar free per month every month at Big Bazaar, no matter whether you purchase stuff from them or not, you will be getting this 1 kg sugar coupons delivered along with your credit card which you can take it to your nearest Big Bazaar store and get the free 1 kg sugar every month for one year. You also get 3% discount on foods at Foods Bazaar at Big Bazaar for the first three months. You will also get 15% off on fashions and 10% of on general merchandise for the first three months of your card usage.

At Pantaloons, if you use your future card, you will get Rs. 100 off when you purchase merchandise worth Rs. 500 every month. And also Rs. 200 discount if you purchase shirts or T-Shirts worth Rs. 1000.

You also get Airtel Live VAS Cards worth Rs. 500 at mport or genm. At Planet Sports you get a Spalding or converse cap worth Rs. 249 if you purchase for a minimum of Rs. 111.

At Depot, the exclusive book store, you get Rs. 50 worth of book free every month. You also get Rs. 250 worth gift when you purchase for Rs. 1000 at HomeTown or Furniture Bazaar. And also get gift voucher worth 7.5% of purchase value if it is above Rs. 10,000.

You also get 1 game free and 1 snack free every month at the outlets mentioned in the brochure that you get along with the credit card.

You also get one time foot massage free per month at Star & Sitara. You also get a dietician’s advice and one day exercise free at Fit & Active once every six months.

At E Zone if you purchase using your Future Card you will get a headphone worth Rs. 199 for free.

At Future Bazaar you get a mug worth Rs. 50 on the first purchase every month.

You also get 10% discount on the total bill value at Crème Center, Bombay Blue, Copper Chimney, Spaghetti, Noodle Bar, penne, Spoon restaurants.

Apart from these you also get various discount offers at The Apollo Clinic, Lilliput, VLCC, TravelPort if you use your Future Card at these places.

You also get a surcharge waiver of 2.5% at select HP Outlets.

But remember that you will need to use your Future Card at all the places discussed above to avail these offers.

You will get most of these gift and discount coupons along with the Card you apply. To apply for the Future Card just SMS “KAMAI” to 58888.

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ricky said...

where is the url to sign up for the future card

Shiva said...

@ricky, you cannot apply for future card through online. to apply you need to send an sms "KAMAI" to 58888