October 3, 2008

Diwali Offer from Sifymall, Free Gold Coin

Sifymall is giving away free gold coin for every purchase which is above Rs. 250 from their special Diwali Gifts section. You can choose from the whole lot of Diwali Gifts collection available there at Sify Shopping and if your purchase value crosses Rs. 250 or above, you can get the free gold coin. It has not been mentioned whether we need to fulfill any criteria to be eligible for this offer and hence believed there is not such.  But could be availed only if the shopping is made from Sify's special Diwali Section.

As the Diwali fever is catching up every shops and stores and shopping portals is busy with new offers being introduced as the Diwali comes nearer. And this time it is for Sify Shopping or otherwise popularly known as Sifymall for Diwali Offer. Their caption for this offer is "Diwali - Joyous Celebration of Lights".

They have not mentioned any other terms and conditions for this offer and hence I suppose you can qualify for this offer just by purchasing for Rs. 250 from the Diwali Gifts section. They have also not mentioned about the weight of the gold coin that we get. All looks vague here but still this is an offer that can tried if you are anyway going to do your Diwali Shopping online.

They have a wide range of Diwali gifts like puja thalis, mithais, chocolates, combos of chocolates, mithais, crackers, etc and gift certificates to choose from.

This offer must be valid only till October 28, 2008 which is the Diwali Day this year. You can check more about this offer here.

This is a special Diwali Offers Post. You can find the other diwali shopping offers here.

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Ashish said...

will it be a real gold coin or just an imitation?????

Shiva said...

@Ashish, it cannot be imitation, if they had advertised gold, it should be gold. But one thing that they have not mentioned is the weight of the gold and that i am skeptical about it!

Anonymous said...

What is the cost of 1 gm gold as of now

Shiva said...

I guess around Rs. 1000+ as of today! But don't expect them giving 1 gm gold for this offer! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Any idea how much gm of gold they are giving?

Naveen said...

Shiva, any idea of the colgate oral dental camp in october 2008.

Anonymous said...

Has any body ordered anything? Any idea how much gm they are offering and is it worth?

mavihs said...

Terms & Conditions:

1) Get a 100 mg (916) Gold Coin Free with every purchase above Rs. 250/- from the Diwali Store.
2) This Offer is Valid only for the first 1000 Purchases from the Diwali Store.
3) Gold Coins will be delivered only to addresses in India.
4) The Gold Coin would be shipped to the Customer only after the Diwali is over i.e. after 28th of October, 2008.
5) Orders with Gift Messages will only get the Free Gold Coin.
6) You can fill in the Gift Message in the page just before making the Payment.

Anonymous said...

What is the current cost of 100mg gold coin?
Has the offer started?

Ashish said...

shiva it wont b Rs1000 it will be around Rs140

Shiva said...

@Ashish, anonymous asked for the price of gold for 1 gm and not 100 mg and hence i said that it would be around Rs. 1000! I know that 100 mg would not cost that much and sify would not give if it is that costly! LOL