October 20, 2008

Get 10% Cash Back on ICICI Cards at FutureBazaar

Future Bazaar and ICICI Bank has teamed up to come with an offer of giving 10% cash back to all those who buy from Future Bazaar using their ICICI Bank Cards, it can either be your ICICI Credit Card or debit card. You will get the assured cash back no matter what and how much you buy from FutureBazaar. This apart from the other regular discounts and offers you get from Future Bazaar.

As mentioned above you need to use only your ICICI Bank Cards to avail this offer. The maximum cash back you would get from this offer is Rs. 500 and not more than that. That is even if you buy for Rs. 6000 or above you will get the cash back as Rs. 500.

This offer is exclusively brought by Future Bazaar and not by ICICI Bank and hence the cash back will be handled by Future Bazaar and they have not mentioned on how exactly they are going to credit the cash back to us, I suppose it will either reflect in our credit or debit card statement as cash back credit from Future Bazaar, though not sure. They will process it within 21 days of your transaction.

This offer will not be available if you chose to buy products using EMI.

This is valid from October 10 to December 31, 2008.

You can find more details about this offer here. Also check out the Future Bazaar's special Diwali Sale page.

This offer was shared to me by Murali Mohan.

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Sarfraz Vanoo said...

There is a trick to get the best out of this offer.
The trick is to buy Rs. 5000 worth of Big bazaar vouchers. You need to select Rs. 100 GV which is currently available @ 8% discount.i.e. Rs. 92.
So you can purchase about 54 GCs of Rs. 100 each for Rs. 5000 and pay using your ICICI credit/ debit card.

You get Rs. 500 (maximum) cash back. So actually you receive Rs. 5400 of GCs for Rs. 4500 effectively. Thats quite a deal .

Anonymous said...

Is this offer applicable on ICICI AMEX card as well?