October 7, 2008

Get Free 3 Trial Issues of People Magazine in India

The most famous International Magazine People started its own Indian version of their magazine recently. They have collaborated with Outlook Magazine in India. To promote it initially, People Magazine India has currently come up with an offer where you can get free trial issues. This is a limited period offer and you will need to subscribe to the magazine to get the free trial magazine. You also get other assured and contest gifts along with your subscription.

If you could subscribe to People Magazine you will get a chance to win Olympus Camera and Victorinox bags, with 50 each with every fortnight. You also will have a chance to win free T-Shirts if you are the first 1000 to subscribe to it.

Other than that you get the assured prize of a Trendy Bag with three-year subscription and free three trial issues of People Magazine. You also have a choice of subscribing People Magazine along with Outlook Magazine at a combo price with the same free gifts.

You have two options to subscribe, one year and three year. For one year subscription rate is Rs. 499 as against the original newsstand price of Rs. 799 (with each issue costing Rs. 30). For three years, you get the magazines for Rs. 1495 with the original price being Rs. 2340. You get the free gifts as mentioned above with these subscriptions.

You can subscribe to People here. You can also subscribe by sending an SMS “subscribe” to 56767 and follow the guidelines that follows after you send the SMS. You can subscribe online only through credit card.

Now, regarding the free trial issues. Once you have subscribed to the People Magazine and paid for the same. Now, you will be sent three trial issues for 1-1/2 months, since this is a fortnightly magazine. But supposedly if you are not satisfied with the magazine or want to discontinue your subscription within these three free trial magazines, you can write to them to get the subscription canceled. But remember that you would need to cancel the subscription before you receive your third magazine. Else your subscription will not be canceled and you will need to continue with your subscription. This offer is valid only in major cities, check out their site for more details.

I got hold of the People Magazine and thought it to be an excellent read with stress being laid on influential people and their life and so forth.

If you want to avail the free trial offer you can subscribe now and cancel it within the trial period and get three high quality issues for free.

You can know more about this offer here.

P.S.: I was surprised to see the major spelling error of “trail” instead of trial mentioned at such an international magazine site. I saw the same spelling or typo error at a couple of places clearing my doubt of it being a typing error, which I feel is not.

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Rajnish said...

Hold on guys......why are we not getting any web page name (DNS) in the address bar.
I only wanna advice that please make sure that the page is a genuine one before you use your credit card.
It could be lack of my knowledge though, however, given the big name 'people' has, there must be a web page name for it in india, and not some IP address.

Shiva said...

rajnish, I too wondered about the same thing. But if you visit this page of outlook http://www.outlookindia.com/ and click on the subscribe to People, you will directed to the page as an ip address, not sure why they are doing this! But i think it should be safe because of the company which is involved with it. But anyway if you feel it is not safe, it always better to not go for it and use your credit card, as such secure of your credit card is really good.