October 18, 2008

Sparking Diwali Offers from Big Bazaar

This was last year's Diwali offer, for this year's Diwali '09 offer on Big Bazaar visit this page: http://offersgalore.blogspot.com/2009/10/big-bazaar-diwali-offer-2009.html (copy paste in your browser).

As expected Big Bazaar had introduced its big and much awaited Diwali or Deepavali offer this year and it seems it is much bigger than last time. There are loads and loads of offers to choose from among them and hence making it pretty hard for us to choose from them. The offers range from free silver coins, free gold coins and much more apart from their regular buy one take one free offers and other. Making at least to be in the top list for your shopping this Deepavali. Big Bazaar Diwali offers are valid only for this weekend and some are available till Diwali and hence it is better you head to Big Bazaar this weekend before you miss on some offers.

To start with you will be getting a free gold coin on purchase of electronic products worth Rs. 9999 and above at their electronics bazaar. This gold coin is of 0.5 gm weight. And also if you buy furniture worth Rs. 9999 and above you get this same free 0.5 gm gold coin. But remember these two offers are valid only on October 18 and October 19, 2008.

And other offer is that with the V Swing Samsung mobile phone which is priced at an offer price of Rs. 1499 you get up to 1000 SMS free and a SIM card worth Rs. 99 and an LTV worth Rs. 295 free.

You get great offers with crockery at Big Bazaar this Diwali with price range starting from Rs. 99 for a Yera Juice set to Rs. 999 for Ellora Square dinner set. There are wide range to choose from on various price range in between with the crockery.

With footwear you could get up 51% discount on various brands available at Big Bazaar. With almost all brands available. You also get a sports bag which is said to be worth Rs. 299 with the footwear you buy worth Rs. 1399 and above.

It seems that for this Deepavali, electronics and furniture are the two sections which is bubbling with offers at Big Bazaar apart from the clothes section.

At the Electronics Bazaar in Big Bazaar you have offers like you will get a free silver coin for the purchase you make at Big Bazaar between Rs. 2999 to Rs. 4999. You will get free seam iron for purchases between Rs. 5000 to Rs. 9999. You will also get free colour mobile if your purchase is above Rs. 10,000 and above. This is apart from the free gold coin you get for purchase worth Rs. 9999 and above.

There are various offers and deals available at Electronics Bazaar with Sanyo 22 inch LCD TV available for Rs. 15,990 only and other similar offers. You will also get free Big Flix subscription for one year with the 5.1 channel DVD player worth Rs. 1399 at Big Bazaar. It is indeed difficult to list out all the offers here and hence it is better to head out to Big Bazaar this weekend to check these offers out. You also can buy Kodak Digital Camera (8 MP) for Rs. 5490 and get free 2 GB memory card, carry case and battery charger.

At the Furniture Bazaar there are discounts that range from 16% to 54% on various furniture you buy there. You will also get free gold coin with furniture worth Rs. 9999 and above, as mentioned above.

Apart from the above offers you have lots and lots of offers to choose from in the clothing section at Big Bazaar. This ranges from getting Chinos, Cargos, casual or formal trousers you get two trousers for Rs. 999 and so on.

There is a special home fashion special offers where you get all your home needs like bedsheets to carpets at decent discount price.

This Big Bazaar Offer for Diwali is indeed big and it is the right time to make your purchase that you have been planning throughout this year. But when choosing the offers and discounts and freebies just make sure that they are indeed worthy, else you might end up with a dent in your wallet once the diwali gets over! Also don’t buy something which you have not planned. Lookout for the best offer and choose it wisely at the store rather than going for all the offers you see.

Some of these offers are also available at Future Bazaar and hence them out if you could not visit Big Bazaar or don't have a store in your city.

This is a special diwali offers post. To find more diwali offers visit this page.

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Shiva said...

It seems that Big Bazaar have introduced just another way to attract the customers and that is called Wednesday Bazaar. With Wednesday Bazaar you get additional offers and deals apart from the regular ones available at the store. And they have planned to continue this every week henceforth, it seems. And likewise the above offer is clubbed with the Wednesday Bazaar this week and hence you can add on the benefits if you could only make it to the Big Bazaar today, i.e., Wednesday.

Shiva said...

This was last year's (2008) diwali offer, read this year's diwali offer here http://offersgalore.blogspot.com/2009/10/big-bazaar-diwali-offer-2009.html