October 21, 2008

Special Diwali Offer of 25% off from Giftmate

All the Giftmate fans out there rejoice, as Giftmate has come back with an offer and this time it is for the Diwali. You get a flat 25% discount on the voucher you buy from Giftmate for yourself. The voucher values available are for Rs. 200 and Rs. 400 only. this is an exclusive Deepavali Offer from Giftmate this month and is valid from October 20, 2008 to October 30, 2008.

It has been long time since Giftmate had come up with any offer and at last they have done it with this Diwali Offer. I hope this is just another start for their stint of offers. Although this is just a discount offer, but it is worth it to some extent considering you can save some bucks if you anyway plan to buy online for up to Rs. 400 this Diwali.

Coming back, to avail this offer of 25% off on the voucher value, you will need to buy the Giftmate voucher for yourself or can also gift it to someone else who has a valid mobile number in India only. There are also only two mobile gift vouchers available in this option, i.e., Rs. 200 and Rs. 400 and you can buy them for Rs. 150 and Rs. 300 respectively with this offer of 25% off from Giftmate.

You will need to give your name, mobile number, email ID and choose the voucher between Rs. 200 and Rs. 400 and buy it using your Visa or Amex Credit Card (and yes, I guess Mastercard is not accepted by Giftmate). You can also use your Itz Card to buy the gift voucher. And you will get your gift voucher delivered to your mobile number as an SMS along with the PIN. You will also get an email with the details on how you can use this mobile gift voucher. Read it carefully to know how to use it, this is for all those out there who are new to Giftmate.

The voucher will be valid till December 31, 2008 and there will not be any extensions. Only one voucher can be brought using this offer per mobile number and the email ID. And this Giftmate voucher cannot be transferred to someone else.

As said above this offer is valid till October 30, 2008. To know more about this offer visit Giftmate.

This is a special Diwali Offer post and you can find more Diwali Offers here.

Thanks Abhishek for sharing this offer.

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██▓๑۩۞۩๑$åÑðÊêÞ~ ●~Rockz~●๑۩۞۩๑██▓ said...

How to combine Giftmate vouchers?
Buy Giftmate Vouchers of different amount for different mobiles. Then you may buy an itz cash card from it from fastrecharge.com .Then ,again you may buy it from another mobile.You may repeat this process .Then, you may transfer the balance of Cash Card to a single card from itzcash.com .
So you may use any amount voucher like this.

Shiva said...

It seems that they have removed the Rs. 400 voucher option (where you get it for Rs. 300) and Giftmate have retained only Rs. 200 for Rs. 150 voucher option. Check it out. It could be due to overwhelming response or could be due to reasons known only to Giftmate. It seems they become very strict when it comes to giving away gift vouchers unlike when they started.